The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 182 – From Now On, You Are Under My Command!

Chen Ling stood up from his seat happily and was about to walk towards the door.

The instructor suddenly spoke up: “Excuse me, young man. Where are you going? I haven’t dismissed the class yet. Could you please show a bit of respect?”

Everyone immediately turned their attention to Chen Ling upon hearing the instructor’s words.

Chen Ling glanced at the male instructor: “Oh.”

He then continued walking towards Duyin, not leaving him an ounce of face.

“Huh?” Sui Li’er looked up and instinctively wanted to follow him.

However, Chen Ling turned back and said: “Pay attention to your class. I’ll be back in a moment.”

“Oh~” Sui Li’er nodded gently.

The male instructor on stage immediately had an unpleasant expression.

At this moment, Duyin suddenly spoke: “Sorry, Instructor Chen Bai. I need to talk to this student.”

Only then did Chen Bai notice that it was Duyin. Duyin’s words provided him with an out, so he quickly followed up: “No problem, no problem. Good, let’s continue with the discussion about the history of the Fire Nation…”

Chen Ling didn’t care about the history of the Fire Nation. He followed Duyin all the way to a dimly lit small room within the academy.

Duyin snapped his fingers, and a stream of magic energy flowed from his fingertip, landing on a lamp hanging from the ceiling. Once the lamp absorbed the magic energy, it lit up.

It was a storage room, and the smell of dust was quite pungent.

Three dark mages were bound on the ground, their bodies covered in bloodstains, hair disheveled, and their faces marked with horrifying scars. They looked miserable, but considering they were cannibals, it felt like they were getting off easy.

〚 Scan! 〛

Chen Ling’s thought triggered, and information about everyone present appeared in front of him.

〚 Dark Mage: Shang Jing, Gender: Male, Age: 22, Realm: High-level Intermediate Mage, Curse Star: Earth Element Capricorn 221, Curse: Sunlight Allergy 〛

〚 Dark Mage: Shi Geling, Gender: Male, Age: 28, Realm: High-level Intermediate Mage, Curse Star: Water Element Cancer 9922, Curse: Chronic Hemorrhoids 〛

Chen Ling: ???

Well, he had a question now… If he used the “Thousand Year Torture Service” on him, would it increase his points or deduct them?

〚 Dark Mage: Ke Tiancheng, Gender: Male, Age: 25, Realm: Mid-level Intermediate Mage, Curse Star: Wind Element Gemini 26521, Curses: Will be caught for doing bad things 〛

Chen Ling glanced briefly at the information of the three individuals and didn’t seem satisfied: “Why are their realms so low?”

Duyin was somewhat surprised: “How do you judge the realms of dark mages?”

Chen Ling helplessly replied, “I use my eyes. Why are they all Intermediate mages?”

Duyin sighed:

“The high-level dark mages have already been turned in. Negotiating compensation for low-level mages is more difficult…”

“The value isn’t high, but catching them is also quite challenging. The Enforcement Team keeps pushing for lower prices, and the association isn’t willing to raise them.”

Chen Ling nodded: “Where’s the Enforcement Team?”

Duyin was taken aback: “What are you planning? You’re not thinking of asking the Enforcement Team for people, are you?”

Chen Ling didn’t answer: “Never mind.”

I’ll find it myself.

He then smiled and walked up to the three individuals, extending his hand: “From today onwards, you are under my command!”

“Shake hands!”

The three dark mages were puzzled by the situation. In that moment, they seemed to glimpse a glimmer of hope…

Inner thoughts: Can we finally escape from that dreadful place?

The wounds on their bodies were evidence of the miserable conditions they endured within the association. Whether they were in the association or in the hands of the Enforcement Team, they wouldn’t have an easy life.

People from the association and the Enforcement Team also suffered casualties while trying to capture these monsters; how could they possibly be treated well?

“Come, let’s shake hands and get acquainted.” Chen Ling grinned, and a cold light flashed in his hand. He cut the ropes binding them.

However, they were still wearing the curse stones on their hands, preventing them from using magic.

But this still brought a glimmer of joy to their hearts. No one would speak kindly to a dark mage.

Chen Ling was the first.

Inner thoughts: Since you’re being so nice, if we manage to escape someday, we won’t eat you.

Then one by one, they extended their hands with the curse stones, their smiles barely concealed.

〚 Ding~ Target Bound: Shang Jing, Shi Geling, Ke Tiancheng〛

〚 Ding~ Target Shang Jing Excited: Points +100~〛

〚 Target Shi Geling Happy: Points +1000~〛

〚 Target Ke Tiancheng: Points +200~〛

Seeing this, Chen Ling was slightly more satisfied. At least they all had more than 10 points. That meant they had potential.

If anyone had less than 10 points, Chen Ling would have returned them on the spot.

Duyin, observing Chen Ling’s demeanor throughout, furrowed his brows: “Can I ask, what exactly do you intend to do with them?”

Chen Ling replied casually: “They are my important subordinates.”

“Subordinates? What do you want them to do for you?”

Chen Ling retracted his hand, cleaned it of bacteria and dirt using the system, and nonchalantly slipped it into his pocket. “You don’t need to worry about that.”

Duyin: “…”

The three dark mages before him heard Chen Ling’s retort to Duyin and felt a secret thrill. The way they looked at Duyin changed too. Their expressions said: Goodbye to you!

“Can I take them away now?”

Duyin nodded: “Sure.”

As he finished speaking, Chen Ling lightly patted Shi Geling in front of him.


He suddenly disappeared!

The sight stunned Ke Tiancheng, Shang Jing, and even Duyin beside him. What happened, where did he go?

Before they could process this, Chen Ling rapidly tapped the other two.

“Swoosh swoosh~”

They vanished simultaneously.

“Where… where did they go?”

Chen Ling said calmly: “I sent them to my home.”

Duyin wore an expression of disbelief: “How… how did you do that?”

Chen Ling smiled: “Why don’t you guess?”

Even if he explained the divine method to Duyin, he probably wouldn’t understand.

〚 Distant Target Spatial Teleportation 〛

By this time, school had ended for the day.

Everyone who needed to leave had already left, but Sui Li’er sat quietly at her seat, waiting for Chen Ling. She wanted to go home together with him.

“Are you waiting for him, Sui Sui?” Zuo Yuan whispered.

“Yeah.” Sui Li’er nodded gently, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

“I… I’m waiting for you. I’ll leave after you do.”

Sui Li’er was momentarily surprised – waiting for me?

Worried about me?

Her heart warmed instantly. She hadn’t expected her desk mate, who appeared somewhat aloof, to be so warm-hearted.

“Thanks, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Zuo Yuan said this and then quietly sat down at her own seat. She didn’t look at Sui Li’er because she was watching her, which made her a little embarrassed.

Only now did Sui Li’er realize that Zuo Yuan was wearing the male uniform of the academy! With her hair tied up and her well-defined features, she indeed looked quite beautiful.

“You look great in that outfit!” Sui Li’er sincerely complimented.

Zuo Yuan was momentarily taken aback by her words, then smiled gently at her: “You look great too, very beautiful.”

As she looked her up and down, she noticed the strap tied around her leg, “Your garter strap, it’s loose…”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er looked down.

“Oh~” Her small hand quickly reached for it, wanting to tighten it a bit. At the same time, she casually asked: “Zuo Yuan, why are you wearing men’s clothing?”

Zuo Yuan pursed his lips, and softly replied: “I…”

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