The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 156 – Dark Magic Class

Chen Ling couldn’t help but smile, rubbing her head twice before heading towards his own seat. Sui Li’er glanced at the data Chen Ling had written on the paper.

Length of clothing: XX

Shoulder width: XX

Fierce… Fierce…!?

Looking further down, there’s even hip measurements!? What, what is this!?

Sui Li’er instinctively looked down.

How, how does he know!? I didn’t even know!

No, truly deserving of, a lord…god.

Her face instantly turned red! Suddenly, there was a feeling of exposure.

It was a kind of chilly sensation…

【Sui Sui is embarrassed! Earned +10 billion points!】

Now, Chen Ling looked at the 10 billion points again, without much reaction.

In fact, this detailed data could be directly scanned by the system. Sui Li’er’s individual strands of hair could be scanned, not to mention these simple measurements.

Sui Li’er blushed, lowered her head, and hurriedly ran behind Chen Ling. Even now, she couldn’t quite meet his gaze when standing behind him.

Her heart kept pondering, how, how does he know…

At this moment, on the side, Zuo Yuan had finally finished washing her eyes. She stared unwaveringly at Sui Sui by her side.

Sui Li’er glanced at her from the corner of her eye and turned her head back.

At this moment, both Zuo Yuan and Sui Li’er simultaneously displayed expressions of astonishment.

Zuo Yuan was once again stunned by Sui Sui’s peerless beauty.

As for Sui Li’er…

You, you, your neckline is too low!

At this point, her collar had already slipped down due to the water. Although nothing was exposed, Sui Li’er felt a bit awkward…

Zuo Yuan herself seemed to be unaware.

Sui Li’er was anxious, though. A girl should take care of herself outside! She quickly said in a low voice: “Um… classmate…”

Zuo Yuan’s mouth slightly opened: “Hi, hi there…”

She appeared somewhat startled and nervous. After all, Sui Li’er was the first person she had seen since the curse took effect.

“Hello~ About your neckline…”

Upon hearing Sui Li’er speak, Chen Ling instinctively turned his head.

Sui Li’er glanced from the corner of her eye and her heart skipped a beat! No, he can’t look!

Quickly, she reached out a small hand, attempting to cover Chen Ling’s eyes. Although nothing was exposed, she couldn’t let him see!


In her haste, she slapped Chen Ling’s face!


Sui Li’er’s hand froze in the air, her mouth agape in disbelief.

She couldn’t believe what she had just done!

Did she…

Did she just give a…give a slap to the god?!

The people around them all wore expressions of amusement.

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry!” Sui Li’er hastily withdrew her hand, on the brink of tears from embarrassment.

【Sob~ Sui Sui is sad~ Score -1 billion!】

Indeed, she was feeling sad. She had given Chen Ling a big slap. Just how much damage could a big slap do to a person? That question should be directed at Zhen Douzhi…

At this moment, Chen Ling was also dumbfounded, cursing to himself!


He immediately turned around, giving a hostile look at Sui Li’er before him.

In that instant, Sui Sui felt doomed…

Chen Ling stared at her coldly: “Sui Li’er.”

“Sob~ I-I’m here…”

“Are you…”

As he spoke, he reached out his hand. Sui Li’er thought he was going to slap her back, so she instinctively closed her eyes and shrunk her neck, afraid.

But Chen Ling didn’t hit her. Instead, he pinched her little face and threatened: “Do you want to die?”

“Sob, sob, I don’t want to die~” Sui Sui’s small face was pinched by Chen Ling, and she felt extremely scared.

Chen Ling’s hands playfully pinched her face, his inner thoughts: So bouncy~

Sui Li’er thought he was punishing her, so she didn’t resist, merely apologizing softly: “I’m sorry, Chen Ling… I was wrong.”

Chen Ling smiled and didn’t say anything. After all, it didn’t hurt, he was just playfully scaring her while pinching her little face.

He knew Sui Li’er didn’t mean it on purpose, so naturally, he wouldn’t get angry. He also wasn’t embarrassed about getting slapped in public; gods don’t get embarrassed, they have thick skin.

By now, Zuo Yuan had tidied up her clothes. Looking at Sui Li’er, she softly said: “Thank you!”

However, with Chen Ling pinching her face, Sui Li’er couldn’t turn her head: “Sob~ No, no need to thank me…”

The onlookers were also disappointed.

They were initially expecting a good show, but nothing happened… They even felt a little itchy to see some action, a little unsatisfied!

Having a partner is quite something…

At this moment, a person dressed in black robes appeared at the door with a swift motion. Soon after, a gust of cold wind blew in.

In the scorching heat of Misty Rain City, everyone suddenly felt a chill.

After sensing that presence, Chen Ling released his grip on Sui Li’er’s face. He looked towards the person at the door, his brow furrowing lightly.

This person seemed a bit odd. There was a massive burn scar on his face that covered nearly half of it. He looked extremely frightening, enough to make children cry upon seeing him!

His face bore no expression, with thick eyebrows and icy-cold eyes that instilled fear in anyone who met his gaze.

Upon seeing him, Ellie smiled and said: “Master Duyin, you’ve arrived.”

The mentor named Duyin nodded slightly without changing his expression and said in a deep voice: “Yes.”

Ellie glanced at everyone and continued: “Alright, let’s end the welcome for the new students here today. Let’s get to the lessons.”

Duyin walked in and stood at the podium.

Ellie went on: “Let me introduce to the new students. This is your instructor for Dark Magical Arts.”

“In the future, you will surely encounter dark magic practictioners. Dark magic is mysterious and treacherous. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you could easily be at a disadvantage.”

“So, learning and understanding dark magic is necessary.”

“But please note that Instructor Duyin is not a dark magic practitioner himself! Don’t misunderstand. He is a respected senior mage at the academy. A very gentle instructor~”

With that, she looked towards Duyin, showing great respect: “Instructor Duyin, there are seven new students in the class today. I’ll leave it to you, and I’ll take my leave.”

Duyin nodded lightly without speaking, sweeping his gaze over the people present. He looked at the new students and then his gaze stopped on Chen Ling.

Narrowing his eyes, he spoke in a deep voice: “What’s your name?”

Chen Ling: “I can’t say.”

Everyone: ???

Why are you so cheeky?

Duyin glanced faintly: “Your name.”

“Chen Ling.”

Then he looked at Sui Li’er: “And you?”

Sui Li’er was terrified by his cold gaze!

“Suì, Sui Sui! Instructor… My name is Sui Sui!”

Duyin nodded, and he asked again: “What cultivation levels are you two at?”

Earlier, he glanced at the new students, and he was well aware of everyone’s cultivation levels. However, the cultivation levels of these two were elusive.

Sui Li’er’s was due to the curse, and Chen Ling’s due to his insufficient ability to detect it.

“I, I’m… a low-level Intermediate Mage!”

“Why couldn’t I perceive your cultivation level? Is it concealed by an artifact?” Duyin stood on the podium, looking down at Sui Li’er. He hadn’t done anything, yet she felt an immense pressure.

“I… I…”

Sui Li’er was about to speak, but Chen Ling interrupted her directly: “Privacy, not convenient to disclose.”

The implication of “privacy” was that it was related to the curse. Understanding, Duyin nodded and then looked at Chen Ling:

“And what about you? What cultivation level?”

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