The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 52 – I’ve Seen It All, Kid

Sui Li’er’s magical little brain immediately imagined the scenario, her face turning red. She quickly rolled inward, crossing her small hands instinctively over her chest, and looked at him with a hint of embarrassment.

Chen Ling also took off his shoes and lay down on the sofa, causing it to sink under his weight. Sui Li’er’s body also sank, but her heart suddenly started pounding.

Wait a minute…

Isn’t this just like us lying on the same bed like a….like a couple!

“Thump, thump, thump…”

Blushing, she sneakily glanced at Chen Ling beside her.

So close!

We… lying on a bed… no, a sofa!

Ah, my heart is racing so fast…

Her little feet couldn’t help but lightly curl up.

Ahem… can’t think too much! No, I mustn’t think! We are pure!

Sui Li’er kept reassuring herself internally, but her face grew redder and she occasionally stole glances at Chen Ling.

Meanwhile, Chen Ling was focused on examining various permissions in the system. He was searching for methods to continue tormenting his beloved people. The temperature control permission could only be used within a small range for now, to prevent the divine personnel from causing chaos.

Unfortunately, the city of Nanyun was geographically isolated. There were no other cities nearby, so he couldn’t affect two cities at once. Therefore, he needed to find another method.

“Spirit Control and Evolution (Basic)?”

Chen Ling’s eyes lit up immediately. He remembered this being a useful feature! He quickly clicked on it to take a look.

〚 Spirit Control and Evolution: Can control the evolution and devolution of living beings. Currently controllable beings: Magic-imbued flies, magic-imbued mosquitoes. 〛

That’s right, flies and mosquitoes in the Rune Continent have magical energy in their bodies. Eating more of them can even nourish the body.

Chen Ling directly chose the magic-imbued flies. Upon opening the evolution interface, he began contemplating how to evolve these flies.

〚 Current attributes of magic-imbued flies: Resistance to magic: 1 (maximum 10) Resistance to severe cold: 2, Resistance to severe heat: 7, Flight speed: 2, Size: 1, Reproductive ability: 10, Magic energy content per fly: Cannot be adjusted. Adjusting attributes as an intern requires payment of points. 〛

Chen Ling maximized all attributes!

He also evolved their bloodsucking ability. This was an ability that the species might naturally evolve in the future. Chen Ling evolved it ahead of time by a hundred years.

Who wouldn’t feel disgusted by a fly that just finished eating excrement and then comes to suck your blood for a little soup?

Disgusting is what he wanted!

〚 Ding~ Select the number of evolutions. 〛

“All of them!”

〚 Ding~ Evolving the magic-imbued flies within the safe ratio range requires a total of 3 million points 〛

〚 Due to the incompatible evolution ratio and considering safety, reproductive ability is reduced to 1! 〛

The so-called safe ratio range means partial evolution. If the ratio is 0.001%, it means that in the entire world, only 1 fly out of every 10,000 flies will evolve. Otherwise, it would cause damage to the ecosystem. These are all calculations made by the system itself, which restrict the conditions for interns.

In simple terms, you are not allowed to convert so many at once. Of course, if they all go extinct, you can evolve them again.

In theory, a proper divine personnel would involve a little evolution and then allowing them to reproduce gradually. This is the most cost-effective approach in terms of points.

However, Chen Ling doesn’t need to save points. He wanted these damn flies to cost him more points.

After pressing the confirm button, a strange wave of energy radiated from Chen Ling, affecting the flies in the world. In the darkness, one by one, flies with a size as large as an egg, with resistance to magic, cold, and heat, and fast flying speed, their buzzing sound incredibly loud, these terrifying fly kings that eat excrement and suck people’s blood were being bred!

This night was destined to be restless.

Then, Chen Ling evolved the mosquitoes again. Maximizing the same attributes and increasing needle hardness. These palm-sized mosquitoes crawl on you and sting you like getting an injection, so satisfying!

It cost Chen Ling 4 million points. Tonight, a total of 7 million points were spent.

If not for that ridiculous safe ratio, Chen Ling could have spent all the points that Sui Li’er gave him in one go!

At this moment, this ability is no longer allowed to be used; it’s locked by the system. However, once those little darlings are all eliminated by human mages, Chen Ling can continue to evolve. When the point consumption reaches 100 million, he can evolve the next category, such as cockroaches and other reptiles.

Looking ahead at the descriptions of those creatures, Chen Ling couldn’t help but chuckle.

Go, my darlings! I entrust my future to you! “Hehe…”

“Mmm~” Suddenly, Sui Li’er next to him let out a soft hum and leaned lightly against Chen Ling. She turned over, and one arm and leg straddled him like riding a blanket. Her leg happened to be pressing against little Chen Ling.

Chen Ling: ???

He looked down and saw Sui Li’er with her eyes closed, her little head gently resting on his chest. She had fallen asleep without him realizing.

“Thump, thump, thump…” Chen Ling’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and little Chen Ling was about to lift his head with Sui Li’er’s leg on top.

“Sui…” He only said one word before closing his mouth.

In the next second, the room was filled with golden light!

The living room was filled with golden runes: “Still Mind Spell!”

“Still Mind!” *100

Chen Ling suddenly didn’t want to wake her up anymore. She smelled so good, and he felt a sense of confusion and infatuation. He forgot to chant the Still Mind Spell. Little Chen Ling had already lifted Sui Li’er’s delicate leg.

In Chen Ling’s world, it seemed like he couldn’t hear anything else, only his own heartbeat and Sui Li’er’s faint and tantalizing breath that made one’s heart itch.

Looking at her beautiful little face and the pleasant fragrance on her body, even Chen Ling gradually lost himself.

Unable to resist, he lowered his head, drawn in by her.

Their faces drew closer and closer, and that barely perceptible fragrance became clearer and clearer. Although he was getting closer, her delicate face still seemed poreless and smooth.

With her eyes closed, she didn’t notice her one and only Lord God, the person she had waited for ten years, her most beloved person, who was now so close to her.

His nose was almost touching her little face, his breath gently wafting onto her face, as if it tickled, causing her eyelashes to quiver slightly.

In that moment, Chen Ling’s usually icy eyes softened, and he absentmindedly gazed at Sui Li’er before him, and in the next second, he leaned in again, his lips finally lightly touching her small face. Her skin was delicate, smooth, and a little cool, like tofu soaked in water.

That wondrous sensation made Chen Ling deeply understand why people say that women are made of water.

“Mmm~” Sui Li’er seemed to feel a bit itchy and couldn’t help but raise her hand, wanting to scratch her own face.

Chen Ling immediately snapped back to his senses and evaded her hand. Frowning, he watched Sui Li’er scratching her own face.

Subconsciously, he licked his lips and squinted his eyes: Did… I just kiss her?!

Damn it!

Suddenly, he remembered something and his heart skipped a beat. He immediately looked up. There was nothing on the ceiling, but he wasn’t looking at the ceiling!

His gaze was fixed on the distant stars, to other dimensions that he couldn’t see. Because he knew that someone could see him!

Lin Moyu also knew that he was aware of being watched. With an unknown smile playing on her lips, she softly said: “Hehehe… I’ve seen it all, kid…”

“Now you’re scared, aren’t you… Hahaha.”

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