The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 53 – The Only Weakness Of Lord God

The surrounding mentors exchanged glances upon hearing her voice and whispered softly: “Who is she talking to?”

“Is she talking to herself?”

“Is she going crazy… She’s been staring at the screen and giggling since earlier…”

“It seems like there’s something wrong. Ever since that day when she was provoked by someone in their class… Chen Ling, right? She hasn’t been quite normal.”

Chen Ling stared at the ceiling for a while before squinting his eyes. He glanced at the system interface and saw that there was no warning triggered for starting a romantic relationship. No points were deducted, so it seemed that the criteria hadn’t been met.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

In his mind, he thought, This doesn’t count as being in a romantic relationship. She probably won’t tell my parents yet.

He absolutely couldn’t let those two know.

Chen Ling might have been overthinking. Lin Moyu wouldn’t tell his parents for now, at least not until the end of the internship period. She hadn’t seen enough yet.

“Ah… This is absurd…” Chen Ling let out a faint sigh and looked at Sui Li’er once again. He was bewitched by this girl…

No, he had to hold himself together! He couldn’t be in a romantic relationship! Not in this lifetime.

And Chen Ling also had to figure out a way to solve the issue of Lin Moyu being able to monitor him. Otherwise, he would feel uneasy all over.

While he was contemplating, Sui Li’er in his arms suddenly spoke up: “Hmph… Don’t scold me…” She was sleep-talking.

Chen Ling looked at her cute furrowed brows and couldn’t help but chuckle softly, completely forgetting about the flag he had just raised.

He couldn’t help but be drawn to her. His inner voice tried to convince him: It’s okay to just take a quick look. I can control myself…

Little Chen Ling held his head up high, he forgot to use the still mind spell.

Just like this… he still believed he could hold himself back.

After some time passed, Sui Li’er seemed to feel uncomfortable. She furrowed her brows tightly, turned over gently, and moved away from him.

Chen Ling faintly heard a “crackling” sound, the light sound of her bones.

Forget it, let’s put her back to sleep.

There shouldn’t be any problems with Chen Ling sleeping here, but Sui Li’er’s delicate body needed to lie in bed properly to sleep. Sleeping on the couch isn’t actually good for the body.

He gently lifted her up and placed her back on the bed, covering her with the blanket. Before leaving, he took another look at Sui Li’er’s face. He couldn’t help pursing his lips and recalling the soft, tingly sensation he felt earlier. Standing still, he hesitated to leave.

He wanted another kiss!

But in the end, his gaze became resolute. He looked up and said calmly, “Forget it.” Then he closed his eyes and intended to leave.

〚 Ding~ Your mentor Lin Moyu is requesting a call. 〛

Chen Ling paused, and his eyes instantly sharpened. Is Lin Moyu picking a fight again!?

“Answer the call.”

“Hello? Chen Ling, I definitely didn’t look at you.”

Chen Ling: “…”

“Oh no, I mean… never mind, just give her a kiss! If you don’t, I’ll tell your dad!”

??? What is this?

“I’m sorry, you dialed the wrong number.”

“Click!” He hung up directly.

Chen Ling couldn’t help but roll his eyes and say indifferently, “What a nuisance.” He knew that for such trivial matters, Lin Moyu wouldn’t dare to easily involve his father. It was well-known that his father wasn’t a person who would show mercy or favoritism.

At the same time, whether to kiss or not had to be his own decision. If he wanted to kiss, even if Lin Moyu stood in front of him watching, he would dare to kiss Sui Li’er. If he didn’t want to, even if Lin Moyu held a knife to his throat, she wouldn’t be able to command him.

He detested when others threatened him.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but think: One day, I’ll block you and make you see.

Then, absentmindedly licking his lips, he pursed his mouth and returned to his room.

At this moment, the terrifying flies and mosquitoes had already emerged. The points in front of him were rapidly decreasing. Damn, these flies the size of eggs and mosquitoes the size of palms are truly terrifying.

〚 Ding~ Improper use of biological evolution privileges causing public panic: -5 points! 〛

Several hundred thousand points instantly deducted.

“But it doesn’t bother me!”

