The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 50- You’re Jealous Of What!

Chen Ling didn’t bother answering her and kicked her again.

“Spurt~” She once again spat out a mouthful of blood and rolled far away, feeling as if her internal organs had ruptured and intense pain spread throughout her body.

“Ugh…” Sui Li’er looked at her with a furrowed brow and felt a bit sorry for her. She couldn’t help but make a sound of sympathy.

After hearing that, Chen Ling lowered his head and lightly flicked her forehead.


With a gentle tap, the sound was quite loud, like knocking on a ripe watermelon.

“Huh?” Sui Li’er covered her forehead, puzzled, and turned her head to look at Chen Ling. “Why did you hit me?”

Chen Ling didn’t say anything. He hugged her with one hand, like holding a child, and used his other hand to press her head against his chest. “If you’re scared, don’t look. Children shouldn’t watch.”

Sui Li’er was pressed against his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. She had completely forgotten about the bloody scene, and her mind was filled with the sound of his “thump thump thump” heartbeat.

She secretly glanced at Chen Ling and smirked: Hehe~

“I told you to stand up.” Chen Ling spoke again, his tone consistently calm, but their hearts trembled upon hearing it.

The people around them had already become motionless, looking at Chen Ling with fear. They couldn’t understand why a Curse Master who could easily destroy several cities would be as powerless as a helpless woman in front of Chen Ling. Even if she had been kicked twice, it shouldn’t have resulted in this state, right?

It was simply because they didn’t know who they were facing.

“Cough…” The woman started coughing violently again, each cough bringing up a large amount of blood. Enduring the intense pain, she trembled as she struggled to climb up from the ground.

Chen Ling, holding Sui Li’er, walked over to her and stood in front of her. He looked into her eyes filled with the desire to tear him apart and suddenly had an idea. Perhaps this woman could be useful!

She probably hated herself to the core right now. He reached out his hand and said, “Come, shake hands.”

Everyone: ???

Sui Li’er furrowed her brows again, but she didn’t look up. She was unwilling to leave Chen Ling’s embrace. However, her cute little ears couldn’t help but stand up, listening attentively.

Huan Yingying still had a fierce gaze, her face stained with blood.

After giving Chen Ling a deep look, she understood the situation. She reached out her hand.

〚 Ding~ Target binding successful, Huan Yingying. 〛

〚 Ding~ Target: Huan Yingying, feeling angry! Points -100! 〛

〚 -100 points! 〛

“What the f*ck!” Chen Ling suddenly exclaimed in joy.

Huan Yingying broke the record! She managed to lose 100 points in one go, and it even spammed the point deduction.

This once again proved Chen Ling’s speculation that there must be someone in this world like Sui Li’er.

Seeing Chen Ling uttering vulgar language and laughing so exaggeratedly, Huan Yingying’s eyes narrowed, and her anger intensified! She felt insulted!

〚 Ding~ Target feels angry, points -100! 〛

Unfortunately, 100 points might be her limit. She didn’t break through to a higher level.

“Hmm?” Sui Li’er couldn’t help it this time… She wanted to know what Chen Ling was laughing about. She looked up at the smiling Chen Ling and then turned her head to look at him holding the woman’s hand.

Her heart was filled with mixed emotions.

What’s so funny? He has never laughed at me like this before…

Is it because I’m flat?

Huan Yingying, who hadn’t seen Sui Li’er clearly earlier, had a chance to take a good look at her this time. Her heart was instantly captivated by Sui Li’er’s stunning beauty!

Such a beautiful woman! Is she looking at me!?

In that moment, she felt herself falling in love, helplessly falling for Sui Li’er!

Yes, she was a lesbian.

〚 Ding~ Target: Huan Yingying, indescribable emotions, points +100! 〛

Chen Ling: ???

What’s going on? Why did the points suddenly increase?

〚 Ding~ Target: Sui Li’er, feeling jealous, points -100,000! 〛


No, what is all this? What’s happening?

The amount of information was overwhelming, and Chen Ling couldn’t react in time.

Subconsciously, he looked down at Sui Li’er and asked in confusion: “Feeling jealous?”


Sui Li’er’s heart skipped a beat: “How did you know… No, I’m not!”

Chen Ling looked bewildered, then let go of Huan Yingying’s hand and earnestly looked at Sui Li’er: “So you’re… not happy?”

Sui Li’er’s face turned red, and she shook her head like a tambourine: “No, I’m not…”

“Oh… alright then.” Chen Ling didn’t mind and looked at Huan Yingying. He casually put Sui Li’er’s little head back into his embrace.

Sui Li’er was still in a state of shock, her heart pounding: How did he know I was jealous… No, that I wasn’t happy?

Does Lord God have mind-reading abilities!? Did my secret liking for him get exposed!?

And currently, Huan Yingying, seeing Sui Li’er in Chen Ling’s embrace, her gaze couldn’t help but freeze: Are these two in a relationship?

〚 Ding~ Target: Huan Yingying, feeling jealous! Points -100! 〛

“Huh?” Chen Ling frowned again as he looked at the points. This is ridiculous, he really felt it was extremely ridiculous.

