The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 236 – Who Is Showing Off?

However, as a high-level Grand Mage, she naturally had her own means of flying. Chen Ling didn’t need to worry about that at all.

Yan Ran was momentarily stunned – couldn’t he have given me a hand…

Wouldn’t most people lend a hand in that situation?

Releasing a flight spell also took time.

Yan Ran quickly plummeted from the sky, but within a matter of seconds, she had reacted. She immediately cast a spell to stop her fall.

Looking up again, Chen Ling had already appeared before the evasive dark cloud. He gazed with interest at the Vengeance Cloud before him.

But Chen Ling’s gaze could penetrate the mist enveloping it and gaze directly at its core. He clearly saw a pair of golden eyes within.

“Are you human or something else?” Chen Ling squinted at it.

At the same time, the system immediately scanned it:

〚 Scan complete 〛

〚 Target: Vengeance Cloud, Aggregation of Resentment: Absorbs the resentment of people in the mortal realm to enhance its own strength. Attribute: Thunder, Status: Preliminary Sentience 〛

〚 Abilities: Unknown… 〛


Aggregation of Resentment?

Chen Ling was taken aback. What kind of thing was this?

No wonder he couldn’t find it before. He had been looking for it as if it were a person, not something like this.

Wait a minute…

Absorbing resentment to enhance its strength? There was no shortage of resentment from all those dark mages in his household. If he brought this thing back and nurtured it, it might become a powerful tool.

After using the resentment of those dark mages in his household to become stronger, he could then have it help him catch more dark mages. It could be an endless loop, a strategy that couldn’t be countered.

The Vengeance Cloud had actually spotted Chen Ling long ago. However, it wasn’t afraid of him. Spells were ineffective against it.

There were almost no means in this world that could harm it. Even if a Star Leader came, he wouldn’t have any way to deal with it.

Though it wasn’t human, it possessed consciousness. So, its thoughts were visible to Chen Ling, who chuckled lightly: “Do you think I can’t hit you?”

“Hehe~” The Vengeance Cloud suddenly sneered, the electric audio effect at maximum.

A barrage of comments appeared above its head:

(You’re talking like you can actually hit me.)

At the same time, the black mist immediately surged towards Chen Ling, appearing as if it intended to bind him too.

The mist instantly wrapped around Chen Ling, binding his hands and feet, and then with a pull, it aimed to hoist him up just like it had done with Yan Ran earlier.

However, Chen Ling stood there with a smile, motionless.

Vengeance Cloud: ???

Why can’t I move him? How is this possible?!

The extent of Chen Ling’s power was beyond its imagination. It could forcefully bind Yan Ran, but when it came to Chen Ling, he remained completely unmoved.

Chen Ling yawned lightly and said: “Haven’t you had your meal?”

The mentors around Chen Ling, who were hovering in the distance, were astonished by the scene. They didn’t intervene, fearing that it might affect him.

“Truly a Curse Master…” One mentor couldn’t help but remark.

“Ah!” The Vengeance Cloud suddenly yelled and a vast expanse of black mist surged towards Chen Ling.

At that moment, Sui Li’er, who had just changed her clothes, came out and happened to witness the scene. She couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Lord God… ” She held the painting that Chen Ling had drawn for her.

Just a second before the black mist was about to engulf Chen Ling, he lightly swung his fist.


This punch hit the air, or rather, it hit the space itself.

The space shattered directly, everything in front of him cracked like shattered glass, and the fabric of spacetime froze.

And the approaching black mist was also frozen in place.

The shattered space had a tangible quality. If someone were to reach out, it would feel like a wall, also as if there were a transparent object that could not be seen. Within this fractured space, all things were frozen, time stopped, and nothing could move.

The evasive dark cloud was thus imprisoned within the shattered space by Chen Ling.

The mentors behind were dumbfounded: “What is this?”

“A spatial-type spell? No, he hasn’t used a spell at all!”

“He shattered space with a single punch?”

“How is that possible!?”

Several mentors couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

Yan Ran, on the other hand, had her mouth agape, utterly speechless in the face of Chen Ling’s attack!

She suddenly remembered the massive spatial rift on the coastline from before. Could that have been caused by Chen Ling?

Someone whose power was so immense that it could inflict heavy damage on space and the world, there was only one like him in the world!

And that was just from a casual swing of his fist… his full power was beyond Yan Ran’s imagination.

Could he, with a single punch, annihilate the entire Rune Continent?

Down below, Sui Li’er naturally witnessed this scene as well, a smile immediately lighting up her face. Indeed, he was Lord God~ so amazing~

〚 Congratulations, you’ve successfully shown off, bringing joy to Sui Sui. Points +1 billion~ 〛

Chen Ling was taken aback for a moment and blurted out: “Do you also have a Preliminary Sentience?! What the hell, get out of there!”

Chen Ling suddenly shouted, startling himself and making him wonder: what’s wrong with me?

The others thought that he was talking to the evasive dark cloud. Surely the dark cloud must have consciousness and personality…

However, the system didn’t respond to Chen Ling.

At that moment, the dark mages who were bound in the Misty Rain City also saw this notification. Their already pained expressions now gave way to immense confusion.

Who the hell is showing off!

Whoever is trying to show off, what the heck is making Sui Sui happy!?

And even added 1 billion points… this is damn ridiculous!

〚 Diing~ 97 dark mages are gradually getting irritable, -700 million points… 〛

Xuan Ming, seeing this, exclaimed in surprise: “Wow… not bad, not bad! Looks like everyone’s getting more serious about their work~ Just like this, keep it up~”

Everyone in their hearts: Serious about our work, my ass!

〚 Ding~ The 97 dark mages, -400 million points 〛

It instantly exceeded the 1 billion that Sui Li’er had just lost.

Chen Ling thought: There’s definitely something wrong with this system; I must investigate after this is over.

“How’s it going? Can’t move, right?” Chen Ling looked calmly at the dark cloud imprisoned within the fractured space.

The Vengeance Cloud was currently swearing angrily, but the space had already shattered, and its voice couldn’t get out.

Originally, the space and the entire world were intertwined, but now the fractured space was entirely separate from the world’s space, resembling a spatial cage.

“If you behave and come home with me as my pet, I might spare you; otherwise, you can go die.”

“Don’t think I can’t kill you. You’re just a spiritual cloud with the ability to absorb resentment and only at the initial stage of consciousness. With a single breath, I could turn you to ashes.”

The voice of the Vengeance Cloud couldn’t escape, but Chen Ling’s voice could penetrate through the gaps between the spaces and reach it clearly.

Inside, the Vengeance Cloud was shaken to its core: How does he know that I’m at the initial stage of consciousness? How does he know that I can absorb resentment!?



A massive explosion occurred on the ground.


The cries of the Aries Academy students resounded.

At the same time, water from the hot spring was blasted into the air, almost like it was raining, and the warm drops splashed on their faces, feeling quite soothing.

The immense force pushed Sui Li’er back several steps in a row!

“Stop fighting!” The female students around couldn’t bear to see the male students from their own academy being tormented.

“Let’s go! Help them!”


Thus, the female students of the Aries Academy also joined the battle.

Seeing the women joining the fight, Luo Shifang’s expression darkened, and he said coldly: “Don’t want me to give you some face, huh?”


Powerful spells formed instantly above the heads of those female students.

“Defend!” Someone yelled.

Everyone put up their defenses.

The female students were quite close to Sui Li’er, startling her. She quickly stepped back, realizing that she couldn’t defend against this on her own…

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