The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 61 – They Can All See Me!

“Oh my god… Yes… Wake up quickly!”

Little Chen Ling was itching to move. He slowly lifted his head… little by little. Chen Ling was overjoyed, he saw a glimmer of hope once again. Indeed, it had to be because of Sui Li’er!

“Come on! Good buddy! Stand up!”

Just then, Sui Li’er let out a scream from her room: “Ah! Chen Ling!”

Startled, Chen Ling shuddered, and his little buddy immediately lowered his head.

Chen Ling:…

By now, he had basically figured it out. It was an acute stress reaction disorder triggered by Sui Li’er’s scare. Damn, this is unbelievable.

“Thump, thump, thump~” Sui Li’er’s hurried footsteps could be heard outside the door.

“Hehe, it looks so good!” Sui Li’er opened the door and happily ran up to Chen Ling, holding the painting in her hands.

“It’s so good! It’s so beautiful!” Sui Li’er jumped around happily, holding up the painting.

Although the actions in the painting were still quite embarrassing, it was indeed beautiful.

“Hehe, I really love it.” Sui Li’er looked at the painting from different angles, her face full of joy. “I’m so happy~”

Helplessly, Chen Ling said, “Don’t startle me like that… You’ll ruin your own happiness.”

Sui Li’er: ( ・◇・)?

“Ugh~ But I really like it! Hehe… This is just too beautiful!”

“Hehehe~ Do I look as good as this painting?” Sui Li’er held the painting next to her face, grinning and waiting for Chen Ling’s response.

Chen Ling paused for a moment, squinted his eyes, and said: “Then you have to strike the same pose for me to see.”

Sui Li’er blushed: “Ugh? Uh, um… forget it!”

After speaking, she became a little shy and didn’t bounce around like before.

Seeing this, Chen Ling said casually: “Alright, put the painting back and let’s eat.”

“Mhm~” Then Sui Li’er hung the painting back in her room, but not before stealing one more glance. “Hehe, it’s so beautiful!”

Then she returned to the living room.

At this point, Chen Ling was already lying on the sofa, and when Sui Li’er saw him, she had a look of happiness on her face. While she was eating, Chen Ling kept staring at her face, biting his lip, lost in thought.

After a while, when Sui Li’er was full, she looked at Chen Ling with some shyness, wanting to say something but hesitating.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um… it’s nothing…” She wanted to lie down next to Chen Ling, but he had already taken the spot. So she awkwardly crawled over and lay beside him… It felt strange.

Chen Ling glanced at her and probably guessed what she wanted, so he gently shifted aside and said: “Come here.”

“Hehe…” Sui Li’er smiled happily, and then crawled onto the sofa, using both hands and feet like a little cat, slowly making her way over. While crawling, she kept looking at Chen Ling, unable to contain her smile: “Hehe~”

Chen Ling’s heart started beating faster as he watched her.

A cute little loli crawled towards him, smiling sweetly, with the same perspective as the painting he had drawn before.

“Oh, right…” When Sui Li’er crawled next to Chen Ling, she suddenly stopped and asked softly: “Um… Do you have plans for the afternoon?”

“No, what’s up?”

“Um…” Sui Li’er gently pursed her lips and whispered: “Can you… accompany me?” As she spoke, she blinked her eyes lightly.

With her on top and Chen Ling below, the two of them not too close but not too far, even though she was by his side, it felt like she was pressing him down. This made Chen Ling unable to help but think of his painting. The little cat Sui Li’er without clothes, and the perfect one before his eyes overlapped.

In Chen Ling’s eyes, the current Sui Li’er seemed to be wearing clothes… and yet not wearing them? It made his breathing gradually become heavier. Little Chen Ling also quietly raised his head at some point.

“Hmm?” Seeing that Chen Ling didn’t react, Sui Li’er gently bit her lip: “It’s not possible?”

“It’s possible!” Chen Ling instinctively said.


“Yay~” Sui Li’er happily rolled over and lay heavily on the sofa. With a bounce, Chen Ling was startled.

Seeing his reaction, Sui Li’er couldn’t help but laugh like a little fool next to him.

Suddenly, Chen Ling realized something! He quickly lowered his head and took a glance and his face instantly lit up with joy. “Oh, yes! You’re finally awake!”

“Huh? What is it?” Sui Li’er also laughed and looked down.

