The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 49 – Aquaris Curse Master

At this moment, the 〚 Aquarius·Clear Sky Lunar Cage 〛had already formed, and another spell was about to be completed. Chen Ling originally wanted to directly find the one who cast the spell. However, the reaction of the curse-level spell was too intense, and the target was hidden within it, making it impossible for him to lock on.

The other side clearly came prepared.

With Chen Ling’s strong energy response, they definitely wouldn’t come to their doom; it was undoubtedly a planned operation.

Regardless of their plan, the first step didn’t succeed…

Although it did give Chen Ling some trouble. He could only break through the enormous barrier that enveloped the entire city beneath him first. The curse-level spell’s intensity was second only to forbidden curse spells. An attack-type curse-level spell could instantly destroy a large city.

The Aquarius control-type curse-level spell before him was even more formidable. Aquarius spells were known for their unparalleled defense and formidable attacks. It was nearly a flawless constellation.

Of course, as the saying goes, there are no worthless constellations, only worthless spellcasters. Among the constellations, it’s difficult to determine superiority or inferiority.

As Chen Ling was about to descend towards the barrier, a terrifying energy that filled every corner of the world surged once again. The energy within him was too strong, easily capable of encompassing the entire world. No matter how vast this world may be.

Sui Li’er looked on in horror at the pale blue barrier drawing closer, suddenly reminded of the feeling of accidentally falling from a building a few days ago. Whimper… I don’t want to die… I haven’t played enough with Chen Ling!

As they were about to collide, she fearfully closed her eyes, while Chen Ling gently launched a punch. Let’s call it the 〚 Beauty-Embracing Light Strike 〛.

That punch didn’t actually touch the pale blue barrier, but the barrier shattered like glass exploding. Not even the slightest sound was heard before the spell shattered and burst into a sky filled with pale blue starlight.

Twinkling and sparkling, like a dreamlike wonderland. Sui Li’er couldn’t help but be mesmerized.

For Chen Ling, he didn’t even need to use his skills against this thing…

And it wasn’t just her; everyone in the city who looked up at the sky felt as if they were in the vast universe, surrounded by countless stars. Of course, the most astonishing person was the one who cast the spell. Anyone who could unleash a curse-level spell must be a curse master level mage.

She didn’t even notice any fluctuation and lost her own spell! It was like a thin layer of glass being shattered by a hammer.

“Huan, what’s going on?” The people around immediately looked at her. Huan was the person in charge of the operation to capture Chen Ling.

She was also the strongest member of the team, a Curse Master!
[1]Realms – Mage Aprrentice, Intermediate Mage, Grand Mage, Curse Master, Forbidden Curse Master

Originally, the other members were in awe of witnessing a curse-level spell for the first time, but before they had time to admire, Chen Ling shattered it with a single punch. It was the first time they had seen a curse-level spell so easily defeated…

The one called “Huan” by others, had several emotions flicker in her eyes within a few seconds.

“It might be a Forbidden Curse Master… Let’s retreat!”

Upon hearing this, the others couldn’t help but furrow their brows.

“A Forbidden Curse Master? Is it a Star Leader?”

There were only twelve Forbidden Curse Masters in the world, who were the star leaders.

“Yeah… Let’s retreat.”


They decisively chose to escape, if Forbidden Curse Masters were here, there was no point in staying. They should wait for the leader to finish their seclusion and come personally.

“Thinking of leaving now that you’ve arrived?” Chen Ling’s voice suddenly echoed in their ears.

Everyone’s movements froze, and they immediately turned around, while countless golden incantations appeared around them. There were a total of six people, all releasing their spells at the same time.

Their combat awareness was clearly strong. After all, survival was the most important thing.

Huan had just said that whoever broke her curse-level spell was at least a Forbidden Curse Master. That meant the person in front of them was highly likely to be a Forbidden Curse Master!

One of the leaders of the twelve constellations. They were the gods of this world. If they wanted to survive, there could be no hesitation. However, before they could clearly see who the approaching figure was…

Chen Ling had already disappeared.

Sui Li’er’s vision blurred, and the six people in front of her, for some reason, suddenly turned their backs to her and Chen Ling.

It was actually Chen Ling moving behind them in an instant.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” One person, one punch, six punches in an instant.

Including the curse-level spellcaster, all of them were punched into the ground by him. It was a stone floor… One by one, those six people fell into the ground like uprooted onions, with cracks spreading beneath their feet. Fortunately, they had a high level of cultivation and sturdy heads, so they could withstand the blows. Otherwise, just this one punch would have sent them all to the afterlife.

