The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 180 – Your Excellent Teaching Saved The World.

Yan Ran shouted again: “Cancel the different runes of the Minor Fireball Spell and replace them with these runes! It must be fast, or it will explode!”

Saying this, she transformed the minor fireball in her hand into “Snowfall,” and a few snowflakes drifted down. They looked very beautiful in her hand.

Wait a moment… explode!?

Suddenly, Yan Ran realized something…

Throughout her years of teaching, the initial failure rate of “Spell Conversion” was extremely high. No one could succeed on their first try, even geniuses like herself would need to attempt it a dozen times before succeeding!

So, initially, she had her students convert relatively low-powered “Minor Fireball Spells.” If those spells exploded, it would only result in getting covered in soot or perhaps singe their hands.

However… that minor fireball overhead, no, the world-ending fireball. If that exploded, the Rune Continent would be annihilated!

Moreover, Chen Ling had just said he didn’t know how to perform spell energy conversion. This was his first time!

If he failed, it would be a failure for all of humanity…

“Just wait—”

Before she could finish her sentence, the runes of the Minor Fireball Spell around Chen Ling suddenly disappeared.


The entire world resonated with a surge of energy, far stronger than when Chen Ling released the “Minor Fireball Spell” earlier.

In that moment, Yan Ran felt her scalp go numb, as if the next second, the terrifying explosion energy would shatter her into pieces.

The Rune Continent would be destroyed.

It’s over…

“BOOM!” A sound!

Yan Ran trembled as if she had been slapped, her whole body shivering.

Is it over? Am I going to die? I don’t want to die…

I’m sorry, everyone… I’m sorry, Rune Continent, I’m a sinner…



Explosions suddenly rang out in the underground space.

Alongside the cries of pain from other students. Yan Ran, still in shock, looked over and realized that the explosions weren’t coming from the fireball overhead but from the fireballs of the other students.

“Darn! Darn it! That hurts! I should have known not to make it so big!”

Chen Ling was also taken aback, realizing something!

Sui Li’er’s fireball wasn’t small, and if the “Spell Conversion” failed, she would be injured in the explosion. Without hesitation, he immediately appeared next to her in a flash.

“You didn’t… huh?”

At this moment, Sui Li’er was looking at the snowflakes in her hand with a smile on her face, “Hey~ Chen Ling~ I succeeded!”

Chen Ling opened his mouth, quite astonished. Almost forgot, this silly girl is a little genius. He laughed and patted her head, “Impressive, impressive~”


〚 Head pats~ Sui Sui is so happy~ Points +1 million~〛

At this point, Yan Ran glanced at Chen Ling and immediately went outside again.

When she looked up, her heart settled… the sky above was all white.

Chen Ling had already converted the entire fireball into “Snowfall.” Some of the snow fell due to gravity onto the Rune Continent, while the rest scattered into the universe.

Sitting helplessly on the ground, she was still in shock and breathing heavily.

“He actually succeeded, my goodness…”

“It’s fantastic, he really succeeded!”

Chu Jian and Mi Yao stood in the sky simultaneously, dumbstruck!

What kind of power did Chen Ling possess? There was no need to test it anymore…

“Outrageous…” Mi Yao muttered to herself.

Chu Jian looked over, and her face turned black in an instant.

She had just been shocked by Chen Ling and couldn’t react in time, which allowed Chen Tianming to catch up. Seeing Chen Tianming in his current state, she wanted to go over and hit him.

After the crisis passed, Mi Yao finally noticed Chu Jian not far away and calmly said: “Hello, Instructor Chu.”

Chu Jian bit her lip lightly, squinting her eyes: “Skipping class, huh? Do you believe I can expel you?”

Mi Yao: ???

Her eyebrows furrowed instantly. She was about to say, “How dare you talk to me like that?” But realizing her current identity, she glanced deeply at Chu Jian and then floated downwards. Inner thoughts: Quite temperamental, huh…

Seeing Mi Yao’s helpless expression, Chu Jian felt a sense of satisfaction and relief.

After a while, Yan Ran also returned to the underground training ground.

“Instructor! I failed! My hands are swollen! Comfort me, wah wah wah…”

“Me too, my face is all black, it hurts. Can you blow on it for me?”

At this point, the students were all somewhat injured.

However, Yan Ran ignored them and looked directly at Chen Ling.

He was currently standing with Sui Li’er, who appeared unharmed and clean, without any signs of injury.

Yan Ran subconsciously assumed that Chen Ling had helped her.

Little did she know that Sui Li’er was the only one who succeeded on her first try.

Chen Ling chuckled and said, “Congratulations, Instructor Yan Ran. Your excellent teaching saved the world.”

Yan Ran’s mouth twitched, she opened it as if to say something but ended up saying nothing. Speechless!

She swore she would never do something like this again!

Taking a deep breath, she looked at the other students in the class: “It’s okay if you failed. Practice a few more times, but don’t release such big fireballs this time.”

“Why didn’t you say that earlier, Instructor Yan Ran?”

At this point, Mi Yao had also returned to the underground space, standing aside and gazing at Chen Ling.

Chen Ling’s strength was still unknown, but what was known was that his total amount of magic energy in his body was many times stronger than her own… Was this the magic energy that the Curse Star represented, like the sun?

The remaining time was spent training magic energy conversion.

Yan Ran wandered among the crowd, providing constant guidance. Occasionally, she would glance at Chen Ling, wary of him attempting something again.

Chen Ling didn’t have that kind of free time; he was keeping an eye on Sui Li’er to prevent her from accidentally blowing him up.

Sui Li’er’s talent was truly exceptional, with a success rate of 100%.

After class, when everyone returned to the surface, they wore expressions of astonishment.

“Wow, it’s snowing!”

“Oh my goodness! Misty Rain City is experiencing snowfall!”

In fact, it wasn’t just Misty Rain City; half of the Rune Continent was experiencing snowfall.

“Damn, it’s a shame the snow can’t get through this barrier!”

Above Misty Rain City, a thin layer of white covered the barrier. It dimmed the light somewhat but still revealed that it was snowing.

Because Misty Rain City had a high temperature, the snow couldn’t accumulate and kept melting. If the amount of snowflakes wasn’t so significant, people might not have even noticed the snow and thought it was raining.

After Yan Ran’s class ended, it was time for classes with other instructors.

Chen Ling was still sleeping. But the Rune Continent was in an uproar.

Everyone who had witnessed that terrifying fireball was discussing the incident.

News outlets were reporting it, and various experts were emerging, analyzing what exactly that fireball was.

The Star Leaders of the Twelve Constellations also gathered together.

“Did you all see that fireball spell just now?” The Star Leader of Cancer Constellation pulled up an image with a serious expression.

In the image was a huge burning fireball!

The Cancer Constellation Star Leader pointed at the large fireball: “This is the image provided by our Star Observatory!”

“Can you see that bluish grain-of-sand-sized thing? That’s our Rune Continent!”

When the other leaders heard this, they looked, and if he hadn’t pointed it out, they wouldn’t have noticed it at all…

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