The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 152 – Qitian Ming’s Worries

Then, with a somewhat resigned expression, she glanced at Chen Ling and Sui Li’er on the stage, then looked around at the people. Seeing that others looked just as ridiculous, she felt relieved.

Yan Ran wasn’t so composed anymore.

〚 Ding~ Target: Yan Ran! Embarrassed and annoyed! -1 point!〛

“Chen Ling!”

She was so angry that she yelled out loud!

“Hahaha, look at Mentor Yan Ran!”

Some students burst into laughter. The former nationwide goddess had now become a baldie.

Her fans were immediately thrown into chaos. Many of them took out their mobile devices, laughing heartily as they snapped photos of her and the people around her. They wanted to capture this miraculous moment.

Yan Ran was frightened and quickly covered her face: “Don’t take pictures! Whoever dares to take my picture, I’ll kill them!!!”

Qitian Ming looked at Chen Ling with a somewhat speechless expression. This guy…

He was starting to feel that it was alright now. Everyone looked silly, so no one should make fun of each other.

Now everyone remembered Chen Ling. Although they might not know his name, the impression he left would probably last a while. This new student was really something!

Most people felt that this trip today was definitely worth it, providing a year’s worth of laughter.

Of course, there were also those who regretted coming. Some girls just didn’t have thick enough skin, they were very thin-skinned.

“Quick, change us back!” Someone attempted several spells but found that they couldn’t restore themselves.

They didn’t know what method Chen Ling used, he simply snapped his fingers, and not even the symbols of magic appeared. Could this be magic?

Sui Sui’s first reaction was a moment of shock, and she quickly reached up to touch her scalp. Thankfully, she felt her hair! She let out a sigh of relief.

After a while, Chen Ling smiled and extended his hand, snapping his fingers once more.

The magical scene unfolded again.

Everyone’s hair reappeared out of thin air.

The noise is gone with a snap. Some people couldn’t help but tug on their own hair.

They marveled: “What kind of magic is this? It’s so amazing.”

After the hair returned, there was no difference compared to before. The sensation of being bald a moment ago felt incredibly real.

“This is amazing! This is so much fun!”

Chen Ling immediately heightened the excitement of the new student showcase to the extreme. Everyone became enthusiastic.

However, as a few more people took the stage, the atmosphere gradually subsided. Soon, the displays of all the new students for this year came to an end.

Then Qitian Ming spoke with a hint of indifference: “Each class instructor, please take your students back.”

With that, a few instructors walked onto the stage. Above each person’s head floated the number of their respective class.

Chen Ling and Sui Sui quickly spotted the label of that small Class A.

“Chen Ling~ We’re in that class!”

Below Class A’s label stood a woman.

She was the instructor for Class A, Ellie. Her appearance was passable, not remarkably beautiful but still decent. However, what was most striking was her figure…

It was as if it could explode, extremely breathtaking. It left little Sui Sui’s eyes wide open. My goodness… Is this truly existing in the world? This is just too unbelievable.

Then, all of a sudden, Sui Sui froze for a moment and turned to look at Chen Ling beside her. She realized that he was also squinting his eyes as he looked at the instructor.

Chen Ling quickly noticed too – they were fake… not the original.

Huh? Lord God is checking someone out again!

Every time there’s someone dangerous, he takes a look!


〚 Stop looking, Sui Sui is jealous! -10 billion points!〛

Chen Ling paused for a moment, then looked down.

“Hmph!” Sui Sui pouted in anger and let go of his hand.

Chen Ling smiled and didn’t explain anything, he just extended his hand again to hold Sui Li’er’s hand.

“Hmph~” Sui Sui muttered softly, but she didn’t let go of Chen Ling’s hand again. Since you initiated the holding, I’ll forgive you~ Hmph~

The two of them then walked up to Ellie.

Luo Yuxiu wasn’t assigned to the same class as Sui Sui and Chen Ling. When the classes were being assigned, Qitian Ming specifically instructed the class organizers to ensure that Chen Ling and Sui Sui were in the same class. Sometimes, it’s better to avoid unnecessary complications, and the chubby little guy understands that well.

