The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 54 – Is This Something I Can Watch For Free

Chen Ling’s soul was almost knocked out by Sui Li’er’s knee.


“Sui…” In the end, he couldn’t make a sound, so he closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

“Restoration spell!” He never expected that in this world full of weaklings, he would be seriously injured by the weakest of them all…

With his tough body and iron bones, there were really few people in the entire world who could break his defense, his old man being one of them.

And now there was Sui Li’er.

This person whose presence couldn’t even be sensed dealt him a fatal blow.

“Hoo~” After the restoration spell, Chen Ling let out a long breath. He opened his eyes, took another deep breath, and gritted his teeth.




Sui Li’er’s knee was still pressed against the dragon balls, trembling on Chen Ling’s body. She hugged her own head with both hands. “Wuwuwu… Save me… Chen Ling… I’m scared.”

〚 Ding~ Target feels fear, points -10,000 〛

〚 Points -10,000 〛

Chen Ling clenched his lips in anger. He reached down and pushed her leg away, wanting to create some distance between her knee and himself.

Sui Li’er’s knee slipped, and her raised body came down. She cowered in fear on his body.

Chen Ling sighed helplessly. Since he was no longer in pain, he spared her life. “What’s wrong?”

Just then, the little fox suddenly walked up to Chen Ling’s door. However, she didn’t look inside and just stood by the door, shouting: “Sui Sui!”

“Ah!” Sui Li’er, startled like a frightened bird, abruptly recoiled, and Chen Ling was stunned for a moment before immediately blocking her with his hand.

“Bang~” A light sound.

His hand instantly stopped Sui Li’er’s knee; otherwise, it would have been a disaster. He really didn’t want to experience that pain again. “Hmph, luckily I reacted quickly.”

At that moment, the voice of the little fox rang out again: “It’s alright, Sui Sui, don’t be afraid. I caught it.”

Chen Ling narrowed his eyes upon hearing that, immediately sensing the presence of the little fox. Even though he couldn’t see her, he knew she was holding half of the evolved fly in her hand. He understood the cause and effect of the situation, and instantly fell speechless.

He knew that doing bad things would have consequences, but he didn’t expect the consequences to come so quickly. Damn it… He dug himself into a pit!

“Alright, get up. It has been caught.” Chen Ling helplessly looked down at Sui Li’er, who was fearfully covering her head.

“Wuwu…” Sui Li’er, with teary eyes, raised her head and bit her lip tightly.

Chen Ling: =.=…

“Okay, okay, stop crying. It’s just a little fly.”

“Wuwuwu… It’s so disgusting!”

“Sigh…” Chen Ling helplessly scratched his head. “You should get off me first.”

“Wuwu… Oh…” Crying, Sui Li’er climbed down from Chen Ling, fearfully hiding by his bed. She cried out, “Xuan Xuan… Did you close the door?”

“I closed it! It’s fine now.”

Helplessly, Chen Ling got up from the bed and walked out, with Sui Li’er quickly following. As soon as they went outside, they immediately saw the big fly in the little fox’s hand.

Fuzzy all over, it looked very resistant to the cold, with two sharp pincers on its mouth, which the little fox had already opened. Those pincers were the ones Chen Ling had evolved to use for bloodsucking.

“Hmm… not bad.” Chen Ling commented lightly. He wasn’t surprised that the little fox could catch the fly; it would be strange if she couldn’t.

“Right? I think so too. It’s so delicious!” The little fox grinned, directly stuffing it into her mouth and taking a bite.

“Squish~” Juices burst out!

“Ugh…” Sui Li’er saw this and immediately hid her head behind Chen Ling, unable to watch anymore.

It was too scary.

Chen Ling also closed his eyes involuntarily upon seeing that. It was too extreme.

“Alright, you should go now.” He was already considering changing delivery drivers.

“Okay, your meal has been placed on the table. Thank you for your patronage~ Wishing you a happy life and the birth of a precious child~”

“Ugh~” Sui Li’er blushed behind Chen Ling upon hearing that.

Chen Ling: ???

What is this? She really knows how to talk.

From now on, it should still be her as the delivery service.

“Oh, by the way, if you’re pregnant, our restaurant offers a Fixed Pregnancy Meal set.”

