The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 157 – You Really Do Like To Explore

Upon hearing this, everyone turned their gaze to Chen Ling. They were curious too!

When Chen Ling had showcased his skills to the new students before, the display had truly amazed them all. On the way back, everyone had been discussing what methods he might have used and how he achieved it.

But the methods of a god were beyond their comprehension.

Chen Ling suddenly smiled: “Me?”

“I have no cultivation level.”

People were left speechless by his words: This guy… why is he so audacious?

He’s been challenging the instructors all day… Couldn’t he just say his cultivation level? Why keep it so mysterious?

They thought Chen Ling was arguing with the instructor, but he was telling the truth. In this world, his strength couldn’t be measured by magic levels. It’s like he has no magic level.

Duyin smiled upon hearing this and nodded: “Good… very well.”

Having said that, he didn’t look at Chen Ling again, immediately turned around, and left the classroom.

Everyone: ???

Wait… Instructor Duyin was driven away!?

Chen Ling also looked puzzled. Could it be… you can’t even tell the plain truth?

I really wasn’t challenging you! Why so petty…

After Duyin left, everyone turned to look at Chen Ling.

Their faces seemed to say: This is all your doing…

But then…

“Nicely done! No more class!? Wuhu! Let’s have a self-study session!”

“Anyone up for mahjong!”

As they spoke, someone pulled out a bunch of mahjong tiles from a desk drawer with a rustling sound.

“Come, come, come! Bring the tables over and set up.”

“Freshmen, want to play? Loser strips! Goose, goose, goose (hahah)~”

The group of older students cheered on the new students nearby.

“I’m in!” Lin Ming rubbed his hands and was about to step forward.

The person quickly stopped him: “Hey? You! Forget it! I don’t want to see your armpit hair.”


The classroom immediately became lively.

“What do we do, Chen Ling? The instructor seems upset.” Sui Sui looked at Chen Ling with some worry.

She was afraid he might get into trouble. Even though Chen Ling was very powerful, nobody liked trouble.

However, Chen Ling seemed indifferent and said: “Let him live as long as he wants, it’s none of my business.”


Meanwhile, Zuo Yuan had been continuously watching Sui Li’er from start to finish. Her gaze was reluctant to leave her.

Just as everyone was getting excited, a sudden chill swept over them, followed by a gust of cold wind…

Startled, everyone turned around, only to find Duyin standing at the door again.

In his hand, he held a person who was tightly bound and severely beaten, with a swollen and bruised face. The person was covered in blood, looking utterly miserable. And it was a woman!


The woman’s pitiful state made Sui Li’er involuntarily furrow her brow.

However, Chen Ling’s expression brightened at the sight: Well, well, an incoming dark magic user. This academy really doesn’t hold back.

“Instructor, what’s this…” The students looked at Duyin with confusion.

Duyin simply said: “She’s a dark mage.”


A shock ran through everyone, and in the next moment, their expressions turned cold.

A flesh-eating dark mage!

Initially, some might have pitied her, given her condition, but now, any trace of compassion vanished, replaced only by anger.

Duyin tossed her onto the podium, glanced at the people, and said nothing more. The students were puzzled. Why did Duyin bring a dark mage here with a binding curse stone?

A live dissection of a female dark mage, an experiment?

That’s just… too cruel, right!?

At that moment, Duyin began to speak slowly and lightly: “Do any of you remember what dark spell we learned in the last lesson?”

“Soul Passage!” Someone answered promptly.

Duyin nodded: “We covered the incantation, effects, conditions, and methods of dispelling the Soul Passage spell in the last class.”

“Could someone recap it?”

“I can! Me!” A student immediately stood up.

They rattled off a long and elaborate explanation.

Sui Li’er was utterly bewildered, struggling to understand what was being said. She couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

After the very long explanation, Duyin nodded: “Very well, take a seat.”

“In the past days, you’ve already learned a lot about dark spells.”

“Now, when you see a familiar dark spell, you should know how to defend against and dispel it. So today, we’ll put it into practice.”


A thrill ran through everyone’s hearts! Their faces lit up with expressions of excitement.

“Wow, this is exciting!”

