The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 57 – Sui Li’er’s First Gift

Chen Ling looked at those four words and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

What does it feel like to miss someone?

To be honest, he wasn’t quite sure what it felt like to miss someone. After parting ways with Mo Suyan for five years, maybe there was a slight reluctance, but did that count as missing someone? He didn’t know.

His lifelong goal was to travel to various dimensions, and he had never thought that he would miss someone to the point of being unable to bear it. So he didn’t know what kind of emotion Sui Li’er’s longing was.

Was it liking someone?

Or something else.

Just then, Sui Li’er suddenly spoke up: “Hehe~ You couldn’t guess, right?”


She laughed happily, feeling as if she had discovered a new continent because she found something that Chen Ling couldn’t accomplish.

Chen Ling didn’t say anything, he just held the umbrella and looked at her smiling face. At that moment, another barrage appeared in Sui Li’er’s mind:

( Hehe~ Then he definitely doesn’t know that I like him~ Hehe~ )

( It seems like he really can’t read minds, so I can rest assured~ )


Chen Ling was taken aback for a moment, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up. He didn’t know why, but he just felt like laughing, unable to resist the urge to let out a sound of laughter.

But still, he couldn’t help but feel a bit puzzled.

Strange… Why am I so happy?

“Hehe~ What are you laughing at?” Sui Li’er leaned forward lightly, laughing while happily tiptoeing: “You’re so happy even though you couldn’t guess, huh?”

Chen Ling gently lowered his head and looked at her face, sometimes close and sometimes distant. He thought of the secret kiss he gave her last night.

He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and once again lowered his head gently.


Sui Li’er saw Chen Ling suddenly lower his head and didn’t think much of it. She stopped her tiptoeing motion and looked at him with a sense of curiosity.

Chen Ling’s unparalleled cold gaze now had an endless softness in his eyes. Seeing this, Sui Li’er couldn’t help but feel a bit dazed.

( What’s wrong? )

At the same time, a barrage floated above her head:

( What’s wrong… Is there something on my face? )

( Wait… Isn’t this too close… Huh? )

( What is he, he, he… What does he want to do? )

( He won’t… want to kiss me, right… )

( Wait… Do I look ok? Did I brush my teeth in the morning? )

( Did I… Did I just eat? )

( Did I rinse my mouth after eating? )

Suddenly, Sui Li’er’s heart started beating rapidly. Her drenched and hazy face took on a rosy glow.

( No… Wait a minute… I’m not ready yet. )

Sui Li’er shrank her neck in fear, her body trembling slightly. She was afraid of messing up her first time, but her body remained honest, standing still in place. She watched with wide eyes as Chen Ling’s face approached hers.

With each inch closer, her heart beat faster. She didn’t dare to breathe, not wanting to miss anything.

In the midst of gradually losing himself, Chen Ling was instantly awakened by that mind-reading ability.

He quickly squinted his eyes and licked his lips gently.

He gave her a deep look and hesitated! Although they were just a little distance apart, he stopped.

“Ahem… Close your eyes.”

“Mmm~ Okay…” Sui Li’er’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she gently closed her eyes. The barrage had disappeared completely by now.

Without doing anything, Chen Ling’s presence alone caused her brain to lose the ability to think…

She waited quietly for Chen Ling.

Just when her little head was getting confused, his voice suddenly brought her back: “Deng deng deng~ Look at what I’ve brought you.”

Sui Li’er anxiously opened her eyes and saw the painting that was previously drawn by the Huan Yingying. She froze on the spot.

Chen Ling held up the painting, also smiling awkwardly. He really didn’t want to bring out this painting because he didn’t draw the entire thing. He only added a few strokes.

But at this moment, only this thing could break the awkwardness. Otherwise, he really had no way out. He really wanted to kiss her lips and indulge in everything about her.

But he wasn’t ready yet, he hadn’t made up his mind. He didn’t dare to easily be with Sui Li’er. He was afraid that in the future, because of his own indecisive heart, he would inadvertently hurt her. This wasn’t cowardice, it was responsibility.

“So… How is it? Is it nice?…”

Sui Li’er nodded in a daze, finally reacting. “Hehe! It’s really nice! Did you draw this? Wow… You’re so talented.”

“Ahem… It’s not bad…” Chen Ling awkwardly smiled and stood there, holding up the painting speechlessly.

At the same time, Sui Li’er’s thoughts floated above her head:

( So it’s a painting… It’s so beautiful! Hehe~)

( Scared me… I thought it was a kiss… Ahem… I was thinking too much. )

( How could Lord God possibly kiss me… )

Chen Ling felt uneasy as he looked at those barrage comments.

Do I like her? Why do I want to kiss her?

Could it be that I’ve actually developed feelings for her?

“It’s really nice… Can I hang this in my room?” Sui Li’er looked at him with joy.

Chen Ling let out a faint sigh. “You can. It’s yours.”

“Yay~ Mmm~ It’s really beautiful. Thank you, Chen Ling.”

As Sui Li’er reached out to receive the painting, Chen Ling gently handed it over. But just as the painting was about to complete the exchange between their hands…

A barrage suddenly appeared above Sui Li’er’s head:

( Hehe~ Lord God specially painted this for me! I’m so lucky… )

At the same time, the system’s bonus of 100,000 points appeared again.

For some reason, Chen Ling’s heart clenched, and his hand trembled.

“Wait!” He suddenly pulled back the painting in his hand, and with a single thought, it disappeared, returning to the system’s space.

“Eh?” Sui Li’er’s hand awkwardly froze in place.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ahem… This painting isn’t good. I’ll paint another one for you.”

“Eh? No!” Sui Li’er hurriedly took a step forward, extending her little hand towards Chen Ling. “No… I… I wanted that one too!”

Chen Ling shook his head. “That one is too ugly.”

“Huh? It’s not ugly! I like it! And… I want the one you’re going to paint as well… hehe~”

“I want them all!” As she spoke, her little hand reached forward.

Inner thoughts: Use skill~ hmph~

Give it back quickly…

Chen Ling frowned upon hearing her and said, “No, I’ll paint another one, and you can only choose one between that one and this one.”

“Why? Mmm~” Sui Li’er pouted, her face full of unhappiness. Oh no, the skill failed!

Chen Ling sighed helplessly. “Can’t I paint a better one for you?”

“No~ This is the first gift I’ve received! And it’s from you! I want it!”

Chen Ling’s expression darkened upon hearing her words, and he became even more unwilling in his heart. How could the first gift be someone else’s painting?

“Well, it’s not my painting.”

“Eh?” Sui Li’er paused for a moment, looking at Chen Ling in confusion.


Chen Ling shook his head. “Don’t worry about who painted it. So, do you want someone else’s painting or mine?”

“Mmm~ Of course, I want yours~ hehe~” As soon as he said that, Sui Li’er immediately stopped hesitating.

Of course, she chose Chen Ling.

Chen Ling chuckled softly upon hearing her response. “Hmph!”

Sui Li’er: ???

He stole my line!

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