The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 38 – Sui Li’er Vs The World?

Immediately, she became energized, and her bright eyes sparkled in the dim room.

Has he fallen asleep? Should I take a look at him?

Hmm… But I already check earlier? The earlier check doesn’t count. He wasn’t asleep earlier, so… I still have a chance to take a look!

That’s right… Just like that… Hehe~

She once again successfully persuaded herself, or rather, she yielded to herself. Climbing up gently and quietly walking to Chen Ling’s door, she asked in a soft voice: “Chen Ling? Are you asleep?”

Chen Ling: ??? (It’s her.)

What’s up again?

Just as he was about to answer, he suddenly remembered that if he did, she might give him more points. So he quickly shut his mouth and played dead.

I’m sleeping! Hurry back to your own room.

Why aren’t you sleeping at 2 a.m. in the middle of the night?

“Hehe~ he’s sleeping! Yay~”

Sui Li’er happily made a celebratory gesture.

〚 Points +1000~ 〛

Chen Ling: ???

You’re really something!

Then Sui Li’er gently opened the door.

Chen Ling continued to play dead with his eyes closed, thinking inwardly: What do you want? I’m sleeping! Can’t you see? Go back quickly. Don’t mess with me! Stay away from me!


There was a sudden flash in the darkness, revealing Sui Li’er’s cute and white little fangs.

She silently approached Chen Ling’s bedside, blinking her bright and beautiful eyes, happily looking at Chen Ling.

Although Chen Ling’s eyes were closed, he could still see her. Because of the projection, Sui Li’er’s silly appearance was fully displayed in front of Chen Ling.

He looked at the projection in confusion: What is this person doing?

The moonlight outside the window happened to spill onto Chen Ling’s pillow. The faint light made his silver hair shine and appeared even more dreamlike. Sui Li’er was completely captivated for a moment.

Hehe~ Chen Ling looks so handsome!

Then she gently squatted by Chen Ling’s bed and started observing him intently. She had promised to take just one look, but she couldn’t resist taking a billion more. She suddenly felt that looking at Chen Ling made her happier than seeing herself!

The thought of being able to see him every day in the future made her heart uncontrollably joyful.

This is what living together is like… so blissful…

〚 Ding~ Target feels happy! Points +100,000! 〛

Just as the points appeared, Chen Ling abruptly opened his eyes, and his attention immediately turned to Sui Li’er.

“Wow! Holy ghost!” Startled, Sui Li’er trembled and instinctively pushed him away with her small hand.

“Smack!” Unfortunately, it happened to hit Chen Ling’s face.

“Ouch… my hand hurts…”

Chen Ling: Should I call an ambulance for you?

Your hand is beyond saving; let’s just chop it off.

“Sniffle… Don’t scare me like that… sniffle…” Sui Li’er, still in a state of shock, didn’t realize that she had smacked someone’s face.

“I scared you? Weren’t you the one scaring me? What were you doing in my room in the middle of the night? Trying to murder your hus… no, trying to assassinate a god, is that it?”

“Oh… no… I…” Sui Li’er gently rubbed her sore hand against her butt, feeling embarrassed. She stuttered awkwardly: “I… I came to…”

“You came to take a dump, didn’t you?”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er was stunned for a moment, then her face turned bright red in the next second.

“No, I didn’t come to… uh.” Sui Li’er was really embarrassed to say that word but was anxious to defend herself. She waved her hands in a somewhat panicked manner and shook her head, saying, “I really didn’t! Sniffle… Please don’t misunderstand me!”

She looked genuinely worried because running to Chen Ling’s room in the middle of the night to take a dump was indeed a bizarre thing to do. Chen Ling was just making a joke, but Sui Li’er took it seriously.

However, he didn’t feel like explaining anymore.

〚 Points -100,000 〛

Chen Ling thought to himself, “So satisfying!”

However, it was only a deduction of 500,000 points in total, and Sui Li’er realized the problem. Chen Ling was just joking, after all! Although Chen Ling was pursing his lips, she could still sense a hint of amusement in his eyes. Was he trying to hold back his laughter? He must be holding back his laughter, right!?

Sui Li’er furrowed her cute eyebrows and, slightly angry, bent down and approached Chen Ling.

“Hmm?” Let me see if he’s really laughing.

She wanted to get closer for a better look. As she approached, the smile on Chen Ling’s face instantly disappeared. From an outsider’s perspective, it seemed as if Sui Li’er was leaning down to give Chen Ling a goodnight kiss, creating an ambiguous atmosphere.

“Thud!” Chen Ling felt a strong thump against his chest.

But in the next moment, he reacted and immediately frowned, saying, “What are you doing?”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er’s body trembled lightly, realizing that she had gotten too close.

She quickly straightened up and took several steps back. “I… I, I, I… I’m not doing anything! Really! I was just taking a look…”

Chen Ling: “What are you looking at? Is there something interesting? Haven’t you seen enough during the day?”

“Well… no! I… I was just checking if you covered yourself with the blanket!”


“Whoosh!” Chen Ling forcefully pulled back the blanket.

“Ah!” Sui Li’er was startled and quickly covered her eyes.

“Tsk~” Chen Ling sneered, pursing his lips and said, “I’m wearing it, silly.”

Sui Li’er slightly opened her fingers after hearing that and saw Chen Ling. Indeed, he was wearing it, but she couldn’t help feeling annoyed because he scared her again.

“You! You’re the silly one… You’re a big silly!”

Chen Ling looked at her cute appearance and couldn’t help but lift the corners of his mouth. He laughed as he looked at her, unable to resist teasing her again. Just as he was about to speak, he felt something a bit strange. The smile on his face vanished once again.

It seemed like, at some point, he had forgotten about the frustrations caused by those points. He simply felt happy. It was as if Sui Li’er had swept away those troubles for him.

When he realized this, he fell into silence as he looked at her.

He really couldn’t understand this girl. She should be easy to understand… but there were still many things he didn’t understand.

Why did she, who looked so flat, manage to elicit a reaction from him… cough (just kidding)?

Why could she add 100,000 points at once?

What should he do? How could he solve Sui Li’er’s problem?

Chen Ling was determined not to let her feel upset. That only left imprisonment and disgusting the world. But to be honest, he didn’t think the points deducted by disgusting the world outweighed the points Sui Li’er added.

Sui Li’er vs. the whole world …

The number of points Sui Li’er added in one night, he didn’t know how many unethical things he would have to do to offset them. In that case, he couldn’t expect to have a leisurely five years. He had to work tirelessly.

And he also had to consider one thing, and that was the happiness index.

Now that the management regulations had changed, if the happiness index decreased by 10%, he would also go to prison. It was really a big problem.

While Chen Ling was contemplating, Sui Li’er bravely spoke up: “Um… well… Chen Ling, you can tell me anything! I can help, hehe~”

She felt happy if she was able to help Chen Ling with something.

〚 Points +5000! 〛

Chen Ling: ????

“… You…”


Wait a minute… Chen Ling suddenly remembered something!

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