“You’re jealous of what!?”


A slap directly sent her falling to the ground. This slap made her feel like half of her face wasn’t hers anymore. It was excruciating!

It was the first time she had been slapped in her life, and she wanted to kill him! Tear him apart, torture him to death!

Sui Li’er was dumbfounded, staring blankly at Huan Yingying.


Can’t I be jealous… sob… I’m so scared… I dare not anymore…

〚 Ding~ Target: Sui Li’er, feeling frightened, points -1000… 〛

Chen Ling was speechless at this point. Could this be the legendary “two women, one drama”?

The convoluted and bizarre changes in points could be made into a drama series.

He quickly patted Sui Li’er’s back gently:

“I’m not talking about you, it’s not about you… You can be jealous.”

“Wu~ Yeah… Huh? I’m not jealous.”

Chen Ling helplessly scratched his head, nodded perfunctorily a couple of times. It was too difficult to handle.

Then suddenly he remembered something and looked at the five men behind him with an unfriendly expression.

He walked towards them with a smile:

“Come, come, come… Let’s shake hands.”

The person in front of him looked at Chen Ling with a dark expression:

“What exactly…”


Chen Ling kicked him in the chest, instantly crushing his heart, and he died on the spot.

“Why do you talk so much nonsense? I said, shake hands.”

“Boss, I’m here!”

One of them quickly rolled over and reached out his hand.

〚 Target Lin Yi, feeling frightened, points -1000 〛

“Awesome…” Chen Ling suddenly laughed. These people were simply delivering good news to him.

One surprise after another!

But in the next moment, Lin Yi’s information appeared in front of Chen Ling, and he immediately couldn’t laugh anymore.

〚 Ding~ Target Lin Yi, binding successful. 〛

But in the next moment, Lin Yi’s information appeared in front of Chen Ling, and Chen Ling immediately couldn’t laugh anymore.

〚 Ding~ Target: Lin Yi, binding successful. 〛
〚 Lin Yi: Male, Curse Star: Cancer 2991, Magic Level: Intermediate Grand Mage 〛
〚 Curse: Always misses a spot when wiping after using the toilet 〛

His face turned dark instantly. He couldn’t understand why the world was so disgusting.

With a gloomy expression, he asked: “Did you take a shit today?”

Lin Yi: ???

“Report, my lord… No, I didn’t…”

Chen Ling’s gaze sharpened, and he instantly activated mind-reading. Lin Yi was telling the truth.

Then Chen Ling bound the other people, but unfortunately, they were all useless, only worth deducting one point.

Chen Ling suddenly smiled: “Alright, you can go now. Go back and tell your leader that I’ll be waiting here. Next time, send more people. You’re welcome anytime.”

He felt that this organization could bring him surprises. The quality was too high. They could deduct up to 1,000 points! If they can deduct 1,000 points, what about 10,000 or 100,000 points?

Afterward, those six people, using some kind of spell, flew into the sky and quickly left. After flying away, they couldn’t help but look back. Lin Yi still had lingering fear and said: “Master Yingying, who was that person? How could their strength be so terrifying?”

“To even…”

〚 Ding~ Target: Lin Yi, deceased! Points -100,000! 〛

〚 Ding~ Target: … deceased, points -10! 〛 * 4.

Seeing this, Chen Ling squinted his eyes. The curse master woman killed all the others!

As for why, Chen Ling couldn’t be bothered to know. He only knew that he had deducted 500,000 points, which wasn’t bad.

As long as the bound targets didn’t act on their own or under his orders, even if they died, he wouldn’t have to go to jail.

Chen Ling watched their departing direction, deep in thought.

He probably guessed the reason they came to find him. In this world, there is a curse that can absorb the energy of others to enhance one’s own strength. Just like curse beasts, they devour magic users to increase their own power.

So, there is a specific group of people who feast on others. They are called dark magic users.

And the energy within Chen Ling’s body is a great temptation to them. His frequent bursts of powerful energy have already stirred the dark mages around the world.

“Lord God, who are those people?”

Chen Ling replied casually, “They’re just not good people.”

“Oh~ Then why were you smiling so happily when you were holding that little girl’s hand?”

??? Chen Ling lowered his head upon hearing that and found that Sui Li’er was looking at him with a genuinely kind expression.

He instantly felt threatened!

What’s it to you?

Of course, he only said it in his mind. His intuition told him that he couldn’t say that.

“I remembered something happy.”

“Hmm?” Sui Li’er narrowed her eyes, “What happy thing?”

Chen Ling: ??? “Why should I tell you? Are you daring to question your boss? Looks like you don’t want to work anymore, huh?”

“Hmph!” Sui Li’er let out a disdainful hum, clearly angry.

〚 Ding~ Target is very angry, points +0, wish you good luck~ 〛

Was Chen Ling afraid of her?

Just kidding, he’s super brave!

“If you dare to hum again, I’ll throw you down.”


Rule number one for dealing with Lord God: When Lord God asks if you believe it or not, you say you don’t believe it.

So Sui Li’er shouted loudly, “I don’t believe it!”

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