The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 60

Chen Ling panicked, and with a thought, he appeared directly in the bathroom of his own room. He pulled back the curtain and saw the current little Chen Ling, with his head hanging low, looking dejected.

“Wake up! Little brother! Wake up! I’m in trouble!” Chen Ling was truly frightened.

“Why did you mess with Sui Li’er… Ah, no… What do I do!?”

Originally, Chen Ling had never thought that he would one day fall in love or get married. But having a gun and not using it is completely different!

Moreover, Chen Ling has come to realize that he might, perhaps, maybe, have a slight liking for Sui Li’er. He had even started to consider what to do in the future.

But now it’s all gone, isn’t it bullshit!

In the meantime, in the Main God Realm, Lin Moyu was very speechless.

The image of little Chen Ling in front of her had been processed by the system and pixelated… but she could hear his voice, which made it very awkward. She couldn’t help but laugh.


The people around her: ???

“What’s wrong now…”

“Or maybe we should call the dean and ask her to take a rest? This is a bit too scary!”

Everyone exchanged glances and nodded in agreement.

Someone then contacted the dean:

〚 Dean, it seems that Moyu is having some mental issues. Please come and have a look. If necessary, let her take a break. It feels like she hasn’t fully recovered from the trauma of the divorce. 〛

In this critical moment, Chen Ling thought of his good brother, Mo Suyan!

“Hey? Mo Suyan?”

Mo Suyan received Chen Ling’s call and immediately smiled: 〚 Hey! Isn’t this the top-ranked big brother! Long time no see, long time no see. 〛

Chen Ling had no mood for joking with him at all and went straight to the point: “Do you have any movies? Give me some.”

〚 What kind of thing? 〛

“Movies! Adult movies!”

Lin Moyu in the Main God Realm: ???

She never expected that the model student Mo Suyan would also watch this kind of thing?!

Mo Suyan was taken aback:

〚 What’s wrong with you… Weren’t you always disdainful of watching this kind of thing? 〛

Chen Ling did indeed disdain watching such things. As a master artist, he relied solely on his imagination for everything. He couldn’t let others’ works influence him. That’s how he could create his own true “art”…

This was nonsense.

Chen Ling just didn’t have that hobby. He had been saving himself for 17 years, and it would all be for Sui Li’er in the end.

“Stop the rubbish… Hurry up! It’s urgent!”

〚 Okay, I’ll send it to you right away. 〛

If their father saw this scene between the two of them, he would surely find it familiar…

Before Mo Suyan sent the content, Chen Ling frowned and contemplated.

“Damn… Could it be the side effects of the still mind spell?”

“Or is it stress-induced X dysfunction?”

While he was contemplating, Mo Suyan’s message immediately arrived.

Chen Ling opened it expressionlessly. In the video, a man and a woman were engaged in a violent and rough scene.

Chen Ling’s expression: (* ̄ー ̄)…

His face was full of disgust as he switched to the next one.

Once again, it was a man and a woman, but the scene was relatively calm and unremarkable. Chen Ling glanced down with an expressionless face. Unable to hold back, he cursed, “What garbage?”

It’s unclear whether he was cursing himself or cursing the movies that Mo Suyan sent.

〚 How about it? I carefully selected these for you… 〛

“No, this is garbage. It’s not as good as my paintings.”

〚 Of course, who are you? The master artist… Since I have you, I’ve quit watching this stuff too. 〛

Chen Ling rolled his eyes and said, “Do you have anything else?”

〚 What genre do you like? 〛

Chen Ling frowned and thought for a moment before blurting out subconsciously, “Someone who looks good.”

Mo Suyan: 〚 We have plenty of those. 〛

“Blue hair.”

〚 We have that too. 〛

“Not too tall.”

〚 Um, we have that too. 〛

“A small airport.”

〚 Huh? An airport? Are you sure about that? Isn’t that a loli character? I thought you were into mature women. Why the change in taste? 〛

“Huh?” Chen Ling was taken aback, and his face instantly turned red.