“Huh? Who’s pregnant?”

The little fox glanced at Sui Li’er behind Chen Ling and muttered quietly, “Um… didn’t we mention it?”

“Um… me-” Sui Li’er suddenly spoke up from behind Chen Ling.

Chen Ling: ???

Chen Ling turned his head incredulously. Was she pregnant? Who did it? Me?

“Oh no… It’s not me… No, she’s talking about me! But I’m not pregnant!”

“Oh, well…” The little fox awkwardly chuckled.

“Cough cough cough~ Sorry about that… I’ll take my leave now!” With that, she went away directly.

After she left, Chen Ling looked at Sui Li’er in disbelief. She still had teary eyes, clearly frightened by the situation.

“You’re really timid.”

“Ugh~” Sui Li’er whimpered in grievance, thinking: That thing is really terrifying, geez!


“Where are you going?” Chen Ling suddenly walked towards the outside, and Sui Li’er quickly called out to stop him.

Without turning his head, Chen Ling responded: “I’m going to check on the flies. Do you want to come?”

“Ugh~ No, close… close the door!”


Chen Ling went straight to the edge of the building, looking up at the whole city with a disdainful gaze. His aura spread, without any extra energy interference. The entire city was within his perception.

These bloodsucking flies had indeed caused quite a bit of trouble for the people in this city.

They flew fast, fed on feces and blood, and were disgustingly repulsive, flying around you. Occasionally, they would bump into you, hitting you like a stone. They were also large in size, like being hit by a rock.

The people in this city had generally low magic levels. Their feeble spells were like tickling to the bloodsucking flies with a magic resistance of 10. You could only swat them to death with physical attacks.

Afterward, Chen Ling returned to the house.

Sui Li’er was standing fearfully at the door, waiting for him. He glanced at her and reassured her, “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here. For every fly that comes, I’ll kill one.”

“Ugh… Why did the flies turn out like this? So scary!”

Chen Ling awkwardly scratched his head. “I don’t know, who cares.”

Then he sat on the sofa. “Let’s eat.”

“Oh, later… I feel a bit nauseous.” ( >︿< )

Chen Ling smiled and turned on the TV in the room. However, the TV screen showed nothing but a blue screen. Then he used the system to connect to the energy signal for information transmission in this world.

“Oh~” A seductive female voice came from the TV.

!!! Chen Ling’s heart skipped a beat. There was a man and a woman on the TV…

Damn, is this something I can watch for free? Coincidentally, it connected to some weird channel!

Sui Li’er: ???

She immediately looked up, but Chen Ling had already switched the screen. The screen had changed to breaking news.

Unable to resist her curiosity, Sui Li’er looked at Chen Ling. “What was that just now…”

Chen Ling replied, “Nothing, it’s not something a kid should ask about.”

“Oh~” She responded and muttered under her breath, “I’m not a kid…”

At this moment, a female host on the TV was introducing:

〚 Last night, large bloodthirsty flies and large needle mosquitoes suddenly appeared within the borders of the country. It is reported that this species that appeared overnight has swept across the world. 〛

〚 They have a high resistance to magic, feed on human blood, but do not kill. Other characteristic attributes are not yet clear. 〛

〚 Residents of cities with a higher number of magic practitioners, three or more, have expressed no significant pressure. 〛

“Bang!” A big fly directly bumped into the reporter’s head.

Her words abruptly stopped, and she disappeared from the screen. After a while, she suddenly reappeared on the screen, as if crawling up from the ground. She shook her head, coughed twice, and calmly said:

〚 Sorry, I was just hit. 〛

Half of her face was swollen, but she still forced a smile on her face.

〚 Of course, we cannot rule out the interference of dark mages. 〛

〚 However, intermediate-level mages can easily kill them, and if mages below intermediate level go out, please take precautions. The country has already dispatched special agents to trace the source. Let’s wait for good news. 〛

“Tch, Intermediate level can kill them? What rubbish…” Most of the people deducting points from Chen Ling now were mages below the Intermediate level.

After a night, they only deducted a little over 7 billion points. Far below his expectations.

Just then, the voice of the system sounded:

〚 Ding~ Target Huan Yingying feels fear: Points -100 〛

〚 Points -100 〛

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