The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 151 – Chen Ling’s Performance

Sui Li’er and Chen Ling walked hand in hand through the crowd, making their way to the stage. Strangely, as they walked, the surroundings immediately quieted down.

The people upstairs, even though curious, only whispered in discussion.

“Are these two a couple?”

“Their looks, one is the heartthrob, the other is the beauty of the academy. Although it’s kind of irritating, they really match well.”

After stepping onto the stage, Sui Li’er pursed her lips and was too nervous to speak.

Qitian Ming glanced at Chen Ling and said, “Introduce yourselves.”

Chen Ling looked at Sui Li’er, and a barrage of bullet comments appeared above her head.

( What do I do?! How do I introduce myself… )

( What should I say?! )

〚 Ding~ Sui Sui is a bit nervous, points deducted: 100,000!〛

Chen Ling gently squeezed her hand and softly said, “It’s alright, leave it to me.”

With that, a golden light flashed before them, and a few large characters appeared in front of Sui Li’er and Chen Ling.

〚 Sui Sui, 18 years old〛

Simple and clear.

However, Chen Ling didn’t write his own name.

The characters floated for a while, and seeing that he was reluctant to introduce himself, Qitian Ming didn’t push him further.

With a forced smile, Qitian Ming asked, “What talent do you want to showcase?”

Chen Ling glanced at Sui Li’er beside him and asked her, “Do you have a talent you want to show?”

Sui Li’er quickly shook her head, saying, “I, I, I don’t have any talent… wu.”

She didn’t really have any talents, though her voice was quite powerful. After all, she had been calling out for Chen Ling and anyone who could see her for so many years. Singing for her was just improvisational, as she had never received proper training. Besides, she listened to very few songs and only knew the well-known segments. Growing up like this, she couldn’t even sing an entire song.

However, the audience upstairs didn’t care about all that. They immediately became displeased upon hearing that there would be no talent performance.

“It’s fine, just do anything!”

“As long as it’s an act, it’s good! Create some fun!”

“Tell a corny joke too~ I love hearing corny jokes~”


Sui Li’er looked up at the enthusiastic senior students, feeling somewhat lost.

〚 Sui Sui is getting nervous! Points deducted: 10 million!〛

Chen Ling pondered for a moment, then looked up at everyone and softly said: “Let me showcase a talent for you.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it reached the ears of everyone in the hall. Some people didn’t pay much attention, while others showed puzzled expressions.

Just now, was that… a Voice Transmission Spell? Why were there no runes appearing, and why didn’t they sense any magical energy reaction?

Yan Ran was also thinking about this at the moment. She had been closely watching Chen Ling the whole time. However, she still hadn’t detected any magical energy reaction from Chen Ling’s use of magic.

But this matter was quickly pushed aside by others.


The female students upstairs immediately cheered.

The male students, on the other hand, pursed their lips. What did that mean? Did Sui Sui not want to perform? They really did want to see Sui Sui perform.

Qitian Ming and Yan Ran’s gazes both stayed on Chen Ling. Inner thoughts: Is this guy so easy to deal with?

A vague sense of unease stirred within them.

Wang Defa’s face grew dark. Did he know Chen Ling, not only did he know him, the enmity between Chen Ling and him would be unforgettable in this life! However, now there were so many people around, and the headmaster was present; he couldn’t act recklessly.

Chen Ling was now a student, and Wang Defa had come up with hundreds of ways to torment him…

Suddenly, a peculiar smile tugged at the corner of Chen Ling’s mouth as he extended his hand. He turned to look behind him at Qitian Ming.

A chill ran down Qitian Ming’s spine, his eyes widened, and he quickly moved his hand behind his back. Does he want to shake hands with me? No way!

Chen Ling’s hand absolutely must not be shaken; the consequences would be severe.

As the tension in his spiritual power tightened, he mobilized the magical energy from his dantian. Ready to counterattack!

No, to defend! Absolutely no offense; is it too much to just defend?

Then, Chen Ling snapped his fingers with a sharp “pop!”

The sound was crisp and resounding. It echoed throughout the entire hall.

Startled, Yan Ran widened her eyes, and Qitian Ming was momentarily stunned.

Did… did he finish striking? But they didn’t feel anything.

When they looked at Chen Ling, they saw him grinning, holding up his own hand. As it turns out, Chen Ling had just snapped his fingers.


Qitian Ming’s hair on his scalp vanished into thin air, not a single strand left!

However, Qitian Ming hadn’t noticed it yet. Instead, he felt a sigh of relief—scared the hell out of me!

He then looked towards the center of the hall to see what kind of performance Chen Ling had put on. But he found the new students in front of him, including Sui Li’er, looking at him in terror.

His eyebrows furrowed as he turned to glance at the mentors beside him. To his surprise, they were all wide-eyed, wearing expressions of disbelief.

Qitian Ming grew even more puzzled. What had just happened?

Just as he was about to open his mouth to ask…


“Wow! Awesome! Hahaha~”

Laughter suddenly erupted in the hall. The laughter quickly spread to others.


One by one, they couldn’t hold back their laughter, even though they knew that laughing at the dean might lead to a gruesome death.

But they simply couldn’t help it. Qitian Ming’s bald head, coupled with his perplexed expression, was truly something else.

Frowning deeply, Qitian Ming looked at the mentors beside him and asked in a low voice: “What are they laughing at?”

Yan Ran, suppressing her laughter, pointed to the top of her own head.

Qitian Ming was momentarily stunned. He reached up and touched his own completely bald head.

“Creak~” It sounded like touching a freshly washed and bare plate.

Qitian Ming’s two eyeballs, each about the size of a soybean, widened. My hair…?

Looking at the students roaring with laughter, Qitian Ming’s face turned red.

A dignified Curse Master… was being made fun of?


Chen Ling grinned, cutting him off: “Oh, it’s not over yet.”

With that, he extended his hand once again. “Snap!”

A loud bang, another snap of the fingers.

The sound completely drowned out the laughter of tens of thousands of people. It was so intense that everyone shut their mouths.

In the next second, everyone felt as if a flash grenade had gone off in the hall. It seemed like there were suddenly many more light bulbs around, blindingly bright. After coming to their senses, they all widened their eyes in disbelief.

It’s bright… So many bald heads!

Every single person present, regardless of gender, including the mentors below the stage, apart from Sui Li’er and Chen Ling, had all become bald!

Some people subconsciously reached up to touch their own scalps. Feeling the coolness on their heads…

The sound of “creak, creak” echoed continuously.

The hall fell into silence for a moment, and then finally, someone exclaimed:

“Wow! This is amazing!”

“Haha! Look at your silly expression. Hahaha!”

“Haha burp~”

The men present burst into laughter, teasing each other.

But the women, one after another, screamed in shock.

“Ah! No! Help!”

“Wahah-hehe~ This is hilarious, haha! So this is how female baldies look.”

“Sister Abbess!”

“Go to hell!”

The hall erupted like madness. Some cheered, some screamed, some laughed heartily.

Chen Ling’s performance was nothing more than a prank. But he understood these people too well. They just wanted to have some fun.

There were so many ways to have fun. And by doing this, they were thoroughly amused.

With a puzzled expression, Luo Yuxiu absentmindedly touched her completely bald head, and her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

She took out her mobile device, took a selfie. Then she looked at it and murmured:

“Em… so ugly…”

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