The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 56 – I Miss You

The strong wind continued to howl, carrying away the words that were just spoken.

Sui Li’er didn’t hear clearly: “Short? Speak louder~ The wind is so loud, I can’t hear well~” As she spoke, she leaned her cute little ear closer.

Seeing this, Chen Ling chuckled and leaned in close to her ear: “I said~”

“You’re a little fool~”

His voice was unexpectedly loud, causing Sui Li’er’s ears to hurt. She angrily covered her ears with one hand and shouted: “I’m not!”

Sui Li’er became extremely frustrated: He called me names again!

“Well, you’re a big fool then! Hmph!” ( ò?ó~)

Chen Ling chuckled softly and muttered again: “Idiot.”

“I heard that! You called me names again! Big idiot!”

Chen Ling smiled and remained silent, looking ahead.

Sui Li’er pouted and turned her head, still holding onto his arm, and looked in the same direction. By now, the wind had gradually subsided, and the mist began to return little by little, gradually enveloping the city.

“Wow! Can you see that? We can actually see the Aries Celestial Academy from here! It’s so cool!”

Sui Li’er pointed to a massive castle-like building in the distance.

On the main tower of the grand castle stood two gigantic ram horns, representing Aries. The main color was ivory white, with various colors as embellishments.

That was one of the three major academies in the Fire Country, the Aries Celestial Academy.

As one of the three major academies, the people inside are naturally exceptional individuals. Of course, there are students from various zodiac signs.

Chen Ling glanced at Sui Li’er and said casually: “Do you want to enter that academy? I can get you in.”

He thought that sending her to the academy might be a good choice. At her age, she should be studying in the academy, making various friends.

“Huh?” Sui Li’er was surprised for a moment, but then she smiled and said: “Nah… I’ll pass. With my talent, I won’t be able to get in, even if…”

Chen Ling shook his head and interrupted her directly: “No, you just need to tell me if you want to.”

Sui Li’er was momentarily stunned, then pursed her lips: “Um… I don’t really want to.”

“Hmm? Why not?”

“I… I want to…”

I want to stay by your side…

She didn’t dare to say those words out loud, but she gazed at Chen Ling with affectionate eyes.

In her heart, she couldn’t help but think: Can you read minds… If you can, can you see how many times I’ve liked you in my heart?

However, Chen Ling didn’t use mind-reading abilities. He felt that he already understood her well enough and didn’t need to use it.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid of being like a mute again and not being able to make friends?”

Sui Li’er: ???

“I-I-I’m not a mute! Hmph~!”

Chen Ling smiled and said: “Oh, then you must be a stutterer.”

“Wuwu~ I’m ignoring you!” Sui Li’er couldn’t argue with him at all.

The wind had already subsided, and she sullenly let go of his arm. Stepping on the slightly damp ground, she returned to the house. Today she learned one more thing: the Lord God couldn’t read minds! Hmph~

Chen Ling smiled softly and planned to follow her back to the house to play with her. How could he easily let go of someone so adorable?

Just then, the voice of the system suddenly sounded.

〚 Ding~ Target: Huan Yingying, emotional abnormality, +100 points! 〛

〚 +100 points! 〛

〚 +100 points! 〛

100 points were rapidly accumulating.

Chen Ling couldn’t help but frown, what’s going on? He couldn’t make Huan Yingying happy, that was impossible.

“Target location.”

〚 Ding~ Target location successful. 〛

Then Chen Ling’s figure flickered and disappeared on the spot. He activated his invisibility spell and appeared directly in Huan Yingying’s room.

At that moment, Huan Yingying was sitting on the bed, holding a paintbrush and gently sketching. When Chen Ling took a closer look, he was dumbfounded. The drawing was actually of Sui Li’er!

With each stroke carefully delineated, Sui Li’er in the drawing looked vividly lifelike. Chen Ling then realized that this Huan Yingying had a strong interest in Sui Li’er.

“So beautiful…” Huan Yingying couldn’t help but murmur, putting down the paintbrush and leaning back in her chair, quietly admiring her artwork.

Her curse was that she would lose hair whenever she felt happy. From her hair volume, one could tell that this woman didn’t lead a happy life on a regular basis, because she had quite a lot of hair.

However, while she was painting, her hair would fall down in bunches. With hair scattered all over the floor, one might think she had just finished cutting her hair.

“Of course she’s beautiful.” Chen Ling suddenly spoke coldly.

“Who’s there!” Huan Yingying turned around in fear. Golden runes filled the entire room, and in the next moment, she would take action against the person who spoke.

Chen Ling canceled the invisibility spell, revealing himself, and looked at her with a sneer.

“It’s you?” Huan Yingying’s expression changed as she looked at Chen Ling. The way she looked at him was completely different from the way she looked at Sui Li’er.

However, Chen Ling’s terrifying aura immediately locked onto her, frightening her to the point that she didn’t dare to move!

The prepared spell gradually dissipated as well. Enveloped by that aura, it directly stirred up the deepest fear in her heart.

