The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 43 – Should I Continue?

As Sui Li’er’s little hand gently began to caress Chen Ling’s chest, he swallowed hard, pursed his lips, and kept looking at the dark night outside the window, afraid to look at her. He stood there like a puppet, motionless.

Inner thoughts: “Still mind spell!”

“Still mind!”

“Still mind!”

Suddenly, the room was filled with golden light! Countless golden runes formed one after another, continuously entering Chen Ling’s brow.

Sui Li’er upon seeing this, stopped her hand with some confusion and looked at the room full of incantations. “What is this…”

Chen Ling’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that she has learned this spell? No, she shouldn’t have. He had seen her memories, and he knows everything she knows.

Indeed, Sui Li’er had never seen this spell before. “What kind of spell is this?”

“Cough… I’m practicing, don’t mind me, continue.”

“Oh~ Does the Lord God still need to practice…” While muttering to herself, Sui Li’er continued to gently touch Chen Ling.

Chen Ling didn’t respond, completely focusing on calming his mind.

Watching from the Main God Realm, Lin Moyu couldn’t help but curse Chen Ling: “You really have no shame!”

“You’re lying to such an innocent girl?”

Although she was cursing, her eyes were honestly fixed on the scene, savoring it with great interest, just like certain individuals.

As Sui Li’er continued to rub, her state of mind gradually began to change. The sensation on her fingertips made her gradually realize something.

Am I touching him?

Suddenly, Sui Li’er’s worried expression changed completely. Her hand couldn’t help but tremble. What am I doing?

No… I shouldn’t think about it! Stay pure! Just a little bit pure, Sui Li’er!

Although she thought this in her mind, her ears turned red. Her heart started pounding rapidly.

Suddenly feeling a bit nervous, she asked: “Um… Are you feeling better?”


As soon as she said it, she regretted it! If she hadn’t said anything, they could have continued for a little longer…

Chen Ling was taken aback: Is it over?

Oh no…

“Not yet!” Suddenly, Chen Ling’s voice startled Sui Li’er, causing her rapidly beating heart to skip a beat.

“Oh… Then, do you… want to continue?” Her voice trembled slightly, soft and tender, which made Chen Ling’s brow twitch. He gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Glancing at her, he noticed that her face was already flushed.

Sui Li’er was pale, very pale, but now she looked even more charming with a touch of color.

Chen Ling’s mind trembled, “Whatever… is fine.”

Sui Li’er felt delighted in her heart and asked softly: “So, should I… continue?”


“Thump thump thump~”

If they were to compare their hearts, it would be evident that one was beating faster than the other.

This time, Sui Li’er didn’t ask any more questions. She decided to wait until Chen Ling told her to stop. But as she continued to touch, her body began to tremble uncontrollably due to shyness.

She felt her hands becoming clumsy!

Her mind felt hazy, but soon, drowsiness overcame her. She stopped her hand’s movements and rubbed her eyes, feeling a bit unsteady. She couldn’t even keep her eyes open.

Seeing this, Chen Ling felt distressed and said: “Okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Go to sleep.”

“Ugh… Mm~ Goodnight~” As she spoke, rubbing her eyes, she walked towards the door with her head down, looking extremely tired.

Chen Ling: ???

Is she trying to walk into the door?

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he appeared in front of Sui Li’er once again. He gently embraced her, and once she was in his embrace, it was as if she had laid down on a bed, feeling safe and comfortable.

He gently placed his hand down, and she immediately fell asleep in his arms.

Chen Ling felt her body sink and quickly caught her.

Wow… Were you just sleeping? Could the second half be sleepwalking?

He couldn’t help but smile wryly as he looked at Sui Li’er in his arms, gently lifting her up.

With a swift movement, he arrived in her room and gently placed her on the bed, taking off her shoes and covering her with a blanket. Then, he squatted by her bedside, quietly watching her. At this moment, her little chest rose and fell slowly. Her small mouth was slightly closed, breathing softly. Seeing her sleeping so peacefully, Chen Ling felt much more at ease.

Just then, Sui Li’er suddenly frowned, and her breathing became rapid. Her little head even shook: “Don’t…”

“Ugh… Chen Ling… don’t go! Ugh…” Her hand anxiously reached out from under the blanket, her little feet kicked away the blanket.

〚 Ding~ Target’s emotions are abnormal, -10,000 points! 〛

〚 -10,000 points! 〛

In her dream, it seems that the points deducted were relatively small. Of course, the most bizarre thing is that she can trigger the points system in her dreams.

