The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 40 – His Only Pampered One

Just as Yang Heli was about to open his mouth to intimidate him, Chen Ling spoke again: “Give me money!”

Yang Heli paused for a moment, wearing a disdainful expression on his face: “Oh wow… Impressive, impressive. Are kids nowadays so tough? What level are you at? Huh?”

“Has your hair grown evenly? Huh?” As he spoke, he forcefully squeezed Chen Ling’s hand, hoping to make him feel pain and leave quickly.

Unexpectedly, with a “snap”! His arm, like a chopstick, broke directly in half from the elbow joint!

“Ah!” A scream of agony instantly escaped his throat, and he stumbled back a few steps, crashing heavily into the wall behind him. His fading gaze inadvertently fell on Chen Ling’s hand, which was holding his severed arm.

My arm…


〚 Target feels fear! – 10,000 points! 〛


Chen Ling grabbed the man’s arm, almost excitedly shouting.

〚 Just kidding! 〛

〚 Ding~ – 1 point 〛


Chen Ling was dumbfounded. Did the system just play a trick on me? No way, right? Did it deduct 10,000 or just 1 point?

He quickly glanced at the system logs. Without a doubt, there’s only a lonely 1 sitting there.



Yang Heli was crouching on the ground, blood gushing out like a fountain, saturating the floor.

〚 Ding~ Target feels unbearable pain, deduct 1 point 〛

Chen Ling furrowed his brow; he found it extremely absurd. With everything that has happened, this person has only deducted 2 points from him in total. It’s not like Sui Li’er, who goes on a spree.

If it were Sui Li’er, she wouldn’t stop at just 2 points. She’s so cute that if Chen Ling were to do something to her, she would cry for a long time. If he did it a few more times, the points might even go into negative territory.

“Why?” Chen Ling absentmindedly looked at the system interface; he couldn’t understand.

Yang Heli was lying on the ground in agony, clutching his arm, unable to move, convulsing continuously.

“Tsk… so noisy…” Chen Ling glanced at him expressionlessly, then returned his arm to him directly.

“Target repair.”

〚 Ding~ Target repair in progress~ Repair completed. 〛

“Ah~ Ah~ Huh?” Yang Heli’s screams of pain suddenly stopped, and he looked at his own arm in disbelief, lifting it in front of himself and shaking it.

Nothing happened! No pain at all? Looking down at the ground again, not a drop of blood remained!

Strange! What just happened? Why did it feel so real!?

He thought he was dreaming and fell to the ground.

“Damn… scared the hell out of me. Was I sleeping? Nightmare? Luckily, nothing happened!”

〚 Ding~ Target feels relieved, points +3 〛

“What!?” Chen Ling was so angry that he spoke out loud.

“You didn’t deduct a single point from me, and now you’re giving me an extra point?” This is outrageous. Even with a broken arm, it only deducted one point, but now it suddenly added three points.

Chen Ling seriously suspected that this system was messing with his mentality.

When Chen Ling suddenly spoke, it startled Yang Heli, who was crouching. He quicky looked up, but Chen Ling was blocked by the cashier counter, and from Yang Heli’s angle, he couldn’t see him.

He stood up quickly, and in that instant of seeing Chen Ling, his heart skipped a beat!

〚 Ding~ Target feels fear! Deduct 1 point! 〛

〚 Ding~ Target feels fear! Deduct 1 point! 〛

It’s the person from the dream just now! No, that wasn’t a dream?!

“Who are you, after all?” Yang Heli retreated in terror, and several golden incantations suddenly appeared in front of him. His first reaction was to use magic to protect himself!

Meanwhile, Chen Ling paid no attention to him, just standing in place and flipping through the system interface. He was contemplating how he usually made Sui Li’er feel sad. Why is it that Sui Li’er can deduct so many points?

Yang Heli’s magic took shape, a basketball-sized fireball. The convenience store that was already stuffy, heated up again.

〚 Low-level universal magic: Fireball Spell 〛

“You! Get out of here! Or I won’t be polite anymore!” Yang Heli trembled as if he has seen a ghost, his voice quivering with fear. The magic he controlled also trembles due to his own fear. Although this fireball was not big, its explosive power was considerable; it can even blow open a wall.