Blue hair, small airport, isn’t that the girl next door…

“Never mind, I don’t need your help. You’re useless.”

Mo Suyan: 〚 Wait… um, by the way, do you have any new drafts? I’ve finished reading the previous ones. 〛

Chen Ling:…

“Take a look when you have time.”

〚 Okay, Master Artist! Oh, by the way, what’s the deal with your points? Several hundred billion, it’s a bit outrageous. How did you do it? Teach me. 〛

“Well… uh… let’s not talk about it now. I’ll tell you when I get back.”

〚 Okay. Don’t forget to draw for me. 〛

“Sure, sure, I’m hanging up.”

With that, Chen Ling took out the small cat drawing by Sui Li’er. Unfortunately, it still didn’t serve any purpose. He had just been looking at it for a while.

What should he do? Could it be that he needed a real person?

With that thought in mind, he put on his clothes and entered Sui Li’er’s room. He squinted his eyes and looked at her sleeping.

What should he do? Should he take off her clothes?

No, no… he couldn’t do that…

How about giving her a kiss?

Ahem… Well, she’s sleeping right now.

With that thought in mind, Chen Ling pursed his lips. He hadn’t even moved his feet, but his heart was already beating faster.

He approached Sui Li’er’s bedside and looked at her tempting lips. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

Inner thoughts: I’m just trying… there’s nothing else to it.

Then he gently bent down, still hesitating, and kissed her face. But he didn’t dare to kiss her small mouth.

“Hmm~” Sui Li’er murmured softly, startling Chen Ling, who quickly backed away.

He saw her small hand emerge from the blanket and gently scratch her face. Then she turned over and directly uncovered her own blanket.

It was nearing noon, and Misty Rain City was a bit hot.

“Hmm~ It’s so hot~” Sui Li’er whispered softly.

Chen Ling glanced at her. Now that she had clean clothes, she naturally didn’t roll around in her sleep anymore. Previously, she was afraid of dirtying Chen Ling’s bed.

Now she had divided her clothes into two parts – one for going out and the other as sleepwear. Misty Rain City and Nanyun City were completely different seasons. It was too hot to sleep in such thick clothes.

Seeing this, Chen Ling thought to himself: I’ll take her shopping for some new clothes later. Since we’re in this city, we haven’t had a chance to explore properly.

Suddenly, Sui Li’er turned over again, her brows furrowing in discomfort.

Just then, Chen Ling suddenly felt a surge of energy appearing around him.

The little delivery fox had arrived!

With a quick movement, she appeared at the door.

“There’s someone… Wow!” The little fox was startled when Chen Ling suddenly appeared.

“Oh my… You scared me.”

Chen Ling’s gaze sharpened. “Don’t make noise.”

The little fox was frightened and quickly shut her mouth. She handed the delivery to Chen Ling and hurriedly left.

She couldn’t help but wonder in her mind, “What’s going on… Did he have a fight with Sui Sui?”

Chen Ling was just afraid of her waking Sui Li’er up, that’s all.

He then returned to her room and continued to watch her sleeping face, lost in thought. He became completely mesmerized by the sight, spending two hours just standing there.

Sui Li’er was gradually waking up.

“Ugh~ It’s so hot!” She furrowed her brows tightly, her body starting to move erratically. She suddenly pulled her clothes, nearly revealing her two small bunnies.

“Pfft~” But before they were fully exposed, Chen Ling’s nose sprayed out two streams of blood, startling him. He quickly retracted into the system space.

Then he saw Sui Li’er’s trembling eyebrows, as if she was about to wake up. With a single thought, he immediately left the room and returned to his own.

“Weird… Why am I having nosebleeds so often lately… I didn’t even see anything.” Chen Ling had only caught a glimpse of Sui Li’er’s small belly just now, and of course, he saw a little bunny too~


“Am I hallucinating?”

Chen Ling suddenly froze and looked down. He had a strange feeling and saw that little Chen Ling was reacting!

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