Chen Ling should be quite happy about losing points, but seeing her anxious appearance, he couldn’t help but hold her hand.

“Ugh~” The moment he held her hand, Sui Li’er suddenly quieted down. “Hehe~”

〚 Ding~ Target feels happy, +10,000 points! 〛

In no time, all the points that were deducted earlier were added back.

Chen Ling looked at the kicked-away blanket with a wry smile, and with a thought, he covered her with it again.

Looking at Sui Li’er’s little hand in his hand, he couldn’t help but gently pinch it.

Wow! It’s so soft…

Pinching wasn’t enough, he couldn’t help but lightly touch her delicate little hand with his thumb. It was like playing with a exquisite piece of artwork. He unintentionally became entranced but quickly regained his senses. He instantly stopped his actions.

Ahem… What am I doing?

Thinking that, he quickly placed Sui Li’er’s hand back on the bed and gently let go.

“Ugh… don’t…”

Chen Ling: ???

Subconsciously, he lightly grabbed her little hand again.


Chen Ling: =.=

So he let go once again.


Then he grabbed it again: “Hehe~”

“Sui Li’er? Are you awake?”

Chen Ling couldn’t help but wonder.

But she didn’t react.

“Check target’s status!”

〚 Target’s status: Sleeping. 〛

Wow… Are you psychic or something?

Chen Ling gently inserted his hand under Sui Li’er’s hand and gently held it. Narrowing his eyes, he glanced at her small hand, not knowing what possessed him. He leaned closer and lightly kissed it, like a dragonfly touching the water.

Expressionless, he said, “Consider this as my reward for fulfilling your wish.”

Upon hearing this in the Main God Realm, Lin Moyu couldn’t help but sneer.

“Oh my goodness, this guy is trying to act… You should kiss when she’s awake!” At this moment, she really wanted to make a call and ask Chen Xing to arrange a paternity test for Chen Ling. How could Chen Xing’s son not know how to be in a relationship?

Chen Ling, who was far away in the Rune Continent, naturally couldn’t hear anything. Glancing at Sui Li’er, confirming that she hadn’t woken up, he finally felt relieved.

Yawning, he wearily sat on a small stool, closed his eyes, and lowered his head. A qualified sleep god can sleep no matter how difficult the situation is.

After falling asleep, they will automatically find a more comfortable sleeping position. So Chen Ling laid down on the edge of the bed and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Sui Li’er, who was lying flat, turned over towards him.

With a light “slap,” her hand landed on Chen Ling’s face, not too heavy nor too light. He immediately woke up and helplessly looked at the small hand on his face. Gently moving it away, he closed his eyes and continued to sleep.

When it was almost dawn, Sui Li’er released Chen Ling’s hand on her own and turned to the other side. Chen Ling also stood up, yawned, and returned to his own room.

Today, Sui Li’er woke up quite early, getting up at 6 o’clock. “Eh… Why am I in my room?”

“Wasn’t I in Chen Ling’s room last night…”

“Last night…” Sui Li’er furrowed her brows and tried to recall.

Immediately, she remembered what happened last night and her face turned red instantly. But she couldn’t help but wonder, “Could it be a dream?”

Blushing, she thought about it while heading to the bathroom to get ready. At first glance in the mirror, she suddenly remembered Chen Ling helping her resolve the curse last night.

She instantly felt happy and forgot about everything else!

Once again, she relished the feeling of happiness.

Excitedly, she struck various strange poses in front of the mirror. She added over 20 million points to the sleeping Chen Ling.

Chen Ling had anticipated this and had muted the system, sleeping soundly.

However, Sui Li’er got tired of posing in front of the mirror after over an hour. As expected, she still wanted to play with Chen Ling…

“Hey! Anyone there? Food delivery!” The voice of the little fox sounded again.

“Coming!” Sui Li’er happily ran to open the door, and as soon as she opened it, the little fox said: “Good morning, Suisui~”

“Hi~ Good morning, Xuan Xuan~”

The little fox’s name was Liu Xiaoxuan. Every time Liu Xiaoxuan came, she would chat with Sui Li’er, and they had become friends.

“Here, your boyfriend, uh, I mean, your Lord God, prepared a nutritious breakfast with love for you.”

“Thank you~ You’ve worked hard.”

“Oh, by the way, since your shopping exceeded 300,000, there’s a complimentary item for both of you to enjoy together.”

“Wow! That’s great!” Sui Li’er was extremely happy. She had been wondering how to give Chen Ling a reason to wake up, and now she had a very valid one!

A very valid reason indeed.

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