The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 41

At that moment, the man was sleeping.

With a thought, Chen Ling appeared in his room. The man was sound asleep. He gently touched his hand, which wasn’t as delicate as Sui Li’er’s hand.

He didn’t wake up, but Chen Ling himself got goosebumps.

〚 Ding~ Target successfully bound, Target: Ke Lianren 〛

“Poor guy…” Chen Ling could only bind this kind of miserable target. As long as he didn’t help them, they would live a difficult life on their own.

Every day, they would deduct points for Chen Ling. For example, when Ke Lianren took a dump, it would deduct a point from Chen Ling. When he sat down, it would deduct a point as well. Why not take advantage of it?

To be honest, this world was a perfect fit for Chen Ling. Unfortunately (fortunately)… he encountered Sui Li’er…

“Hey! Wake up, bro!” Chen Ling shouted loudly, waking the guy up immediately.

Ke Lianren furrowed his brows and squinted his eyes. He saw Chen Ling’s face covered in soot, looking like a ghost.

His whole body trembled in fear!

“Ah!” He screamed, feeling like his throat was about to burst.

“What the hell! What the hell! Ghost! Is anyone here?”

“What the hell! Help!”

〚 Ding~ Target feels fear! Points -1 〛


The bed collapsed!

“Ah!!! My… hemorrhoid…” Then he let out a snore and passed out.

Chen Ling glanced at him speechlessly and said helplessly, “What kind of mental resilience…”

But one thing was certain, this person wasn’t suitable either, still only worth one point.

Chen Ling moved on to the next cursed individual: 〚 Any woman you like will turn out to be a lesbian 〛 “Seriously?”

When Chen Ling entered the room, he saw two big men lying on the bed, sleeping while embracing each other, almost making him vomit, although he hadn’t eaten dinner.

But it seemed that this person was not suffering at all; he perfectly resolved the curse. If the woman he liked must be a lesbian, then he just needed to not like women. This guy was a genius.

Chen Ling quickly left the room. He couldn’t bind this person because he wasn’t suffering. If he bound him, who knows how many points Chen Ling would lose.

Then he moved on to the next cursed individual: 〚 Explosive diarrhea with every fart 〛

He was also sleeping because, at this hour, most people were asleep. This person was also an uncle, and Chen Ling felt that he was incredibly ugly!

In reality, he would look normal to an average person, but Chen Ling had seen Sui Li’er too much…

To be honest, Chen Ling didn’t really want to touch his hand. Even before touching it, he could already imagine the scene of him having diarrhea and cleaning himself up. Was his hand… clean?

Chen Ling immediately had the system scan it.

〚 Ding~ Total bacteria count: 703,313 〛

“Tsk… It’s fine, normal levels.” It was normal for a person’s hand to have several hundred thousand bacteria. It seemed that this person did wash his hands.

So Chen Ling gently tapped his hand, which gave him goosebumps again.

〚 Ding~ Target successfully bound, Target: Shi Zhenxiang 〛

Chen Ling: …

“Hey… wake up, buddy.”

“Wake up!”

Shi Zhenxiang, like the previous unfortunate person, furrowed his brows. Just when Chen Ling thought he was about to wake up…

“BOOM!” A sound!

It wasn’t the sound of the bed, but rather a sound of solid-liquid mixed substance being expelled with a fart.

That person seemed to be aware even in his dream. 〚 Ding~ Target feels irritable and emotionally unstable -10 points! 〛

〚 -10 points 〛

〚 -10 points 〛

Chen Ling was taken aback for a moment, feeling happy inside. This person lost quite a lot of points. And he was also someone who could be easily provoked!

Meanwhile, Shi Zhenxiang opened his eyes abruptly, tightly furrowing his brows, and quickly lowered his head to take a look, not noticing Chen Ling by the bedside. Using the hand that Chen Ling had touched earlier, he suddenly plunged it into the blanket.


Shi Zhenxiang: “Damn, why did it explode again? I’m so annoyed, splash!”

I just changed the bedsheets yesterday, damn it! I want to die… fuck you!

〚 Ding~ Target doesn’t want to live anymore, -10 points! 〛

〚 -10 points! 〛

Chen Ling couldn’t feel any joy at the moment. “You actually used your hand directly? What the fuck!”

Shi Zhenxiang, surprised by Chen Ling’s voice, looked over.

“Ah! What the hell is this?” He was startled by Chen Ling’s ghostly appearance again.

“BOOM!” A sound!

He got scared and farted again!

Chen Ling: ???

He just saw the blanket being lifted by the gas. An indescribable smell suddenly emerged.


“Swoosh!” Chen Ling immediately returned to the bathroom in his own home.


“Splash, splash!” While frantically washing his hands, he used the system to clean his hands thoroughly. This world is too terrifying!

Finally, after washing for about ten minutes, Chen Ling lifted his head and looked at himself in the mirror: “What the fuck is this?” He was startled by his own explosion-like hairstyle, resembling a black coal ball.

Quickly using the system to restore it, he tidied up his hair in front of the mirror. Looking at his handsome face, he instantly felt much better.

Suddenly, the voice of the system sounded: 〚 Ding~ Target feels angry, -10 points… 〛

Chen Ling instinctively opened the system interface.

At this moment, on the system interface, points deducted from different targets kept flashing before his eyes.

At a glance, Chen Ling saw 〚 Target: Shi Zhenxiang, -10 points 〛

“Ugh~” Unable to bear it, he quickly washed his hands again. Then he directly blocked all the messages from Shi Zhenxiang. At the same time, he never wanted to see the words “−10 points” ever again in his life.

“Ah… let’s just leave it at that for today…” Chen Ling sighed helplessly. He really wasn’t in the mood to continue searching.

As he walked out of the bathroom and into his room, he saw Sui Li’er lying on his desk. He was a bit puzzled: Why is she still here?

Waiting for me? Asleep?

Oh… I think I told her not to wander around.

However, Sui Li’er is truly beautiful. Seeing her, Chen Ling immediately felt a lot better in his nauseated heart.

He walked quietly to her side, and the moonlight happened to shine on her. Her aquamarine hair was as beautiful as a fairy in a dream. Unable to resist, he bent down and tilted his head, stealing a glance at her irresistibly kissable lips.

Because she was leaning on the desk, her pretty face was distorted, and her lips were slightly parted. A little glistening drool slowly trickled out, as if it had a tendency to form a thread.

“Slurp~” Sui Li’er suddenly sucked in, pulling back the drool that was about to flow out. Then she lightly bit her lip and smiled happily. “Hehe~ Chen Ling… don’t want it anymore…”

Chen Ling: ???

Talking in her sleep? What kind of dream is this?

“I’m full! It was so delicious! Thank you~”


Oh… she must have dreamt of eating something delicious, no wonder she’s drooling…

〚 Ding~ Target: Sui Li’er, feels happiness, +100,000 points! 〛

Chen Ling: ???

Why do you get points for dreaming while sleeping?!

Initially, Chen Ling didn’t want to wake her up, but the points kept flooding in! He couldn’t stand it anymore, he really wanted to strangle her…

Of course, he was only saying that, he couldn’t bear to do it.

“Life is truly unbearable!”

“Sui Li’er!”

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