The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 36 – Changes In Regulations

Chen Ling looked expressionlessly at the dimensional void in front of him and got off the bed.

“Wow, this dimensional is really far away.” As he spoke, the person suddenly appeared in the room.

He was wearing a clean work uniform and appeared to be around 30 years old. However, his actual age could be much older, considering that the people in the system dimensions were all old monsters.

After landing, the person looked at Chen Ling and went straight to the point: “You’re a Divine Personnel Intern, right? What’s the issue with the system?”

Chen Ling replied calmly, “It’s a bug. The point bonus keeps adding 100,000 points, then a million.”

The employee with the code C233 couldn’t help but show a surprised expression upon hearing this. “Wow, that’s indeed a bit excessive.”

“Let me take a look. Give me the permissions.”

After saying that, Chen Ling gave C233 the permissions for his Divine System.

However, he didn’t grant him the permission to view the projection. Sui Li’er was currently undressed, and he couldn’t let him see that. Otherwise, Chen Ling would have to silence him.

C233, who was initially indifferent, frowned upon seeing the system interface: “What is this thing? Is it stuck? Why is it constantly refreshing?”

The system interface in front of him kept showing “Point Bonus +100,000”!

The screen was filled with point bonuses. “Damn, you have over 30 billion points?”

Chen Ling smiled helplessly, “Yeah.”

“Tsk.” C233 shook his head, “This shouldn’t be. The bug in your system is quite severe. I thought it was just a minor bug.”

“Can it be fixed?”

“Of course it can! Trust me, I’ve participated in the War of Angels and fought alongside that man, Chen Xing.”

Chen Ling chuckled, “Oh, impressive, impressive.”

“Just a moment, it’ll be fixed soon.” As he spoke, C233 began to manipulate the system, rapidly swiping his fingers in the air.

Chen Ling yawned and boredly waited.

In fact, he didn’t really need this guy to fix his system anymore. After all, he had already discovered the method to reset the points.

But it wouldn’t hurt to have it fixed, just to keep a lower profile. Otherwise, he would constantly be at the top of the rankings with billions of points. If word of that reached his parents’ ears, he feared they would come looking for him to play.

After a while, C233 clapped his hands. “It’s done! Now the points will increase by 1 each time.”

Chen Ling nodded and glanced at the system interface.

〚 Points +1 〛

〚 Points +1 〛

The previous 〚 Points +100,000 〛spam was now replaced with [Points +1] spam.

Although it wasn’t adding as many points at once, Chen Ling still felt something was off.

“Don’t you find it strange?” He furrowed his brow and said.

“Strange? How so?” C233 glanced at it and said indifferently, “Isn’t this normal?”

Chen Ling shook his head. “Don’t you think the spamming speed is getting faster? And that it adds a point for ordinary happiness? That itself is quite absurd.”

In this regard, he had indeed misunderstood Sui Li’er. She wasn’t just happy; she was extremely happy, ecstatic even.

Upon hearing this, C233 also furrowed his brow and looked at the system interface.

The 〚 Points +1 〛text was floating and scrolling faster and faster.

It was like a slot machine, with the text rapidly rolling. It gradually became so fast that even Chen Ling had trouble reading it!

In the end, it turned into a thick black line, with the residual images merging together.

“What the hell? Isn’t this a bug? Are you trying to poison me?” Chen Ling said helplessly. C233 hadn’t fixed it at all! In fact, it had become worse.

After C233 made the changes, he didn’t solve the issue of Sui Li’er’s points increasing by 100,000 each time. Instead, he simply split the [100,000 points] message into 100,000 separate messages, popping up one after another. It was utterly pointless and only made everything more confusing.

Chen Ling’s eyes were tired from trying to keep up with the messages.

“How did it end up like this?” C233 also realized the problem and quickly made some adjustments to revert the system settings.

The messages about points increase appeared once again:

〚 Target feels happy, points +100,000~ 〛

〚 Points +100,000 〛

“This is insane!” C233’s expression turned serious. It was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Chen Ling looked at him speechlessly and thought to himself: And he participated in the War of Angels? Was he just causing trouble?

After tinkering for a while, C233 shook his head and said: “Your system doesn’t have any issues. There isn’t a single bug. It’s just the addition of 100,000 points.”

Chen Ling shrugged in response. Although he had considered this possibility, he no longer cared about the outcome.

It turned out that the bug was indeed with Sui Li’er.

“Well, can you provide me with a certificate? Even though there is no bug, you can say there is and that you couldn’t fix it.” Chen Ling thought to himself that with this certificate, he wouldn’t have to do anything.

No need to worry about violating any rules. The less he had to do, the better. He could just lie down and enjoy life. Then, when he presented the certificate at the academy, his grades would be invalidated without a doubt.

C233 shook his head, saying, “No, I have professional ethics.”

“And how is providing a bug certificate a breach of ethics?”

C233 continued shaking his head. “You tell me, what are you planning to do? Isn’t a bug certificate used to reset the grades? You want to use it to sabotage someone?”

Chen Ling rolled his eyes. “Sabotage someone? I wish someone had more points than me! I want to use it to reset my own points.”