It was as if Chen Ling’s knife had already stabbed into her heart, instilling the fear of facing death. His aura seemed substantial, making it difficult for her to catch her breath.

She couldn’t understand how Chen Ling had arrived in this secret realm. How did he silently appear by her side and enter her room? Could it be that he had been following her all along?

She hadn’t noticed at all!

Chen Ling walked towards the painting in front of her with a smile and said lightly: “The painting is not bad, but it lacks something.”

After speaking, he picked up the paintbrush placed on the frame and with a single thought, the desired color adhered to the bristles. He lightly brushed the eyes of Sui Li’er in the painting, dipped the brush in water, and gently blurred them.

The same process was repeated for the other eye, but with a slightly different technique. A faint mist covered those bright eyes, and with just a few simple strokes, the eyes in the painting came to life.

Those bright eyes were covered with a faint mist, as if gentle ripples were rippling within them, looking pitifully innocent. This was the essence of Sui Li’er’s beautiful eyes.

Although Huan Yingying hated Chen Ling, she couldn’t help but be impressed by those two strokes. Those two strokes were like the final touch that brought the eyes in the painting to life!

“Alright, this painting belongs to me now.” With that, Chen Ling directly retrieved the painting into the system space and disappeared from the room.

Huan Yingying was momentarily stunned. She looked blankly at the spot where Chen Ling had been standing just now, and in the next moment, her expression turned ferocious as she couldn’t help but curse: “You fcking… son of a btch…”

〚 Ding~ Target feels angry! -50 points! 〛

Chen Ling: ??? Only 50 points? That won’t do.

Suddenly, he returned to Huan Yingying’s room.

He took out the painting with a smile on his face and said: “By the way, give up on her. She already belongs to me, you know… My woman, understand? Hehe~”

“Buzz~” A powerful aura suddenly burst forth from Huan Yingying, and her eyes locked onto Chen Ling with a deadly gaze.

If looks could kill, she would have torn him to pieces long ago.

And if Chen Ling could kill his target, Huan Yingying would have died long ago.

You’re coveting Sui Li’er too?

〚 Ding~ Target is extremely angry and hateful! -100 points! 〛

〚 -100 points! 〛

Looking at the screen filled with points, Chen Ling smirked coldly.

Continuing to speak, he said: “I’m off. My wife is waiting for me at home. I’ll give her this painting, she’ll definitely like it… wahahaha(evil laugh)…”

With that, he suddenly disappeared once again.

Huan Yingying’s anger continued to erupt, and the words [-100 points] kept flooding Chen Ling’s system. She was so enraged that she bit her lips until they bled, gritting her teeth and saying: “One day, I’ll kill you!”

She didn’t care about how Chen Ling came or went now; she just wanted to kill him!

Chen Ling chuckled invisibly. He deliberately said those words to infuriate her. He succeeded. Huan Yingying was almost having a brain hemorrhage from anger. Otherwise, what’s the point of decreasing the points by just a little?

He then locked onto his next target, Sui Li’er, this time. He instantly teleported beside her.

At that moment, Sui Li’er was leaning over the railing, looking down. She had noticed Chen Ling’s disappearance and came out to find him.

When Chen Ling saw her, his mood improved significantly, even if it was just her back. He spoke up: “Oh~ little fool, I’m back.”

“Huh? Hehe! Chen Ling!” Sui Li’er turned around happily, her face beaming with a smile, but her eyes had a hint of teardrops, looking pitifully innocent.

Seeing her in person was much more beautiful than in the painting, and it softened Chen Ling’s heart. “What’s wrong? Are you crying again? I was only gone for a little while, you know?”

“No! I didn’t cry…” Sui Li’er stubbornly replied.

Mainly because Chen Ling would always suddenly disappear, and she couldn’t help but feel a bit afraid. As if meeting Chen Ling was just her illusion.

Although the rain wasn’t heavy, standing in it for too long would still get her wet. Chen Ling approached gently and opened an oiled-paper umbrella. Underneath the umbrella, the two silently looked at each other, a long silence passing between them. Finally, Sui Li’er couldn’t help but speak up: “Where did you go?”

Chen Ling whispered, “I was… not… um, doing something.”

“Oh~ Can you… next time…”


“Huh? I haven’t finished speaking yet… You’re so dismissive…”

Chen Ling smiled and said: “I already know what you want to say.”

“Hm? Then what do I want to say? Tell me, hehe~” Sui Li’er suddenly grinned, wanting Chen Ling to guess.

“Let me guess in advance next time.”

“Huh? Hehe… So, what am I thinking now?” Sui Li’er smiled with narrowed eyes, hiding under the umbrella. Like a child, she started playing the guessing game.

Chen Ling smiled and casually said: “You’re thinking about where I went.”

“Hehe~ Wrong guess! Hehehe…”

Chen Ling raised an eyebrow: “Then what are you thinking about?”

Sui Li’er stuck out her tongue: “Guess~ I won’t tell you.”

“Oh…” Mind-reading ability, if it’s not time to use it now, when will be a better time?

Then, four words appeared above Sui Li’er’s head: ( Missed you so much. )

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