The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 44 – Crumbling Belief

“Oh, by the way… Xuan Xuan.” Sui Li’er suddenly looked at the little fox.

The little fox was arranging the dishes, without lifting her head, she asked in confusion: “What’s wrong?”

Sui Li’er felt a bit nervous and said: “Do you feel like there’s something different about me today?”

“Hmm?” The little fox raised her head in confusion and looked her up and down: “No change, still as beautiful as ever.”

“Hehe…” Sui Li’er smiled, Chen Ling wasn’t lying to her, she really looked like this!


I really look good!

She added another million points to Chen Ling.

After the little fox left, Sui Li’er quickly ran into his room. “Chen Ling, Chen Ling~ Wake up, breakfast is ready!”

Chen Ling was sleeping soundly and just flipped over: “Not eating! Stop bothering me!”

“Aww… but they sent an extra portion, and I can’t finish it…”

But in the next second, Chen Ling flipped back and saw Sui Li’er pouting. He couldn’t help but say: “Fine, got it.”

“Hehe~ Then… then I’ll wait for you outside!” Saying that, she happily ran out, but this time she made sure to check if the door was open before running out.

Chen Ling reluctantly got up. He also had something to do, which was to continue searching for his “fated one”. Since Sui Li’er had already woken him up, he decided not to go back to sleep. The burden on his heart wouldn’t go away until it was resolved, and he felt uncomfortable all over.

While they were having their meal, Chen Ling finished eating first and stood up. “I’m going out for some business.”

“Oh… okay.” Seeing Chen Ling’s intention, Sui Li’er understood that he didn’t want to take her along. However, she suddenly remembered something. “Oh, by the way… Can I… wander around? Ah, no, what I mean is, can I go out?”

Chen Ling smiled. “You can. Where do you want to go?”

As soon as Sui Li’er heard that she could go out, she immediately became happy. “Hehe~ I want to find a job! Earn money!”

Chen Ling didn’t understand why she was so determined about working. He casually said, “Why earn money? I can support you… um, um, um… I mean, isn’t it comfortable for you to rely on me for food and drink?”

But Sui Li’er shook her head, her eyes determined. “No! I want to rely on myself!”

Looking at her determined gaze, Chen Ling didn’t say anything more. “Well, if you want to go, then go. I’m leaving.” After saying that, he disappeared in an instant and left the place.

The next moment, he appeared in the distant sky. However, Chen Ling furrowed his brow. “Can she handle it?”

Sui Li’er sat on the sofa and pursed her lips. “Hehe~ Eat up, eat up!”

After quickly finishing the rest of the food, she patted her satisfied stomach and then tidied up her appearance in front of the mirror.

Taking a deep breath, she cheered herself up, looking at her beautiful reflection in the mirror. “Go for it!”

Then she walked to the door of the stone house, but she hesitated before opening it. Oh… what should I do… I’m so scared!

What if people still can’t see me?

No, Chen Ling wouldn’t lie to me!

But what if people don’t like me? My mastery of magic is so low… Can I find a job? Sigh~

Chen Ling stood invisible behind her, looking puzzled. In his mind, he thought: why isn’t she opening the door? What is she doing?

He was still worried about Sui Li’er. He was afraid that she had been alone for so long and couldn’t integrate well into society, so he decided to follow her for a while. If everything was fine, he would go about his own business.

Just as he was wondering, Sui Li’er suddenly turned around and ran towards him. “No… I need to go back for a moment! I’m not ready yet!”

Chen Ling couldn’t help but laugh and cry. He quickly moved aside, not letting her notice him.

So Sui Li’er went back to the mirror again, giving herself another pep talk. “Go for it!”

This time, she successfully pushed open the door. Behind the stone house, there was a door that led downstairs.

Sui Li’er walked along the empty corridor on the top floor, feeling scared like a thief. She looked around as she walked, cautious and alert. Normally, she would love to encounter more people, but now she was afraid that someone would suddenly appear and startle her.

Finally, trembling with fear, she arrived at the entrance of the magic-powered elevator, pressed the button, and waited for it to come up.

Her mood instantly became nervous.

Will there be anyone inside? Can they see me? Will they talk to me? Will they be able to hear me when I speak?

Sui Li’er had dreamt and fantasized countless times about what life would be like if her curse disappeared. She had imagined numerous possibilities in her mind. But when this day suddenly arrived, she suddenly didn’t know anymore. Her hands were trembling with nervousness.


The magic-powered elevator arrived at the top floor, but before the door opened, Chen Ling already sensed that there were two people inside.

The door slowly opened.

Sui Li’er immediately looked inside and saw a man and a woman walking arm in arm. Coincidentally, her eyes met with the man’s gaze.


Is he looking at me!?

