The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 37 – Desperate God

He cursed in despair and frustration for a long time.

His intimidating presence kept Sui Li’er from approaching him.

What happened to Lord God… I’m so scared!

C233 was starting to regret: Why did I tell him? He won’t go on a rampage and harm innocent people, right?

Suddenly, the aura that Chen Ling had unleashed dissipated within a few seconds and retreated back into his body.

He sat on the bed absentmindedly.

“It’s over… I’m finished for life…” 300 billion… That’s 300 billion points…

Chen Ling truly felt devastated.

Seeing the situation, C233 felt a bit scared and said: “Well… Chen Ling, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first! Goodbye!”

With that, C233 quickly stepped into the dimensional passage and disappeared.

The room was left with Chen Ling alone, constantly contemplating a solution.

Sui Li’er stood in the living room and noticed that there was no sound coming from Chen Ling’s room. She became somewhat worried and walked to his door. She stopped and listened, indeed, there was no sound inside.

Did Lord God’s friend leave?

Did he fall asleep?

“Chen Ling, are you asleep?” Sui Li’er softly called out.

Chen Ling paused and his gaze sharply turned towards the door—it was Sui Li’er! Now, there were four choices in front of Chen Ling.

First, honestly be a god.

Second, commit a crime that would result in imprisonment. After serving time, he couldn’t be a god anymore. The lightest sentence would be ten years.

Third, disgust Sui Li’er, make her feel uncomfortable, earn more points from her, but also deduct more.

Fourth, disgust the world, let the people in this world pay back the points Sui Li’er earned.

At this moment, these were the only four paths left in front of Chen Ling.

The first path is impossible. He could only choose one from the remaining three paths.

While he was contemplating, Sui Li’er softly called out at the door again: “Chen Ling? Are you asleep?”

Chen Ling still didn’t respond. He no longer had the mental energy to deal with Sui Li’er.

“Okay then…” Sui Li’er muttered softly, feeling a little disappointed.

She had hoped that Chen Ling would wake up and they could play together, but Chen Ling had fallen asleep again. Just as she was about to leave, she couldn’t help but turn around and glance at his door.

Hm… Maybe he didn’t lock the door…

Should I take a peek? She thought to herself, and suddenly, her mood improved.

Wait… Is it a bit weird to peek at him while he’s sleeping? Um… Just a quick look should be fine. I’ll just… see if he covered himself with a blanket!

Yes! He doesn’t cover himself when he sleeps, so I’ll help him with the blanket!

With that thought in mind, she reached out her hand, intending to grab the doorknob, but then it froze in mid-air. Suddenly, she remembered something…

He doesn’t cover himself with a blanket!

The horrifying image of little Chen Ling appeared in her mind again, and her face turned red in an instant.

Ah, forget it… He doesn’t even wear clothes…

〚 Ding~ The target feels embarrassed because of you. Points +5 〛

〚 Points +5 〛

Chen Ling paused for a moment. +5 points? So low?

Why would she feel embarrassed? This made him feel a bit confused, as if he hadn’t seen the familiar “+5” points in centuries.

At this moment, Chen Ling, like any ordinary divine intern, felt happy when seeing [Points +5].

However, joy and sorrow are not the same. Others are happy because they earn a lot of points, but he is happy because he earns so few…

At this moment, he started to doubt: Was I dreaming earlier? Did Sui Li’er not earn that many points?

However, even though the points were only 5, she kept spamming! In a short period of time, she earned hundreds of points at an extremely fast rate, almost reaching tens of thousands.

Chen Ling panicked. You can’t earn any more, big sister!

“Sui Li’er!” He quickly shouted, trying to stop her.

This was the first time Chen Ling called Sui Li’er by her name.

“Huh?” (O?O) She was startled and made a sound like a little kitten.

“Come here!”

Oh no… I… have been found out! Instinctively, she wanted to run away.

But then she realized: Wait… he’s not asleep! Hehe~ (′∪`)

“Chen Ling!”

“Click~” With a sound, Sui Li’er happily pushed open the door.

“That’s great! You’re not sleeping!”

〚 Ding~ Points +10,000! 〛

Chen Ling’s heart couldn’t help but jump. His eyebrows twitched and he shouted, “Stop!”

