The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 235 – Annoying Cloud

The changing room was quite a distance away, around 200 meters. It was a long way, so of course, Chen Ling wanted to personally accompany Sui Li’er back.

In a flash, he passed over the Aries Academy male students and the Sagittarius male students who were engaged in battle.

“Go inside.” Chen Ling whispered.

Sui Li’er pursed her lips and nodded happily, “Mm~”

She turned to enter the changing room, but suddenly remembered something and turned back to say something.

However, Chen Ling had already disappeared from sight.

The smile on Sui Li’er’s face vanished as well. She looked up at the sky and mumbled, “Come back soon~”

Then, she glanced at the people in front who were releasing spells and fighting frantically, puzzled, “What are they doing…”

At this moment, the female students from Aries Academy were watching around. Some of them shouted loudly: “Enough!”

“Don’t fight anymore.”

However, nobody paid attention to them.

The male students were completely consumed by rage. Facing Luo Shifang’s ferocity, they didn’t stand a chance. With just one , dozens of them were severely injured and unable to stand.

However, as fellow students of Aries Academy, even though they knew they were outmatched, they refused to back down. They would rather die standing than kneel in defeat.

Luo Shifang suddenly leaped into the air, assuming a stance as if drawing a bow. Golden runes appeared around him, and a huge silver bow materialized in the sky above. Magical energy gathered as an arrow formed in an instant.

The bowstring was drawn tight, and with a release,



Nearly a hundred male students from Aries Academy were directly injured by the explosion.

These were the results of Luo Shifang holding back. Although he was angry, he also knew he couldn’t indiscriminately slaughter the students of Aries Academy.

Otherwise, it would become a big problem. However, Luo Shifang wasn’t holding back too much either; these students would need at least two weeks of rest to recover. Anyway, they could forget about further studying and practicing.

The power gap was too vast. The male students from Aries Academy were utterly powerless against Luo Shifang. He was still a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius’ magical traits: long-range output, precise strikes.

Their speed was so fast that the opponents couldn’t even react, let alone defend.

But they could still find opportunities to attack. The students in the front endured the attacks, giving those behind a chance to release their spells.

They advanced one after another, akin to moths flying into a flame, passionate and fervent.

This was the nature of Aries people. While not all of them were Aries zodiac signs, they were all students of Aries Academy, carrying the spirit of Aries within their hearts.

Sui Li’er had already gone to change her clothes. The scene was too gruesome, and she couldn’t bear to watch any longer. She hoped that Lord God would come back soon and stop this battle.

Meanwhile, the Aries Academy instructors in the sky were also caught up in a fierce battle.

That elusive Vengeance Cloud was proving to be incredibly slippery…

It moved so fast that their spells couldn’t catch up, and even if they did, it was like attacking thin air. And then, the Vengeance Cloud would casually shock them.

Though they could endure the shock due to their strength and physical resilience, they ended up looking like they had an explosion for a head.

But the way that cloud was behaving, it caused everyone to grow more and more irritated. Moreover, the female instructors present weren’t getting shocked, only the male instructors were, and their faces were left scorched.

“Stand your ground if you’ve got the guts!” One male instructor was driven to fury. Smoke was still billowing from his mouth as he spoke.


The Vengeance Cloud directly struck him with a thunderbolt.

The speed of lightning was not something they could react to. They couldn’t dodge it at all; each strike was precise.

Even the female instructors were having a hard time.

“Yan Ran! Be careful!” A female instructor shouted. At this moment, Yan Ran was surrounded by black mist that seemed intent on devouring her.

Seeing this, Yan Ran immediately activated her defense. A fiery red shield formed around her, tightly enveloping her. However, the black mist was insidious; it penetrated the defense without any gaps. Even without a flaw in the shield, it seeped through.

Yan Ran was alarmed, but before she could react, the black mist had already wrapped around her body. Strands of thick mist wound around her, binding her body and forcing her into an arching position, with her hands and feet bound behind her.

This highlighted her bunny-like posture perfectly.

Then, the mist suspended Yan Ran in the air. A black mist rope connected her to the Vengeance Cloud in the sky. She was hanging in the air like a trophy of the cloud.

“Yan Ran!” The surrounding instructors immediately moved to save her.

Although Yan Ran was bound, she could still release spells.


The spell exploded into sparks around her hands and feet.

She wanted to use the explosion to free herself from the binding of the rope. Even if she risked injuring herself at such close range, she still did it. Because the position was just too embarrassing…

She was still in shorts and a short top, her impressive figure on full display.

That cloud was definitely not any ordinary cloud and Yan Ran’s calculations fell flat.

Her spell did manage to break the black rope that had bound her. However, the rope was made of black mist, and her spell could only disperse the mist, causing no actual harm.

Yan Ran regained her mobility for a moment, but the mist quickly condensed again. It wrapped around her hands and feet, then gave a forceful tug.

Once again, Yan Ran was bound. Her body arched, and she let out a pained sound: “Mm~ Hmph~”

If anyone had heard that sound, their heart would have trembled – it was too captivating.

Alarmed, Yan Ran quickly closed her mouth. Oh no… What sound did I just make? They didn’t hear that, did they?

Her face immediately flushed red.

Indeed, no one around heard it. They immediately activated their spells to attack the elusive Vengeance Cloud they couldn’t even touch.

“Yan Ran, hold on a bit longer! We’re coming to save you.”

Though tied up, Yan Ran felt relieved: Thank goodness… they didn’t hear it.

Just then, the voice of Chen Ling suddenly rang out: “I heard you. It sounds like you’re enjoying yourself?”


Yan Ran’s heart skipped a beat in fright!

Her eyes widened, staring incredulously at Chen Ling before her. When did he arrive!?

“Curse Master Chen!”

The people around immediately shouted: “Quick, save Yan Ran! Master Chen!”

Chen Ling looked at Yan Ran with a smile: “So, if you’re enjoying it so much, should I save you or not?”


“No! I’m not! You, you, you, stop making things up!”

Yan Ran looked at Chen Ling with a red face, feeling like she was losing her dignity!

He actually heard that!

Suddenly, she felt like she didn’t want to live anymore…

“Hahaha~” Chen Ling chuckled lightly: “Is that so? But your moans sounded so enchanting.”

〚 Ding~ Yan Ran’s emotions are abnormal. Points -10! 〛

“You…” Yan Ran’s face was red as she clenched her lips tightly.

Looking at the smiling Chen Ling teasing her, she suddenly remembered what had happened before.

Chen Ling had once slapped her… and even teased her in the many times… even if he never treated her kindly, she could understand that. But now he was making fun of her…

From a young age, she was a genius, adored by everyone. But in Chen Ling’s presence, she had endured all sorts of malice…

Who would treat her like this?

Even if you’re powerful, you can’t treat me like this! Did I provoke you in some way?

〚 Ding~ Yan Ran is feeling wronged. Points -10! 〛

Feeling a mix of embarrassment and grievance, her eyes welled up with tears, and crystal-clear liquid began to fill her eyes.

Chen Ling: ???

Why is she crying now?

The smile faded from his face, and he said lightly: “Alright, I’ll reluctantly save you.”

With that said, Yan Ran suddenly saw a glint of cold light.

She didn’t even see Chen Ling draw his sword or swing it; she couldn’t even make out what weapon he was using. She just felt her body lighten, the binding on her body disappearing completely, and she began to fall.

The sudden plummet made her instinctively reach out towards Chen Ling. However, when he saw her reaching out, his eyebrows furrowed.

That wasn’t Sui Li’er’s hand. He instinctively dodged to the side.

Yan Ran grabbed empty air and fell directly from the sky.

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