However, Chen Ling completely ignored him.

“Go! Leave this place!” Yang Heli shouted in fear.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was a self-sacrificing act of heroism.

“Quickly, leave me alone.”

But it’s not.

Chen Ling still paid him no attention. Yang Heli was about to wet himself, his legs trembling uncontrollably. Seeing Chen Ling, he finally recalled the pain of having his arm broken. Fear continued to grow and spread in his heart.

And finally, he loses his sanity!

“Die!” With that, he controlled the fireball and directed it straight towards Chen Ling’s face. Although Chen Ling was looking at the system, he clearly sensed energy approaching him.

But he couldn’t be bothered to deal with it.

“BOOM!” With a loud explosion, it startled many lightly sleeping people.

After throwing the fireball, Yang Heli finally realized: Oh no! I blew up the boss’s store… I’m done for…

After the smoke cleared, Chen Ling’s figure appeared in front of Yang Heli. His face was slightly blackened, and his clothes had a few burnt holes. At this moment, flames were still burning on his clothes. With his blackened face and grayish silver hair, it looked quite miserable…

Of course, the reason for this was that Chen Ling didn’t even bother to defend himself. But he felt as if he had just been lightly sprayed with mist, or even a bit itchy.

Chen Ling didn’t say anything, just glanced at him. It didn’t hurt at all, and he said casually: “Haven’t eaten, huh?”

Yang Heli widened his eyes in terror, and his body began to tremble again. Why was he unharmed!? I used the Fireball Spell! Did he just take it on his face? This was a magic spell that could blow open a wall!

Yang Heli’s legs went weak, and he immediately knelt down with a thud. “No… please… don’t kill me! I beg you!”

His head was pounding against the ground.

Of course, Chen Ling wasn’t going to kill him. After all, he was his target. Killing the target would land him in jail, but if the target killed himself, it wouldn’t be Chen Ling’s concern.

〚 Ding~ – 1 point 〛

〚 – 1 point 〛

〚 – 1 point 〛

“Oh-ho!” Chen Ling was taken aback for a moment. This person was also spamming?

But this spamming was clearly different from Sui Li’er’s. It was completely ineffective.

However, this was a good sign. Although his own performance was unsatisfactory, Chen Ling was well aware that spamming was unreasonable for the Divine System. Otherwise, Mo Suyan would have surpassed one million points long ago.

This indicated that Chen Ling’s idea was feasible. There must be someone who exaggerated their points like Sui Li’er and could spam. In this world full of bugs, there must exist a second anomaly.

However, anomalies differ from one another, and of course, Sui Li’er was his only pampered one.

But where could he find that person?

“Tsk… Let’s find another one to try.” With that, Chen Ling’s figure flashed and he left the convenience store, ignoring Yang Heli.

Since he was spamming and deducting points, any deduction was good. This time, Chen Ling chose someone who seemed to be cursed more severely.

He speculated that Sui Li’er’s ability to add so many points at once might be related to her past experiences. So for the next target, Chen Ling planned to find someone in a more miserable condition.

Thus, he scanned the entire neighborhood, and various curses appeared before his eyes. But they were all ordinary curses.

Just a bunch of garbage, at most:

〚 Excruciatingly Painful Regenerative Super Hemorrhoid 〛

〚 Any woman you like will turn out to be a lesbian 〛

〚 Finding bugs in every meal 〛

〚 Frequent, urgent, and incomplete urination 〛

〚 Explosive diarrhea with every fart 〛

〚 Bad breath that smells like feces 〛and so on, the rest were even worse, completely ineffective.

Not even a 〚 Both parents deceased 〛 curse, which left Chen Ling feeling disappointed.

He was completely indifferent to these curses. In fact, for the person cursed, they would be extremely painful. They couldn’t even freely pass gas, so what was the meaning of living? They had to go to the toilet just to fart. It was too miserable.

There was no other way. Chen Ling had to search one by one.

The first one he found was the person with the large hemorrhoid.

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