Five mid-level Grand Mages and one Curse Master. It was an incredibly luxurious lineup.

Even two mid-level Grand Mages could easily destroy Nanyun City. The people in Nanyun City were mostly weaklings. It was a grassroots city that, although prosperous, was limited to basic industries. It was a retirement city, and true experts were not present here.

Everything in this city was under Chen Ling’s system surveillance. Once there was a powerful energy presence, he would be the first to know. The strongest energy reactions came from several spellcasting academies in Nanyun City, but their strength was average.

If Chen Ling were absent, the mid-level Grand Mages alone would render the people here completely defenseless. Even if they had any resistance, it would only be the high-level Grand mage they encountered a few days ago, Shen Yuming. However, he left the city on that same day and didn’t seem to be one of the city’s residents.

It was evident that the unknown organization held Chen Ling in high regard. They dispatched a luxurious task force. But they didn’t expect that their plan would be destroyed by Chen Ling with just one attack.

“Don’t play dead.”

Chen Ling kicked the strongest mage among them, the Curse Master.


Countless incantations appeared around Chen Ling once again. The six individuals simultaneously unleashed their spells once more. But this time, it was noticeably much faster than before!

The incantations had just appeared, and the spells had already formed. Terrifying energy immediately dispersed.

The exclusive spells of the six individuals with different zodiac attributes were simultaneously released, creating a powerful energy reaction that seemed to distort the space.

In reality, the speed was extremely fast, happening within a breath, but in Chen Ling’s eyes, it appeared as slow as a snail.

“Still resisting?” Chen Ling calmly uttered these words and then swiftly changed his stance, delivering six kicks in succession.

One person, one kick, directly hitting their “third leg”!

The pain made them immediately clutch their legs, trembling as they held onto their “third leg.”

A pained cry of “Ahh~” echoed from the cracks in the ground.

“Ugh…” Sui Li’er quickly blushed and covered her face shyly.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice also came from the ground: “You!”

Sui Li’er: ???

A girl?

Chen Ling… just kicked a girl?

She couldn’t help but raise her head and take a glance. Chen Ling seemed to have known all along, looking expressionlessly at the six figures lying on the ground. One by one, he pulled them out of the ground like uprooted onions.

As soon as they came out, they writhed in pain on the ground. No matter how strong a man is, there is always a fatal weak point. Chen Ling was no exception.

At this moment, their veils were also torn and tattered, revealing their faces. Although their faces were covered in blood, one could still see strange symbols drawn on each person’s face, clearly not the mark of any reputable organization.

As for the woman, her face hadn’t been severely injured, but her veil had fallen off, revealing her makeup underneath. She had an average appearance, but her fierceness was truly intimidating!

Sui Li’er immediately noticed her.

Unable to resist, she took another glance at Chen Ling. However, Chen Ling suddenly looked at the woman and said indifferently: “You, stand up.”

The woman stared fiercely at Chen Ling, as if she wanted to tear him to pieces. It was evident that she was a malicious woman.

However, Sui Li’er was concerned about something different. In her heart, she was only thinking: Why did he only ask this girl to stand up… Is it because she’s big?

“I told you to stand up!”

“Bang!” A kick landed on the woman’s stomach.

“Spurt!” A mouthful of blood sprayed directly onto Chen Ling’s leg.

Sui Li’er was startled. Okay, the misunderstanding is cleared up!

The woman’s mouth hung open, unable to make a sound due to the pain. She looked at Chen Ling’s leg covered in blood, in disbelief. Internally, she was shocked: How could he break through my defense with just one strike?

She had been constantly surrounded by a body-attacking defense technique at the same level as her spell. The defense that Aquarius prided themselves on turned out to be as fragile as a sheet of paper in front of Chen Ling.

“Who… cough… who are you!?” While the woman spoke, she coughed up several mouthfuls of blood. She was the only Curse Master in the team.

〚 Huan Yingying: Female, Curse Star: Aquarius 1212 〛

〚 Magic Level: Curse Master 〛

〚 Curse: Hair loss when happy 〛

The twelve Forbidden Curse Masters in this world were known to everyone.

However, she had never seen Chen Ling before. Where did this guy come from, with such terrifying strength?

Fighting her was like fighting a little chick. He didn’t even need to use spells!


1 Realms – Mage Aprrentice, Intermediate Mage, Grand Mage, Curse Master, Forbidden Curse Master
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