Chen Ling paused for a moment and quickly turned over to face her. “Wait! Don’t look!” At the same time, he reached out and covered her eyes.

“Um~” He suddenly covered her eyes, startling Sui Li’er, who quickly closed her mouth, lying on the sofa without daring to move. And Chen Ling’s hand directly covered half of her beautiful face.

Sui Li’er’s world suddenly turned pitch black, but she wasn’t afraid, she was even a little shy. What is he doing?

At this moment, Chen Ling truly let out a sigh of relief and lowered his head again to take a look. Little Chen Ling’s majestic appearance was no different from before.

Indeed, it takes a skillful person to untie a bell. Hmm… not bad, very healthy! The feeling of being healthy is really good! Almost became a eunuch, just thinking about it is frightening.

After silently reciting a calming spell, several golden spells entered his brow. Little Chen Ling wilted again within a few seconds.

He let out a long breath and then released Sui Li’er’s eyes. “That’s enough.”

“Hmm… what’s wrong?” Sui Li’er asked with confusion.

“It’s nothing, don’t ask about the boss’s business.”

“Oh~ Hmph~” Sui Li’er snorted lightly and stopped talking.

Chen Ling’s mood instantly improved, thankfully there was nothing wrong with himself. He lay on the sofa and fell asleep peacefully.

“Huh? Fell asleep again?” Sui Li’er glanced at him and couldn’t help but mutter quietly: “Weren’t we supposed to spend time together?”

Chen Ling lazily lifted his eyelids. “Aren’t I here with you?”

“You…” Sui Li’er hesitated to speak, as his words didn’t seem wrong either. “Hmph~”

Chen Ling smiled and remembered something. He sat up from the sofa. “Let’s go, I’ll take you out for a stroll.”

Since he had nothing else to do, he thought of taking Sui Li’er out to have some fun.

“Yay!” Sui Li’er immediately got up from the sofa with a bounce.

“Let’s go.”

After hearing Chen Ling’s words, Sui Li’er extended her little hand.

Activate skill: Holding Hands!

Chen Ling didn’t think much and gently held her hand.

Sui Li’er felt delighted in her heart: Skill successfully activated~ Hehe…

“Put on your shoes, won’t you? Do you want to walk barefoot?”

Sui Li’er smiled and nodded slightly: “Mhm! Walking barefoot in Misty Rain City feels so comfortable! It’s warm.”

Chen Ling glanced at her delicate feet. If she walked like that, everyone would be able to see. With a cold and indifferent expression, he said: “Put them on.”

“Um~ Oh!” Sui Li’er lightly bit her lip and muttered while putting on her shoes: “I’ll just put them on… Why so harsh…”

Chen Ling: “If you keep complaining, I won’t take you.”

“No! I’m good now!” She gave a quick step on her shoes and quickly stood up, extending her own hand.

Chen Ling gently held it, then, with a single thought, he teleported with Sui Li’er to the ground of Misty Rain City. The ground was clearly a bit warmer there. A wave of heat constantly rose from the ground, giving a slightly stuffy feeling even though it was raining. The streets were misty, crowded with pedestrians, much livelier than Nanyun City.

Moreover, the people on the street were all experts. Just by looking around, most of them had the strength of Intermediate mages or above. There were also a few low-level Grand Mages.

When the Bloodlust Flies first appeared in this city, it didn’t take long before they were completely eradicated.

Chen Ling instinctively let go of Sui Li’er’s hand and put his hand in his pocket.

Sui Li’er frowned and reached out her hand again.

Chen Ling: ??? “What’s wrong?”

Sui Li’er bit her lip, remained silent, and extended her hand again. Inner thoughts: Skill activation!

Chen Ling furrowed his brow in confusion and extended his hand. Sui Li’er grabbed it and smiled happily. “Hehe~ Let’s go.”

Chen Ling: …

Are you an idiot?

The people on this street are all dressed lightly, wearing short sleeves. But it’s different for the beautiful women. Tank tops, crop tops, mini skirts, each one more revealing than the other. Looking around the street, all you could see were snow-white long legs! They were also tall, each exuding a strong sense of allure.

When passing by, those women would glance at Sui Li’er, their eyes shimmering, and Sui Li’er would also look at them. Both parties involuntarily compared themselves. Who is more beautiful, me or her?

“Hehe~ They can all see me!” Sui Li’er was extremely happy. Everyone passing by would give her a glance. It was something she had dreamt of before, and now everyone could see her.

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