The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 181 – Mi Jiu’s Plan

Originally, there was no clear concept of that fireball before. Now, as it appeared in front of everyone, all the Star Leaders fell into silence.

At this moment, both Chen Tianming and Mi Jiu had also returned to their original forms. They naturally had to attend the Twelve Star Leaders’ meeting.

At this point, one of the Star Leaders spoke softly: “A while ago, didn’t those people from the Curse Star Research Institute say that the Sun, as a curse star, also has a master now? Could it be…”

The Star Leader of Cancer nodded: “When that large fireball appeared just now, the researchers reported that the Sun had a strong reaction. This proves that it’s indeed that person!”

“But this matter absolutely cannot be made public! We still don’t know what status that person holds now, but we can certainly rule out them being a baby.”

“But they can’t be very old either. Otherwise, they would have become famous long ago. It’s highly likely that they’ve just started practicing magic recently.”

“A child possessing such terrifying power. If news gets out and it’s discovered by the dark mages, this world is finished.”

No one present had the confidence to withstand that massive fireball, not even in their wildest dreams.

Chen Tianming and Mi Jiu remained silent throughout, listening quietly. Both of them knew who the owner of the Sun was, but they dared not speak it.

They feared that speaking out prematurely might cause unnecessary trouble and even cost them their lives if they angered Chen Ling.

“But how do we explain this current situation with the massive fireball? Chaos has already taken hold of people’s hearts.” The Star Leader of Leo asked with a deep voice.

Once again, the crowd fell into silence.

The Star Leader of Cancer sighed: “We can only say that our Constellation Palaces developed a machine and conducted an experiment involving all the Star Leaders.”

“The world doesn’t have a clear understanding of our power. They generally see us as gods. This reason should be able to suffice.”

“But…” The Sagittarius Star Leader interrupted him: “Those old folks certainly won’t believe it.”

He was referring to the dark magic users who were on par with the Star Leaders in terms of power.

He was right; those individuals had already begun to take action.

Chen Ling had now become the most treasured elixir in the eyes of all the dark magic users in the world, capable of granting godlike power with a single consumption.

As Forbidden Curse Masters themselves, how could they not know the strength of a Forbidden Curse master? Even if all twelve Star Leaders united, they couldn’t achieve what Chen Ling had.

They could deceive those below the level of Forbidden Curse masters, at best.

However, they also shared the same thought as the Star Leaders: this matter must not be revealed!

That precious treasure was now in an unknown location. If it were found by other dark mages, wouldn’t that be a joke?

Everyone who knew the truth took secret action without exception.

“Search! Mobilize all our forces to find that person! We absolutely cannot let them fall into the hands of the dark mages!”

“It’s perfect timing as the transfer of power is imminent. Use this as a reason to order a worldwide census! The accuracy of this census must be the highest!”

The Star Leaders immediately reached a consensus.

This matter was about the survival of the Rune Continent. Even though they often had disagreements, at this moment, they unified their stance.

After the meeting within the Cancer Constellation Palace concluded, a message spread throughout the world:

〚 The apocalyptic fireball that appeared in the sky above the Rune Continent today was the result of an experiment conducted by the Twelve Star Leaders in collaboration!〛

“I knew it! Haha~”

Some people marveled, yet they wouldn’t doubt their own Star Leaders. This was faith; the Star Leaders were gods in their eyes.

Within a hidden realm, a few old mages revealed contemptuous smiles.

“You united? You’re worthy? The bragging you’re doing about this collaboration is quite something.”

“The owner of the Sun, interesting… A Sun God? Probably just a kid…”

A deranged old man licked his lips: “A kid… so hungry.”

After the Twelve Star Leaders dispersed, Chen Tianming and Mi Jiu walked together.

“Jiu’er, you don’t need to worry. I’ve already infiltrated Chen Ling’s side. He hasn’t detected me.”

“I’ll keep a constant watch on him. There won’t be any problems with your power transition.”

Mi Jiu:”…”

She frowned: “Oh? He hasn’t discovered you? What identity are you using?”

