The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 234 – Electrified Monkey

Drawing is like taking a photograph, yet it lacks that rigid feeling of something captured by a machine. It’s brimming with charm and can be considered the highest realm.

Chen Ling smiled with great satisfaction, then turned his head to look at Sui Li’er, only to find her staring at his face in a daze.

Unable to resist, he extended the pen and lightly tapped her brow. Although it made contact, it mysteriously didn’t leave any mark, just startled her a bit.


“What are you doing~” Sui Li’er quickly wiped her brow with her wet hand, “Is there more?”

“There’s more~”

“Ugh~” Sui Li’er was tricked into wiping her face several times, and it had turned slightly red.

“Is the painting done?” Sui Li’er looked at the board in front of her with joy. She reached out to take it in her hands, but hesitated, fearing that the water on her hands might smudge it. Joy mixed with uncertainty.

Chen Ling chuckled and handed it to her directly, “Don’t worry, it won’t get wet.”

Sui Li’er took it with delight and couldn’t help but exclaim: “It’s so beautiful…”

Chen Ling’s painting was incredibly beautiful. Even though the surrounding scenery was somewhat obscured by mist, it appeared highly dreamlike. The depiction of Sui Li’er in the painting didn’t feel out of place at all; on the contrary, she resembled an earthly angel, and her smile was unforgettable with just a single glance.

“Am I really that good-looking?”

This was a classic question of a girlfriend.

The deadly answer: No.

Chen Ling calmly said: “Don’t you have a sense of your own beauty?”

Sui Li’er: ???


Seeing her puzzled expression, Chen Ling couldn’t help but laugh: “You’re much more beautiful than this painting.”

It was a heartfelt answer and a perfect one at that.

〚 Ding~ Sui Sui’s heart is pounding~ Points +10 billion~ 〛

With Chen Ling praising her like this, not giving him 10 billion points would be unfair…

“Hehe~ Thank you~ Chen Ling~ I really like it~” Sui Li’er held the painting as if it were a precious treasure.

With someone so gentle and considerate, who could also paint so well and create something so beautiful, an all-powerful god… She couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy.

Just then, Chen Ling’s gaze shifted, and he looked up at a distance in the sky where no one could see. There was a dark cloud drifting slowly.

It was the Vengeance Cloud.

Chen Ling’s heart stirred with anticipation: Finally here…

At this moment, the Vengeance Cloud was also observing the people within the hot spring estate, trying to see if Chen Ling was present. However, both Chen Ling and Sui Li’er were currently in invisible states, so it couldn’t see them at all.

Chen Ling not being present eased its concerns.


A bolt of lightning descended directly from the sky!

“Get out!”

A loud explosion accompanied the thunder, instantly immobilizing the people below who were frolicking.

Sui Li’er was startled too.

Yan Ran and the other instructors had already stood up by now.

“Who is this fiend?!”

During this time, the instructors from Aries Academy had been too constrained. They had been subjected to attacks from Curse Masters time and time again, and they simply didn’t have the ability to fight back. They felt like fools; after all, they were high-ranking Grand Mages. If they continued to be passive and constantly pummeled, they wouldn’t be able to establish their authority in front of the students.

So they kept trying to prove themselves, and this strange cloud before them was the best opportunity.

Chen Ling temporarily paid no attention to the dark cloud since Sui Li’er was frightened and had thrown herself into his arms!

Needleless to say, there were only two bath towels separating them.

Let me hold her a little longer…

Amidst the chaos, Sui Li’er didn’t notice a Still Mind spell drifting past her.


A startling lightning bolt struck down but didn’t hit anyone.

The instructors had already donned their battle attire and taken to the sky to confront the peculiar cloud.


Yan Ran unleashed a spell, and the sky seemed to rain fire, flames spreading everywhere.

The terrifying energy left people trembling, and the students were reminded of the strength of high-ranking mages… a single individual could easily decimate a city…


A thunderous roar resounded from the sky, striking a section of the hot spring.

Sitting right there was Luo Shifang!

