The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 155 – Good Luck, Ellie

“Sob, sob…” In pain, tears streamed down her face as she covered her eyes, shaking her head while crying in agony.

Chen Ling chuckled inwardly: I won~

Hearing her cry, Sui Sui looked over in confusion and saw Zuo Yuan’s tearful appearance.

“Chen Ling, what’s wrong with him? He looks really uncomfortable.”

Since the sand didn’t blow into Sui Sui’s eyes, she wasn’t quite clear about what had happened. Chen Ling smiled and said: “He might have remembered something sad.”

Sui Sui nodded, then turned to look at Zuo Yuan. This time, Chen Ling didn’t reach out to grab her head because he had just used mind-reading.

He now understood Sui Sui’s thoughts – she was just curious about whether Zuo Yuan was a boy or a girl.

With so much sand in her eyes, Zuo Yuan couldn’t open them at all. After a brief pause, she gently lifted her head.

Then, with a thought, several runes floated by. A stream of clear water appeared out of thin air, rinsing her eyes.

The water flowed down her face and onto her clothes, saturating the simple garments she was wearing. The loose neckline, which had been blown open by Chen Ling, collapsed further under the weight of the water, revealing a glimpse of her pale collarbone.

The wet clothes clung to her body, accentuating her figure. With this view, it became quite apparent whether she was a male or female.

〚 Ding~ Sui Sui feels insecure… -1 million points!〛

Because her assets were bigger than Sui Sui!

Huh, I’m actually not as big as a boy. Uncomfortable…


She’s actually a girl!

Sui Sui looked closely and immediately felt much better… Well, it’s normal for a girl to be bigger than me…

Although it’s normal, I’m still not happy, sob~

〚 Points -10,000~ 〛

Sui Li’er used to not care about this at all, but after being looked at and teased by Chen Ling a few times, she subconsciously started to care.

She had a little dream in her heart, secretly wishing to grow bigger and astonish Lord God!

While Zuo Yuan was washing her eyes, Ellie suddenly spoke up: “You’re Chen Ling, right?”

Chen Ling looked over, didn’t say anything, just nodded.

Ellie smiled and said: “You’re so handsome~ What’s your zodiac sign? Are you an Aries little brother?”

Chen Ling smirked: “I’m an electrical socket.”

Sui Sui recalled Ellie’s message about looking for a boyfriend in the group yesterday. She immediately looked at Chen Ling – had Mentor Ellie set her sights on the god?!

But what’s an electrical socket?

Although Ellie didn’t understand, she knew Chen Ling was joking. She smiled and said: “Just kidding. So, um, why haven’t you joined the class group?”

“Don’t want to.” Chen Ling leaned against the wall, sitting like an old man, not even facing the front, looking quite arrogant.

Ellie didn’t mind, there were no seating posture requirements. “Well, we’ll be a big family from now on, and everyone…”

“I’m shy, I’m not ready yet. I’ll join on my own in a while.” Chen Ling interrupted her directly, and he even glanced at Sui Li’er beside him.

When Sui Sui saw him, she grinned: “Xi~”

〚 Happy~ Points +100,000~〛

Ellie: “…”

Are they… ?

But of course, she wouldn’t believe Chen Ling’s nonsense. She had clearly seen the new students’ presentations just now. No matter how you looked at it, he didn’t seem like a shy person.

Inwardly: This guy is trouble… sigh~

“Alright, well, you should join soon. Otherwise, sometimes you won’t be able to see what we’re saying in the group.”

“No worries, I can see everything.”

Ellie: “…”

At this moment, in the main god space, Lin Moyu watched this scene and couldn’t help but sigh. She murmured: “Ellie, I wish you good luck. This guy is really not ordinary…”

Then Ellie clapped her hands and looked at all the new students. “Everyone, come over here and line up.”

Upon hearing this, everyone promptly lined up in front of Ellie.

Lin Ming stood at the first spot, Chen Ling at the back, and Sui Sui was in front of him.

