The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 51 – You’re Amazing

Chen Ling: “Don’t believe it?”

He was speechless…

“I’ll give you another chance… Do you believe it or not?”

Upon hearing his words, Sui Li’er couldn’t help but purse her lips: Haha~ He really won’t throw me away…

Suddenly, she felt a lightness in her body and subconsciously trembled. She quickly hugged Chen Ling’s neck. “Ah! No! Don’t abandon me! Wuwuwu…” X_X…

“Heh…” Chen Ling looked smugly at Sui Li’er, who buried her pretty face in his collarbone and tightly clung to his neck, mocking her: “That’s all it takes to scare you, tsk…”

“Wu~” Sui Li’er whimpered, then angrily let go of Chen Ling and stared at him with puffed cheeks.

Nevertheless, she looked like a girlfriend in her boyfriend’s arms, acting spoiled. But in their eyes, it was only each other. Neither of them cared about how ambiguous their current position seemed.

Sui Li’er was undoubtedly innocent, while Chen Ling, of course, selectively ignored it.

Ultimate secret ninja technique: Pretend that nothing happened, I don’t know, I don’t understand, I am pure, and it’s really effective~

Chen Ling imitated her appearance, pouting his lips and made a pitiful “hmph~” sound. “Hmph~” His expression was much more exaggerated than hers.

Sui Li’er was immediately amused by his antics. “Hehe… You’re so silly.”

Chen Ling chuckled: “I’m learning from you. Are you scolding yourself?”

“Nonsense, I’m not that foolish…”

Chen Ling: “You were foolish to begin with.”

“You… Hmph~”

In the next moment, the scenery changed, and Sui Li’er and Chen Ling found themselves back in their own home.

“You can go down now.” Chen Ling threw her directly onto the sofa, and her petite body lightly bounced on it twice. The sofa was very soft, not at all painful.

Although Sui Li’er was thrown by Chen Ling, she still felt happy inside. It seemed that the rules of interaction with Lord God were reliable. At least Chen Ling threw her onto the sofa instead of the floor. Hehe~

Sui Li’er suddenly thought of something. She reached out her hand towards Chen Ling, who glanced at it indifferently and furrowed his brows: “What?”

She pondered for a moment: Strange, it doesn’t work…

Then she extended her hand forward again, with her cute five fingers spread open, gently swaying it twice: “Hey~”

Chen Ling, puzzled, took his hand out of his pocket and placed it in Sui Li’er’s hand.

Ah, it worked!

As long as she reaches out her hand, they can hold hands!

“Hehe~ Hehehe…” Sui Li’er sat on the sofa, smiling foolishly.

Chen Ling suddenly felt like a trained dog.

He instantly felt quite annoyed, pulled his hand back, and mocked: “You’re always so easily amused.”

“Hmph~ Hehehe…” Sui Li’er is now very happy and doesn’t bother arguing with Chen Ling.

Chen Ling looked at the overwhelming points on the screen, shook his head helplessly, and sat down to study his own system. By now, the deduction of points due to high temperature had become less and less. After a few hours, only ten thousand points had been deducted.

Everyone had found ways to deal with the situation—those who could use magic used it, those who had cooling spell machines used them. Except for those who were struggling with magic and those who couldn’t afford cooling spell machines, most people had adapted.

Chen Ling had a thought: “Lower temperature.”

〚 Ding~ Temperature control in progress. Cooling in progress. 〛

〚 Ding~ Cooling complete. Current temperature: minus 30 degrees! 〛

On the streets, there were people wearing sleeveless shirts and using magic to cool themselves down. Suddenly, It felt as if they instantly became cold, chilling to the core from head to toe!

Everyone froze like popsicles.

“Damn it! What kind of weather is this?”

“Damn… So cold, so cold…”

〚 Ding! Improper use of temperature control has caused abnormal emotional points deduction: -3! 〛

〚 Points -3 〛

In an instant, tens of thousands of points were deducted.

Chen Ling grinned: “Hehehe… Freeze to death!”


That expression was eerie and creepy, giving Sui Li’er goosebumps all over her body. She couldn’t help but ask softly: “Chen Ling, what are you laughing at?”

He quickly stopped smiling and put on a serious face: “It’s nothing, don’t ask about the boss’s business.”


After that, they didn’t speak any further.

Curious, Chen Ling glanced over and noticed that she was absentmindedly picking at her fingers.

Now Sui Li’er was leaning lightly against the sofa, just like Chen Ling usually did, while he sat by her feet, mimicking her usual sitting position. Their positions had swapped. When did this happen?

Her bare little feet naturally ended up next to Chen Ling. Unable to resist, he couldn’t help but glance at them a few more times.

Now the scars on Sui Li’er’s feet had been completely healed by him. The scars, blisters, and marks from walking barefoot due to broken shoes, sleeping by the river and getting bitten by mosquitoes—they had all disappeared.

Perhaps because she wasn’t tall, her feet were really small and adorable. After these past two days of good nutrition, her complexion was no longer pale and sickly. It was white with a hint of rosy flush, and her tiny toes had a slight pink hue. They were like ripe fruits, incredibly tempting, making one unable to resist the urge to pinch them.

“Um…” Suddenly, Sui Li’er’s toes lightly curled back, brushing against the sofa beneath her, and the top of her foot arched slightly with shyness.

Chen Ling looked up and saw that her pretty face had turned red, her eyes glistening as if they could drip water, looking shyly at him.

He quickly coughed a few times and said casually with a thick-skinned face, “It’s nothing, I was just checking if the scars on your feet had healed.”

Definitely not because he was captivated.

“Oh~ Hehe! They’re all better now! Not painful at all! Hehe~” Upon hearing Chen Ling’s words, the shy Sui Li’er smiled brightly. “You’re really amazing! You are truly a god!”

Chen Ling enjoyed the shower of compliments. But he responded with a nonchalant expression on his face:”Do you think it’s appropriate for you to sit in the boss’s seat?”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er lowered her head and glanced, only then realizing that she had been lying in the spot where Chen Ling usually lay.

It was quite comfortable!

“Hehe… I’ll get up.” With that, she retracted her delicate feet and intended to put on her shoes and switch seats with him.

Seeing this, Chen Ling casually said, “No need.”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er froze for a moment.

“Stand up for a moment.”

“Oh~” She obediently stood up.

In the next moment, Chen Ling had a thought, and Sui Li’er’s vision blurred. The smaller sofa that was there before had disappeared. In its place was a larger sofa.

This sofa was wide and long, similar to a bed, capable of accommodating three people lying down without any issue. While Sui Li’er was still in a daze, Chen Ling said casually, “Lie down.”

“Hehe~” Sui Li’er happily kicked off her shoes and jumped onto it.

“Wow~ This one is so soft too!”

Lord God truly is the most gentle and considerate!

Chen Ling looked at Sui Li’er happily bouncing on the sofa and chuckled, saying, “Move in a bit. If you lie like that, where will I sit? On top of you?”

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  1. Bored Degenerate has spoken 2 days ago

    Wait, when did Sui Li’er get bitten by a mosquito? Isn’t her whole gimmick is essentially that she can’t be perceived? That mosquito must be a God level being or something


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