Sui Li’er was instantly intimidated by Chen Ling’s momentum, and the points stopped spamming as well. Just with that one instance, she earned an additional 50,000 points. If he hadn’t called a halt in time, it would have been a guaranteed 200,000 points.

With this person around, how will I spend my days from now on!? Now, whenever he sees Sui Li’er, it’s as if he sees his own future miserable life.

What should he do!? Disgust her?

Chen Ling has countless ways to make Sui Li’er feel sad. Even with just a few words from Chen Ling’s mouth, he can pierce Sui Li’er’s heart.

This was the simplest and most effective method! No need to go to jail, no need to be a god, no need to constantly meddle in this world’s affairs. He felt tempted. From a normal perspective, harming one person for the benefit of thousands had absolutely no flaws!

So he looked at Sui Li’er.

Sui Li’er was looking at Chen Ling with confusion. She thought Chen Ling had just had a fight with a friend and was in a bad mood. She didn’t dare to speak, thinking she might disturb him.

Chen Ling couldn’t help but gently open his mouth: “You…”

But he couldn’t say any of the following words. Just by running through them in his mind, he could imagine how Sui Li’er would cry.

That crying and tearful appearance immediately appeared in his mind. It was as if he could even hear the sound, “Wuwuwu~” The sound was so real, as if Sui Li’er was truly crying in front of him.

Chen Ling suddenly felt a headache. Forget it… forget it.

“Sigh…” He let out a long sigh.

Sui Li’er, puzzled, asked, “What’s wrong… why sigh?”

But Chen Ling shook his head, lay back on the bed, covered himself with the blanket, closed his eyes, and spoke with a tired tone: “I want to sleep, so please leave.”

He needed to calm down and think. There must be some other method, something simple and quick, that he hadn’t thought of yet.

Sui Li’er bit her lip and looked at Chen Ling with a tinge of heartache. “Oh… alright~”

“Then… goodnight~”

With that, she gently closed the door, making every effort to keep it quiet. She tiptoed back to her own room and slowly closed the door, afraid of disturbing Chen Ling.

As soon as she returned to her room, she could see her reflection in the mirror. Still so beautiful, just the way she liked it.

But now, she didn’t feel as happy as before. She no longer looked at herself in the mirror.

Instead, she lay on the bed, unhappily burying her face in the sheets. She took a deep breath and started holding her breath. It seemed like after holding her breath for a long time, when she finally exhaled, her worries would disappear.

After a while, she couldn’t stand it anymore and let out a long breath.

“Wow… I almost died…” Clearly, besides almost suffocating herself, it had no effect at all.

So she started rocking her little feet on the bed and muttered softly: “What’s wrong… Chen Ling… won’t you talk to me? Ugh~”

“Just talk to me…” These were what she wanted to say earlier but didn’t dare to say out loud.

She could only mutter quietly to herself. Talking to herself was a habit she had developed over the years. She didn’t need an audience, she just wanted to speak.

Being coquettish was also something she wanted to do. She wanted to act coy towards Chen Ling, but she was afraid of annoying him.

“You won’t tell me anything…”

“I can help you! Geez… You always feel like I’m a fool… but I’m not… hmph.”

“Sleeping won’t solve the problem… hmph…” Sui Li’er kept muttering softly, like chanting. As she continued, drowsiness overcame her. Without even taking off her clothes or shoes, she sweetly fell asleep while lying on the bed.

However, a few hours later, before dawn, she woke up. “Ah~ It hurts…”

Her arm had gone numb. “Wuwuwu… It hurts so much!”

She rolled over and curled up into a ball. After a while, she gradually recovered.

“Wuwuwu… I’ll never sleep on my stomach again!” Tears welled up from the pain.

She let out a sigh, then looked at the clock: “Wow… It’s already 2 a.m. I can’t believe I slept on my stomach for so long!”

“Hmm? Wait a minute… 2 a.m…. Chen Ling! Ah-ha! Chen Ling at 2 a.m… Hehe~” As she said that, she giggled softly like a little fool.

Who knows where her sense of humor comes from.

“Cough cough… By the way, is he asleep? Will he be annoyed and unable to sleep?” Just the thought of Chen Ling made Sui Li’er wide awake.

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