“I can’t wait to beat her up!”

That’s the spirit of Aries people… They’ve never been afraid!

Of course, they weren’t fools either. After all, Duyin wouldn’t allow them to be killed. They could go all out without any worries.

Then Duyin continued with a calm tone: “The dark magic user before me is a mid-level grand mage in terms of strength.”

Everyone: ???

What? Mid-level what?

Did I hear that correctly? Mid-level grand mage?

That’s just… let’s forget it. One spell from Duyin might catch us off guard, and we’d be done for. Let’s just not fight!

This is the spirit of Aries people…

It’s not about the zodiac sign Aries, people from Aries Academy are collectively called Aries people~ They are a group of uniquely individual folks.

Seeing that many of them seemed disheartened, Duyin said coldly: “Don’t worry, with me around, at most you’ll lose an arm or a leg.”

Everyone: ???

Do you think you’re quite the comedian?

“Today, the new students will also participate in this practical exercise. Use everything you’ve learned and let me see your abilities!”

Having said that, he looked at Chen Ling. His expression seemed to say: You don’t need to say anything, it’s okay if you don’t.

Chen Ling couldn’t help but chuckle: You’re really quite something! Sending me a dark mage!

He laughed happily, but the other new students wore pained expressions.

Help, I don’t want to lose an arm or a leg!

“Everyone, head underground.”

With those words, Duyin picked up the dark mage from the ground, lightly tapped a button on the podium. With a “swoosh,” as if disappearing into the earth, she vanished directly into the ground.

“Alright, let’s go!”

After he spoke, everyone stood up from their seats, formed a line, and headed towards the podium.


With each press of the button, a student disappeared.

On the floor of the podium was a magic formation, the Submersion Spell from the Concealment Arts. Apart from submerging, there were five other elemental submersion spells, collectively known as the Submersion Arts, a commonly used magic.

As long as the students pressed the button, it triggered the formation. The formation lit up, sucked them into the ground, and they vanished into the underground space. It looked as though they were sinking into quicksand. After they were consumed and disappeared, there was no trace left on the surface.

Sui Li’er stood up in astonishment and wanted to join the line. However, Chen Ling grabbed her wrist, and with a flicker of his figure, they both disappeared.

Zuo Yuan’s surroundings blurred again. The only clear figure, Sui Li’er, was gone!

Where did they go?

With a hint of confusion, she looked around but saw nothing.

“Zuo Yuan! They’ve gone! Underground!”


By now, Chen Ling and Sui Li’er had already arrived in the underground space. The space was about ten meters high, and everyone descended from the ceiling, landing on the ground.

Without some strength, one’s legs might break from the fall…

It was roughly the size of four classrooms, quite spacious. Various luminous magic formations adorned the walls, illuminating the entire underground space.

“Next time, I want to try that magic formation~” Sui Li’er gently shook Chen Ling’s hand.

Chen Ling remembered something and said casually, “You really do like to explore.”

Sui Sui: ????

She also remembered something!

〚 Sui Sui is shy~ Points +1 million~ 〛

After a while, observing their surroundings, she couldn’t help but marvel, “Is the space beneath the classrooms really this large?”

Chen Ling smiled, “Is the space beneath me not this large?”

Sui Sui: ????

What is he talking about? She genuinely couldn’t catch on.

How could she have imagined that her Lord God was teasing around every day? She hadn’t even considered that possibility. “What are you talking about? I meant this space~”

Chen Ling smiled and didn’t say anything.

At this moment, Duyin was silently watching Chen Ling and Sui Li’er. How did they come down? They appeared out of nowhere!

Soon, all 34 students in the class had arrived in the underground space.

Once they were down, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the dark mage in Duyin’s hand. Only Zuo Yuan was looking at Sui Li’er.

However, Sui Li’er wasn’t looking at her; she was sneakily watching Chen Ling. At that moment, Duyin suddenly pressed a button on a device in his hand.

“Click~” went the sound!

The chains on the dark mage’s body automatically fell off.

“Bang bang~” They hit the ground with a heavy thud.

The forbidden curse stone that had been restricting her power had fallen off!

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