However, Chen Ling knew that the panic caused by this was only temporary. The people in this world weren’t pushovers. Soon, people would adapt and come up with countermeasures.

He wondered how long this batch of terrifying flies and mosquitoes could hold on. Chen Ling planned to set a small goal first, deducting a few hundred billion points from them would satisfy him. “No matter what, I have to deduct all the points that Sui Li’er accumulated! Hang in there!”

A night passed without any incidents, and the next morning arrived.

The delivery from the little fox arrived on time.

“Suisui! Wake up!”

Once they became familiar with each other, they didn’t even speak in formal tone anymore.

“Coming, coming! Hehe! I’ve been up for a while.” Sui Li’er happily ran to open the door and greeted the little fox with a sweet smile.

“Good morning, Xuan Xuan~”

“Huh? What’s that in your hand?” Sui Li’er noticed that the little fox was holding a takeout box in one hand and grasping a furry black ball-like object in the other, chewing on it. The furball was oozing green fluid.

She felt a bit nauseous looking at it.

“Burp~ What’s this?” The little fox handed it over, but by now, the unidentified object had already been half-eaten.

“Oh~ What is this?” Sui Li’er’s face immediately twisted in agony, looking at the thing made her feel like she was going to vomit stomach acid.

“Burp~ This is a fly from your world! It’s quite big… I caught one and tried it, treating it as breakfast. Burp~ It tastes really good!”

Sui Li’er’s eyes gradually widened as she looked at the meatball in the little fox’s hand. Could it be… a magic fly?

Of course, it couldn’t be called a fly now. People had already given it a new name: Bloodlust Fly!

“What… did you say!?”

“Ugh… you… ugh…” Sui Li’er quickly covered her mouth.

The little fox looked at her puzzledly. “What’s wrong? Do you want to eat it too? If you want, I can catch one for you.”

“Umm… no, I… ugh…”

“Huh?” The little fox looked at Sui Li’er’s nauseous expression and suddenly realized something, looking excited. “Could it be that you’re pregnant? Wow… you two are progressing so quickly.”

“Huh?” Sui Li’er’s face, already red from suppressing her nausea, became even redder.

“I, I, I… how is that possible!”

“Huh? Wait… what is it?” She noticed an unidentified object behind the little fox, flying rapidly in the air. It was flying around like a headless fly, erratically moving everywhere. Due to Sui Li’er’s limited dynamic abilities, she couldn’t see it clearly, only a black blur.

After hearing her words, the little fox turned around and took a glance. “Oh, another one! Extra meal, extra meal!”

Sui Li’er immediately understood that it was another Bloodlust Fly!

“Ugh… come inside quickly, I need to close the door! We can’t let it fly in!”

The little fox chuckled. “Don’t worry, it won’t harm humans.”

“Ugh… but it’s so disgusting! Come inside quickly!” Sui Li’er even wanted to grab her paw, but when she saw the half-eaten corpse of the Bloodlust Fly in her paw, she recoiled.

“Oh, what’s so disgusting about it?” The little fox casually walked inside. “There were Spirit Cloud Bull’s eyeballs in the unfortunate feast you had yesterday…”

Sui Li’er: ???

“What feast? What bull?”


Before the little fox could enter, Sui Li’er screamed in surprise and turned around to run away. Because that terrifying fly was already flying towards her!

“Ah! Wah!”


Running and crying at the same time, she was truly scared!

She made a sharp turn and opened Chen Ling’s door with a bang. “Help!”

At that moment, Chen Ling was in the midst of a deep slumber, he was also experiencing the morning “rise” that every man has every day.

Sui Li’er rushed in, taking large strides and leaps, descending from the sky!


She went straight for the dragon balls with her knee!



“Hiss…” Chen Ling’s back arched violently, his mouth wide open as if he wanted to devour Sui Li’er, but he couldn’t utter a sound. His cold gaze, now no longer cold, had turned into a painful expression.

He felt like the dragon balls were about to shatter. The intense pain that reached his kidneys instantly made it impossible for him to breathe.

There was only one thought in his mind: I’m f**king dying… I’m doomed…

This is the only weakness of Lord God…

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