Chen Tianming hesitated for a moment, cleared his throat, and said seriously: “I’m using a shapeshifting device to transform into a woman. I’ve become one of his classmates. He definitely won’t recognize me.”

“I’ve turned into a very ugly woman. He won’t spare me a second glance. Rest assured.”

“Hehe…” Mi Jiu chuckled awkwardly: “A very ugly woman… that’s great…”

Chen Tianming smiled and said: “I’ll head back for now. I have classes in the afternoon. I’ll take care of Chen Ling.”

Mi Jiu watched his departing figure and didn’t say anything.

She immediately went to find Qitian Ming.

“What are you doing?” Mi Jiu found Qitian Ming and noticed that he had also transformed into a tall and glamorous woman.

Her expression darkened, and she instantly thought of Chen Tianming, unable to hold back as she said: “Do all you Aries people have this kind of obsession?”

“You’re the dean, yet you’re so idle all the time? Or should I find something for you to do?”

Seeing Mi Jiu, Qitian Ming, the Curse Master, acted a bit nervous and awkwardly chuckled: “It’s not… Lady Star Leader, you’ve misunderstood. I’m trying to capture dark mages.”

Qitian Ming quickly explained to Mi Jiu about the arrangement he had made with Chen Ling earlier. His transformation was merely a way to entice male dark mages to come to him.

Upon hearing this, Mi Jiu frowned: “Why does he want dark mages?”

Qitian Ming replied: “I don’t know. I suspect he was raised by a dark mage, given his exaggerated power. By the way, about that fireball earlier?”

The instant Qitian Ming saw the fireball, he suspected it was Chen Ling’s doing. However, the Star Leaders later claimed responsibility.

Mi Jiu said in a deep voice: “That was Chen Ling’s doing…”

Qitian Ming was surprised: Just as I thought!

“By the way, Lady Star Leader, why did you call for me?”

Mi Jiu said calmly: “Help me organize an educational trip. I want to take Chen Ling to a secret realm.”

Mi Jiu knew she probably wouldn’t be able to convince Chen Ling, but she could do it in the name of the academy. Since Sui Li’er would go, Chen Ling would as well.

Qitian Ming: ???

Who arranges an educational trip for new students just after they’ve entered the academy!

However, he didn’t dare to disobey Mi Jiu’s orders, “Sure, but where are you planning to go?”

After thinking for a moment, Mi Jiu replied: “To the border of the Fire Nation, to the Flame Blue Beach, near the Flame Blue Secret Realm. My master is also there.”

Qitian Ming was taken aback: Lady Star Leader’s master… That person must be quite extraordinary.

“But, will Chen Ling go? This seems a bit deliberate, doesn’t it?”

Mi Jiu replied calmly: “Just do as I said.”

Without waiting for Qitian Ming’s response, she left the place.

With a light smile on her face, she murmured softly: “Sunshine, beach, swimsuits. I don’t believe you won’t go…”

Sui Li’er was Mi Jiu’s bait, and this was her beauty trap.

Although her master wasn’t a Forbidden Curse Master and lacked personal formidable power, he was an extraordinary individual. Mi Jiu believed that her master could certainly unlock the secrets within Chen Ling!

Qitian Ming spent the afternoon wandering around and couldn’t find a single trace of the dark mafes.

Dark mages were truly hard to find!

In frustration, he took out his communicator and made a call.

“Yo? Little Fatty? Rare to get a call from you. Are you short on money?”

Qitian Ming:”…”

“Does your academy have a device that can detect dark magic energy?”

“Hehe, yeah, we do. But do you have money?”

Qitian Ming helplessly asked: “How much?”

“Haha, just kidding. I’ll have someone send it to you later.”

“No need to wait, I need it urgently. I’ll come to your academy tonight.”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.”

After hanging up, Qitian Ming sighed: “Ah… technology changes everything.”

Before school ended that afternoon, Duyin arrived at the entrance of Class A.

When Chen Ling saw him, a smile immediately appeared on his face. Looks like three more dark mages have arrived~

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