The man only glanced at her, but his eyes couldn’t look away.

She’s… such a beautiful little girl! She’s even more beautiful than the goddess in my dreams!

The man’s girlfriend also became distracted when she saw Sui Li’er. The expressions of these two people were different from what Sui Li’er had imagined.

She did hope that someone could see her, but why did their expressions look so strange?

Suddenly, she became nervous: “Oh… Can you see me?”

Subconsciously, she blurted out the phrase she had shouted countless times.

“Huh?” The two of them were momentarily stunned. Usually, only ghosts would ask such a question, right?

The woman’s legs went weak, and she sat down on the floor in fear.

“A ghost! A ghost!”

“Ah!!!” The man also screamed in fright.

This scared Sui Li’er too, and tears immediately welled up in her eyes. “Ohh… I’m… I’m not a ghost! I’m sorry!” After saying that, she quickly ran back to her stone house, tears streaming down her face.

Chen Ling looked at Sui Li’er, who was secretly wiping her tears in front of the mirror, speechless.

However, this time she didn’t lose any points, which was quite surprising.

After a while, Sui Li’er’s gaze became determined once again. “This time, I must succeed! I can’t scare people anymore…”

As she thought about what had just happened, she gently bit her lip and said again: “Go for it!”

Then she returned to the entrance of the elevator. Her hands started trembling again, and she was still nervous!

Strangely, she had no problem talking to Xiaoxuan and Chen Ling. But as soon as she thought about talking to someone else, she became nervous.

This time, there was no one in the elevator. Sui Li’er breathed a sigh of relief and stepped inside, feeling relieved.

She prayed in her heart: Oh… Please, let there be no one!

Unfortunately, just as she descended two floors, the elevator suddenly stopped.

Sui Li’er’s heart skipped a beat! Someone is coming again! What should I do!?

It’s okay, it’s okay… I’ll just stay quiet!

The doors opened, revealing another couple. In an astonishing coincidence, Sui Li’er froze again.

The man also froze when he saw Sui Li’er.

Astonishingly beautiful!

A little fairy descended to earth!

Perhaps not everyone is a fan of lolitas, but when they see a beautiful little girl like a heavenly goddess, they can’t help but take a few more glances. His girlfriend noticed and viciously stomped on his foot, causing him to react and dare not look anymore.

Once the couple entered the elevator, the woman kept glaring at her boyfriend with hostility. From time to time, she would also give Sui Li’er a fierce glare, her gaze sharp. Every time she looked, the fear in Sui Li’er’s heart deepened.

What’s wrong… Do they dislike me?

Why… I didn’t even say anything… Why? Shouldn’t I be here?

Her eyes were already filled with tears without her realizing it.

At that moment, the woman happened to turn her head and saw Sui Li’er’s innocent expression. She immediately regarded her as a nuisance.

A look of disgust appeared on her face as she gave Sui Li’er a harsh glare. That gaze felt like knives piercing Sui Li’er’s heart.

In that moment, she suddenly felt that it might be better not to be seen by anyone. At least she wouldn’t be disliked…

She had considered all the possibilities that could happen after her existence, but she never thought she would be disliked inexplicably.

In that moment, her beliefs seemed to crumble. It turned out that everything she had pursued over the years was like this. All those beautiful expectations and dreams turned into nothingness. A faint sound of a snap.

Silent tears gently rolled down her delicate cheeks.

〚 Ding~ The target feels sad, points -100,000 〛

〚 Ding~ Points -100,000 〛

Chen Ling’s gaze hardened, and a murderous intent arose within him. In the next moment, that woman’s eyes might be gouged out by him.

However, he suddenly thought of something.

Wait a minute… If I kill her, Sui Li’er might feel even sadder, right?

With this thought in mind, Chen Ling, concealing his presence, deeply stared at the side profile of that woman.

She seemed to sense something and turned her head, feeling a bit frightened, and glanced over. But she didn’t find anything and immediately felt a shiver down her spine. She quickly clung to her husband.

Chen Ling squinted his eyes, thinking: I’ll spare your life for now.

Then, his figure flashed and he left the elevator. He pressed the button for a few floors below the current one. The elevator descended, stopped, and the doors opened.

Sui Li’er hurriedly wiped away her tears and looked over. As the doors slowly opened, a familiar figure gradually appeared.

As the doors opened, Chen Ling stood at the entrance, and both the woman and Sui Li’er froze simultaneously.

Damn! This person is so handsome!

But all Chen Ling saw in his eyes was Sui Li’er, tearfully dumbfounded. He gently smiled at her. “What a coincidence, you’re here too.”

“Oh… Chen Ling…” Tears gushed out of Sui Li’er’s eyes like a fountain.

〚 Ding~ The target feels happy. Points +100,000 〛

Because her god had returned.

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