C233 squinted his eyes as he observed Chen Ling, feeling that he wasn’t lying, but still refused. “No, I can’t trust your words.”

Seeing his stubbornness, Chen Ling didn’t want to waste any more time with him.

“Fine, then leave quickly. I want to rest.”

“Cough.” C233 coughed.

“Oh, wait a moment, dear. Help me fill out a satisfaction survey form and sign your name.”

Chen Ling: What? How dare you ask me to fill out a form?

After saying that, C233 took out a piece of paper with the following written on it:

[Your evaluation of the service this time: Very dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Satisfied, Very satisfied.]

This shameless C233 had already ticked the box for “Very satisfied” and just wanted Chen Ling to sign his name.

Chen Ling sneered but still signed it. Leave room for maneuver and we’ll meet again in the future.

That was a lie. Chen Ling just wanted him to leave quickly.

C233 took the form, turned around with a smile, and opened a dimensional void, preparing to leave.

As he glanced at the words on the form, he said, “Alright! Thank you~ See ya-“

“What the hell!?” He suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned his head, and looked at Chen Ling in disbelief. It was as if Chen Ling was an alien, his expression filled with fear.


Sui Li’er in the neighboring room also heard the sound.

Startled, she quickly hid under the blanket, wrapping herself tightly. She looked towards the door, feeling puzzled.

Was that Chen Ling’s voice? It didn’t seem like it, huh?

Was it Chen Ling’s friend?

C233 rubbed his eyes once again, looking at the name written on the paper in his hand, unable to believe it.

“Your name is Chen Ling?”

Chen Ling: “Yeah.”

“Who are your parents?”

“What do you think?”

“Could it be Chen Xing and Zero?”


“What the hell! Is it true? You’ve grown up so much?”

C233 stared at Chen Ling, looking him up and down.

Chen Xing and Zero: They became famous in the War of Angels, reaching the peak of power in countless worlds.

Seeing that C233 was still standing there and not leaving, Chen Ling became a little impatient. “What’s wrong?”

C233 coughed in response to the situation. “It’s nothing. The last time I saw you, you were still a baby. I didn’t expect to see you all grown up.”

Chen Ling was a bit surprised to hear that C233 had seen him when he was a child, but he didn’t want to waste time on small talk. “So, can you give me the certificate?”

“No, no, that’s even more impossible.” C233 quickly refused.

“If I give you a random certificate and Chen Xing finds out, he’ll chop me into pieces.”

Chen Ling snorted, “Then leave quickly, you’re useless.”

“Why do you want to reset your points?” C233 curiously asked.

Chen Ling casually replied, “I don’t want to be a god.”

“Oh.” C233 instantly understood. Everyone has their own aspirations.

C233 also disliked the ranking system in the system plane, so even though he had achieved great feats in the War of Angels, he never leveled up. He was still just a senior C-class employee. Above that were B, A, and S.

“Well, it seems like your wish is going down the drain. Your points are way off the charts.”

Chen Ling shrugged, indicating that he didn’t care. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll just break a rule and reset my points.”

C233 seemed to have thought of something and suddenly laughed. “Are you in love? Your dad experienced the same feeling when he was leveling up back then!”

Chen Ling: ???

“I’m different from him. I don’t fall in love.”

“You don’t fall in love? How are you going to break the rules and reset your points then?”

“There are so many ways to reset points in the divine personnel regulations, any of them will do.”

“Huh? Don’t you know that the divine personnel regulations have been updated? Almost all the methods of resetting points have been changed, and now they only deduct a portion of the points.”

As Chen Ling listened to this, his heart noticeably skipped a beat! “What did you say!?”

Almost shouting, it startled C233. The most terrifying thing was the horrifying energy aura emanating from Chen Ling, enveloping the world once again. The terrifying aura spread and covered the world, making this night restless.

C233 looked at Chen Ling’s appearance and couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “Damn, you scared the crap out of me!”

Truly worthy to be Chen Xing’s son, really damn terrifying.

“Um!” Even the neighboring room, Sui Li’er was startled.

Chen Ling!? What happened to him?

She quickly got out of bed and got dressed. She wanted to find Chen Ling.

She was extremely worried!

Just as she reached the living room, she heard Chen Ling speak again:

“You [expletive] randomly updated the [expletive] regulations!” (10,000 words omitted.)

At this moment, Chen Ling had already read through the updated divine personnel regulations. He had confirmed it!

Due to the shortage of divine personnel, they had become more lenient towards interns. Many of the stricter regulations had been completely changed.

And C233 was right. Even being in a relationship no longer resulted in a point reset. It only deducted points, with 100,000 points deducted for being in a relationship.

But Sui Li’er would gain 100,000 points just from being happy for a moment. She would be happy every day, for five years!

Even if Chen Ling managed to seduce every woman in the world, it probably wouldn’t be enough to reduce his points. Moreover, he had no intention of falling in love.

Not only that, many clauses that used to result in expulsion now led to imprisonment, and after serving the sentence, they were no longer allowed to become gods.

And for those imprisonment clauses, the terms ranged from 10 years to 10,000 years. The harshest punishment was the destruction of the world, spending a lifetime in prison.

In this update, he had absolutely no way out.

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