The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 39 – Robbery~

He suddenly realized a question!

Is it possible that… In this world, once people are bound as a target, are they all like Sui Li’er?

So far, Chen Ling has only bound Sui Li’er. Before the binding, the first time Chen Ling saved her, he only received 10 points. Afterward, after the binding, she started adding points like crazy.

For example, if Sui Li’er fell from upstairs now and Chen Ling went to save her, she would instantly give him one billion points. Could it be that others are the same? If others are like Sui Li’er, where points can fluctuate greatly with emotions, rapidly increasing and decreasing…

Then it would be easy. Chen Ling only needs to capture a few unlucky people to completely offset Sui Li’er’s points. Thinking about this, he suddenly felt a glimmer of hope to survive!

“Haha…” Chen Ling absentmindedly laughed out loud.

Seeing him smile, Sui Li’er, who was in front of him, was initially quite happy~ But upon closer look, why did this smile seem so creepy…

Sinister and creepy!

It made her feel uneasy. What is Lord God laughing about?

“Chen Ling?” Sui Li’er waved her hand in front of his eyes, and Chen Ling snapped out of his thoughts.

“Ah? What’s up?”

“Well… Chen Ling? What are you laughing about?”

“Ha… It’s nothing! Just wait for me at home, don’t wander around.”

“Oh… Okay~ hehe~” Sui Li’er saw that Chen Ling had finally returned to normal, and her mood improved.

“Wait, where are you…” Before she could finish her sentence, Chen Ling had already disappeared before her eyes.

She could only speak to the empty room: “Um… then come back early…”

“Did you hear me? Hmph~”

Chen Ling had long gone, there’s no way he could hear. A ‘hmph’ echoed in the empty room, feeling somewhat desolate.

But suddenly, she smiled happily: “Hehe~ Does this count as scaring him a little bit? Hehe… Let him scare me all the time! I’ll scare him too~”

Although Chen Ling had temporarily left, Sui Li’er’s mood was still fine. She took another look at the layout of the room.

She sat on the sofa in the living room, obediently waiting for Chen Ling to come back.

But after sitting there for a while, she thought: “No, I’ll wait in his room~ If he comes back and goes straight to sleep, I won’t be able to see him again.”

She was afraid that Chen Ling would learn to lock the door… Then she wouldn’t be able to see him. With that in mind, she went to Chen Ling’s room and sat at the desk in the room.

She rested her chin on her hand and stared at the wall, lost in thought. When will he come back?

At this moment, Chen Ling, of course, went to find a target.

It was close to three o’clock in the morning, and at this time, if you wanted to find someone, you either went directly to someone’s house, intruding into private property, and woke them up with a shout. Or you went to those 24-hour convenience stores and looked for employees who were still working late at night.

And Chen Ling chose the latter. It was a 24-hour convenience store not far from home, outside the residential area. “Lingchen Convenience Store”

It wasn’t very big, and there was no one inside at this time. There were very few people outside in the middle of the night. Although it was night, the weather was still hot.

Over 50 degrees Celsius, the temperature hadn’t dropped at all. If Chen Ling didn’t drop it, it wouldn’t go down. People still had to endure his torment.

Most of the stores that were still open either had their doors open or had their cooling machines running at full capacity. At this moment, Sui Li’er’s mood was relatively calm, and she wasn’t adding any more points.

But the people in this city were on the verge of going crazy from the heat, so the system’s panels were all deducting points. The process of deducting points had never stopped, but even after such a long time, the total points deducted were not as much as what Sui Li’er had added.

She managed to accumulate over 30 billion points, which left Chen Ling utterly hopeless.

At this moment, there was only one male employee in the Lingchen Convenience Store, and there were no customers. In this world, although there were many industries, they could be divided into two main categories.

One type required a certain level of magical proficiency to engage in. For example, the industry of magical talisman manufacturing, magical device manufacturing, and basically anything related to magic required a certain level of ability.

With greater power comes a more enviable life, of course.

They don’t have to worry about their livelihood and can do whatever they want.

The other type is industries that don’t require magical proficiency, such as convenience store clerks, restaurant servers, various service industries, and simple manufacturing industries. Of course, the latter is the grassroots of this world since most people in this world are still mage apprentices.

Just like the service clerk in this convenience store.

〚 Name: Yang Heli, Gender: Male, Age: 21 〛

〚 Magical Level: High-level Mage Apprentice 〛

〚 Curse Star : Aquarius 9112 〛

〚 Curse: Always fails exams (Even though he’s smart and talented, due to various circumstances, he fails exams.) 〛

He is young, but his proficiency is at the level of a high-level mage apprentice, and his talent is actually quite good. If he doesn’t give up on life, there is still a chance for him to break through. By then, he will reach a higher level, and there will be more opportunities in life. It seems like an easy thing, but most people in this world don’t get the chance.

At this moment, he was using a simple spell he learned to cool himself down.

〚 Slave Wind Spell: Can create a gust of wind, big or small, controllable. 〛

It belongs to the category of common low-level spells.

The magic in this world is divided into two types. One is universal magic that can be used by any constellation, with only limitations based on proficiency. Universal magic includes various attributes, with life skills, offensive spells, defensive spells, and a wide range of categories.

The other type is constellation magic, exclusive magic for each constellation, with limitations based on the zodiac signs. This type of magic is relatively less common, but it is much more powerful than universal magic. For example Aries-exclusive magic can only be cast by people born under the Aries constellation. Each constellation’s magic corresponds to different characteristics.

Aries-exclusive magic: known for its intense destructive power.

Pisces-exclusive magic: known for its mystical and hallucinatory effects.

Gemini-exclusive magic: known for its deceptive and cunning nature.

And so on…

But there is no distinction between constellations. There are no wasted zodiac signs… no, there are no wasted constellations, only wasted magicians!

The Aquarius guy in front of him, although he is currently a service clerk, still has some potential.

But even with the Slave Wind Spell, his brain is already overheated, and the wind he blows is hot. Poor worker, the boss doesn’t even allow him to turn on the cooling machine. He’s completely drowsy, and it’s already 3 a.m. His eyelids are fighting, standing while leaning on the table, looking like he’s about to die. He resembled a student who is so sleepy that the teacher makes him stand up and listen to the class.

And then Chen Ling suddenly appeared in front of him, scaring him so much that he trembled and banged his elbow hard on the corner of the table.

“Ouch!” Yang Heli’s face contorted in pain.

Holding his arm, he grimaced and said, “Hello… welcome… damn it… it hurts!”

Chen Ling smiled and extended his hand. “Hello, can we shake hands?”

“Ah? Oh…” The clerk extended his hand in a bewildered manner, shaking hands with Chen Ling in an instant.

The system sends a prompt:

〚 Ding~ Binding target successful! Target: Yang Heli! 〛

Just as Yang Heli was still a bit confused about the situation, Chen Ling, holding his hand, said with a smile, “Hello.”

“You…” Yang Heli hasn’t finished speaking.

Chen Ling: “Robbery~”

“Ah?” Yang Heli furrowed his brow, looking at Chen Ling as if he’s looking at a fool.

Chen Ling’s appearance clearly shows that he’s still an underage boy, and his level of proficiency might not even surpass his own.

Yang Heli immediately felt disdainful: Is this little brat stupid or something?

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