Leaning and tiptoeing, Sui Sui looked somewhat puzzled as she gazed ahead, wondering what was going on. She was like a child going to school for the first time, curious about many things.

“What’s going on, Mentor?” Lin Ming asked.

“Write down your measurements on the paper.”

Lin Ming paused for a moment, then wrote down “12cm” with a puzzled expression.

Ellie: ???

“I told you to write down your measurements! What’s this 12cm?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Ling sneered, “Heh, so short?”

Everyone: ???

Except for Sui Li’er, everyone else immediately understood!

Ellie was momentarily stunned, giving a speechless glare at Lin Ming in front of her.

“The academy is going to customize uniforms for you! I meant your clothing measurements! How big do you wear? Shoulder width, chest circumference, length! You… Argh, you’re driving me crazy!”

What on earth is going through these new students’ minds?

“Hahaha~” Laughter suddenly erupted in the classroom.

Hidden under Lin Ming’s big beard, his face turned red as he looked like a comic character. He thought that Ellie, who had been searching for a boyfriend everywhere, was asking about that measurement….

Damn! How embarrassing!

However, Sui Sui was a bit confused, not knowing why everyone was laughing. She turned her head to look at Chen Ling: “What’s going on?”

Chen Ling smiled and said, “It’s nothing. Just know that I’m much taller than him.”


Everyone: ???

Is it really appropriate to deceive such an innocent girl like this?

Upon hearing this, Lin Ming turned around and gave Chen Ling a look that said, We’ll compare later, for sure.

He definitely had to sneak a peek in the restroom later. After all, this was related to a man’s dignity!

At this moment, another new student spoke up: “Mentor, are we supposed to wear uniforms when we’re at the academy? I don’t see any of the senior students wearing them.”

Ellie smiled and said, “Today is a free dress day for Aries Academy. Remember, it’s December 7th. Starting tomorrow, everyone will have to wear uniforms!”

New students were thinking in their hearts: What kind of strange holidays are these? Is there also a day when we don’t wear clothes?

As they were contemplating this, Ellie suddenly spoke again: “Our academy has different holidays every month. And they change every year, voted on by the students.”

The new students were delighted. Oh wow! So there is a day without clothes!

Sui Sui’s inner thoughts: Is there a day for head-patting?


Or a no-scolding day!

Also, also a kiss… kiss-day…

〚 Ding~ Sui Sui is shy~ Points +1 billion~〛

Her inner thoughts were all pouring out.

Chen Ling smiled inwardly: What kind of thoughts does she have in her little head every day?

Lying flat-day, sitting, hugging, side-by-side, isn’t that nice?

After that, the people in front wrote down their required measurements and returned to their seats after finishing.

When it was Sui Li’er’s turn, she stood in front of the table, thinking. She had no idea about those measurements. She would just steal some approximate sizes for clothes and make do.

Seeing her hesitating, Ellie smiled and asked, “What’s wrong, Sui Sui?”

“I…” Sui Sui had just wanted to speak when Chen Ling suddenly lightly leaned against her back.



The classmates exclaimed directly.

He leaned against her! So bold! This damned love!

Ellie’s face showed a smile of unknown meaning as she looked at the two, smiling without saying a word.

Chen Ling’s arm wrapped around her body, and he picked up the pen from the table, quickly writing down all the measurements.

〚 Well done! Sui Sui is in a good mood~ Points +1 billion~〛


Sui Sui shyly let out a soft sound. Her voice was gentle and pleasant.

Hearing it, Chen Ling’s heart trembled, and little Chen Ling suddenly seemed ready to look up! He quickly coughed, then moved away from Sui Sui, saying lightly, “Alright, go back.”

“Huh? Done already? So fast.”

After speaking, she suddenly recalled her interactions with the Lord God. Absolutely must not say that he is fast!

Sui Sui was quickly explaining in a small voice, “It’s not… you’re not fast…”

Everyone: ???

Wait? Is it the enforcement squad?

Take these two away!

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