Water conducts electricity…



Earlier, Luo Shifang, who had no shame, had been soaking in the hot spring together with Yan Ran. The hot spring was filled with female instructors, and his audacity truly knew no bounds.

Since Yan Ran didn’t say anything, he refused to leave.

However, with the instructors all battling in the sky now, he was the only one left in the hot spring, trembling and convulsing due to the shocks, his eyes rolling back as he stretched his tongue out, giving off the appearance of a lightning-struck pinecone.

His previously elegant and graceful hairstyle, which had been treated with several pounds of styling spray, had instantly turned into an explosive mess.

After the thunder and lightning passed, while he was paralyzed and unable to move, he hadn’t actually suffered much damage.

Seeing him terrified, the others hurriedly crawled out of the hot spring.

What the heck was going on?

“Hahaha! Luo Shifang, the new look suits you!”

The male students from Aries Academy couldn’t help but mockingly burst into laughter.

Once he regained control of his body, Luo Shifang’s face grew dark. He stood up from the hot spring.

With a sinister look in his eyes, he said, “The strong are respected. Hasn’t your instructor Yan Ran taught you that?”


A bolt of lightning descended directly from the sky, striking him directly!

“Ah~ Ah~ Abababa~”

Luo Shifang suddenly stood in place, convulsing like a robot running out of battery. A burst of golden lightning flashed in the hot spring.

Everyone else: ???

“Hahaha~ What a show! Struck by lightning while trying to act cool!”

“Hahaha~ I’m dying from laughter! Even the heavens can’t stand you!”

The students from Aries Academy were completely fearless, laughing and ridiculing him madly. His appearance after being struck by lightning, resembling an electrified monkey, was so amusing that the surrounding female students couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Luo Bro! Are you okay?”

His companions around him quickly shouted, but they didn’t dare to approach.

Luo Shifang could withstand the lightning, but his companions might not. Nobody dared to rashly attempt it.

“Hahaha~ Your ‘Luo Bro’ is undergoing electrotherapy for his ‘showing-off’ addiction. Don’t disturb him.”


The people around laughed louder, the younger ones being the loudest.

Luo Shifang lowered his head, his hair already singed, and stared absently at his reflection in the water…

The eerie image in the reflection, the mocking laughter of the male students from Aries Academy, and the ridicule of the female students – all these fueled his anger!


A powerful aura suddenly erupted from within him. The water in the hot spring quaked violently.


It exploded directly, instantly evaporating all the water.

Everyone was shocked. Was he losing control?!

The energy he emitted was even comparable to the strength of some of the weaker instructors.

His companions were starting to panic. Big Bro, are you going all out?

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll help your instructors educate you well. You all need a lesson!”

In the next moment, a strange energy spread out, a golden light shining before Luo Shifang as he finished carving the runes.

The students from Aries Academy didn’t falter in the slightest.

No need to fear, so what if he’s a mid-level Grand Mage? After all, they had hundreds of people here! Did he really think the students from Aries Academy were pushovers!?

Everyone simultaneously drew runes, and a battle was about to begin!

Meanwhile, Chen Ling had already lifted Sui Li’er out of the water, paying no attention to the nonsense happening with the male students in the distance.

He softly asked, “Don’t be scared, I’m here.”


“Do you want me to go catch that cloud and keep it as a pet for you?”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er raised her head, looking at Chen Ling in a puzzled manner, “Clouds can be pets?”

Chen Ling chuckled, “Of course. Once you bring it home, you can use it to make it rain, water your flowers, and even give electric shocks to those dark mages at the doorstep.”

“Oh~ but we don’t have any flowers at home…”

“Do you want to plant some? If you want, I can buy some seeds for you to grow flowers.”

Sui Li’er happily exclaimed, “I want to!”

Planting flowers together with him… She suddenly felt a sense of anticipation.

“Then wait for me in the changing room, change your clothes, and don’t get back in the water. Otherwise, you might get electrocuted. I’ll go catch that cloud.”


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