“He’s actually in our class!”

A few Class A students were also present. Seeing Chen Ling and Sui Sui approach Instructor Ellie, they immediately felt excited.

An interesting character had joined their class. They definitely wanted to shake hands and make friends later.

The 77 people were divided into several classes. Chen Ling’s class had five other new students, all of whom were unfamiliar faces.

But there was one familiar face.

“Wow! It’s you two, what a coincidence! We’re in the same class!” Lin Ming, the big-bearded guy, looked at Chen Ling and Sui Sui with a cheerful smile.

“Hehe~ Hello there, um… what’s your name…” Sui Sui couldn’t recall Lin Ming’s name, her mind was filled with the nickname everyone had given him today: Big Beard.

However, Lin Ming didn’t mind at all and chuckled, saying: “I’m Lin Ming! 18 years old this year.”

“Well, hello Lin Ming! I’m Sui Sui~”

Then Lin Ming turned to Chen Ling beside her and extended his hand. “Hello! I really admire you, that move just now was amazing!”

“Ugh…” Sui Sui panicked a little when she saw him extending his hand.

However, Chen Ling just glanced lightly and didn’t say anything.

He didn’t plan to shake hands either; Lin Ming didn’t lose many points from before, even though he had openly displayed his curse in front of everyone and seemed completely unaffected by it. For someone with this kind of personality, there was no need for a handshake.

Seeing Chen Ling unwilling to shake hands, Lin Ming remained undeterred and continued to speak to him: “What’s your name? I have a…”

Chen Ling interrupted him directly: “I can’t say.”

Huh? Sui Sui raised her head and glanced, hehe~ it’s a familiar conversation~

This is how the Chen Ling spoke to her for the first time when they were children.

“Uh…” Lin Ming was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly burst into laughter.

“Haha~ You really are interesting!”

Chen Ling: “…” I’m not interested in you.

Lin Ming was about to pat Chen Ling on the shoulder as a friendly gesture between guys, but when Chen Ling saw this, his killing intent surged. Lin Ming was so scared that he immediately retracted his hand.

He suddenly had a strange feeling just now that his own arm had been directly torn out and crushed by Chen Ling!

His heart skipped a beat. He glanced at his arm, which was clearly intact, but he had a lingering sense of unease in his heart. What was that feeling?

Looking at Chen Ling suspiciously, he found that it was written all over his face:: Don’t mess with me!

After swallowing hard, Lin Ming quietly walked away.

Sui Sui looked puzzled: What’s wrong? Wasn’t he very friendly just now?

Not far away, Qitian Ming watched with a pounding heart. He had also sensed the killing intent that Chen Ling had emitted just now.

He thought about changing Lin Ming’s class at the last minute. With this guy’s temperament, he might not survive for long around Chen Ling. Thinking about it, it seemed quite dangerous to have Chen Ling in this academy!

This guy was like a super bomb, ready to explode at any moment. Qitian Ming really had no idea what consequences this might lead to. It seemed like he needed to have a serious talk with Chen Ling at some point, at least to reach a consensus on certain matters.

After a while, when the new students were assigned to their respective classes, the mentors led their students away from the area.

Meanwhile, the students upstairs seemed to be discussing the new student showcase, not ready to let it go. Of course, the topic of discussion revolved mainly around Chen Ling.

“Little Su~ What’s the name of that guy just now? Did he not introduce himself?” The bespectacled girl only just realized that her crush had been standing there for quite some time during the introductions, and he hadn’t introduced himself at all.

Su Si took a deep look at the departing figures of Chen Ling and Sui Sui.

She had turned bald earlier too, but she wasn’t particularly embarrassed; instead, she was deeply shocked. How did he manage to do that?

She couldn’t help but become curious about Chen Ling.

“What are you doing?” Suddenly, Qitian Ming’s thunderous shout broke the silence.

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