The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 62 – Are You Trying To Have The Best Of Both Worlds?!

Chen Ling’s lips curled slightly, nodding without saying a word.

“So happy~”

“Should I smile when they look at me?”

Chen Ling glanced at her. “You’ve been smiling all along.”

“Huh? Really? Hehe…” She hadn’t even noticed that a sunny smile, capable of healing hearts, had been plastered on her face all along. “Look, so many people are walking barefoot! It feels really comfortable!”

Chen Ling glanced expressionlessly. Indeed, in this city, many people, regardless of gender, walked barefoot. Many beautiful women also flaunted their bare feet as they strolled down the street. But he couldn’t care less.

“Stop blabbering. You’re not allowed to take them off.”

“Ugh~ Fine~” Sui Li’er happily looked ahead and suddenly spotted a tall and stunning woman with fiery red hair.

She was momentarily stunned. What a beautiful sister. She stood at least 1.7 meters tall, dressed in a simple black combat suit. The top merely covered her chest, and she wore a pair of extremely short shorts. Men couldn’t help but fantasize upon seeing her.

She, too, walked barefoot, but each step was like walking on a red carpet, exuding elegance, grace, and a grand aura!

That fiery figure and snow-white delicate skin. She was the epitome of the top-tier mature and elegant type that Chen Ling used to adore. Her confident demeanor and imposing aura permeated her entire being. Her presence drew the attention of everyone on the street, regardless of gender. By her side was a handsom and spirited young man.

The young man’s appearance was also remarkable, but standing next to Yan Ran, he became overshadowed. There was a stark difference in their presence.

“Is that Yan Ran from Aries Celestial Academy?”

“It’s her. There’s no one else with such extraordinary beauty.”

“Yeah… Wow… She’s really stunning.”

“Who is the person beside her? Could it be her partner?”

“Hush… Don’t spread rumors… she is a high-level Great Mage and yet you dare to gossip?”

Upon realizing this, the person quickly covered their mouth, fearful as they gazed at Yan Ran. They suddenly felt a sense of trepidation. Whoever the young man by her side was, it was not a topic they could discuss.

At that moment, the person ahead of her automatically halted their steps upon seeing Yan Ran and moved aside, clearing a path for her. Making way for the strong was an unwritten rule in this world. The strong had the privilege of being served first and were respected wherever they went.

In this city, Yan Ran was known to everyone without exception. Despite her young age, she was already a mentor at the Aries Celestial Academy, possessing both beauty and outstanding strength.

“What a beautiful sister!” Sui Li’er couldn’t help but exclaim.

Chen Ling naturally noticed her too and squinted his eyes. However, it wasn’t because of her appearance but rather her strength.

〚 Yan Ran, Gender: Female, Age: 24, Magic Level: High-level Grand Mage 〛

To achieve the rank of a high-level Grand Mage at such a young age was a testament to her extraordinary talent.

Sui Li’er kept looking left and right along the way, and so did Chen Ling. However, he was looking for suitable targets.

Although there were many experts in this city, he hadn’t seen any high-level Great Mages or Curse Masters before. He had no idea what those people were usually up to. The current Yan Ran was a high-level Great Mage, so he glanced at her a few more times.

At the moment, Yan Ran was walking in front of Chen Ling and Sui Li’er. Everyone else made way, but Chen Ling and Sui Li’er didn’t!

Immediately, it caught the attention of people around them. The people around frowned when they saw Chen Ling and Sui Li’er: What’s wrong with these two? Why aren’t they making way? Don’t they understand the rules?

Although it was an unwritten rule, when everyone else makes way, if you don’t, it’s a blatant provocation. The young master beside Yan Ran naturally noticed Chen Ling.

Tsk… He squinted his eyes: Who is this person? So handsome?

He really didn’t want to admit that this person was even more handsome than himself…

Then he noticed Sui Li’er beside him. A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, so beautiful!

Sui Li’er felt embarrassed when she saw everyone looking at her and Chen Ling. She gently pulled his hand. “Chen Ling, should we make way…”

She realized that being stared at by so many people was such an awkward situation!

Chen Ling glanced at the people around him and said indifferently, “Sure.”

Yan Ran also noticed the two of them, but she didn’t look at Sui Li’er. Instead, she kept looking at Chen Ling. From a distance, she could sense the faint terrifying power emanating from Chen Ling. Her heart couldn’t help but tremble: What is the strength of this young man? Why can’t I see through him?

After the two of them moved aside, Sui Li’er looked at Yan Ran once again. As a woman, Sui Li’er was particularly sensitive to the gaze of other women. She immediately noticed that Yan Ran’s eyes were fixated on Chen Ling. Subconsciously, she glanced at him and realized that he was also looking at Yan Ran.

In Sui Li’er’s eyes, the gazes of the two of them were colliding with passion!

A strange emotion rose in her heart. She glanced at Yan Ran’s seductive figure, then lowered her head to look at herself. He has never looked at me like that…

It seems he really prefers bigger…

She couldn’t help but compare herself to Yan Ran. Then she thought of the painting that Chen Ling drew.

But… but… that painting is also very beautiful, Chen Ling has never looked at me like that…

In Chen Ling’s mind, he was actually thinking: What if I bind her?

She looks so good, if I beat her up, I should be able to deduct quite a few points, right? As a high-level Great Mage… it should be possible, right?

While he was contemplating, Yan Ran had already walked up to him. She stopped in front of him, surprising everyone. Whispering voices could be heard:

“Is Yan Ran angry?”

“Is there a good show to watch!?”

“They deserve it… serves them right for not making way.”

In this world, there are people who get beaten up every day because they don’t show respect and make way. They thought Yan Ran was getting angry.

“Mentor?” The young man next to her was a bit surprised. He also thought that his mentor, Yan Ran, was angry because of the incident of not making way. In his impression, his mentor never did such foolish things. Those who resort to violence are not good people, they just bully others with their strength.

However, as he approached and took a closer look, Sui Li’er was truly beautiful. She clung to Chen Ling’s arm in fear, looking weak and adorable. It made people can’t help but want to hold her tightly in their arms and comfort her.

His heart skipped a beat. This was the feeling of being smitten! She’s really beautiful! Even more beautiful than Mentor Yan Ran! But who is this man next to her?

The young man couldn’t help but squint his eyes: Is he her boyfriend? Or her brother?

Yan Ran stood in front of Chen Ling, and the two of them locked eyes at close range. While they were gazing at each other, Sui Li’er was also looking at Yan Ran. Every time she looked up, she saw Yan Ran’s stunning figure.

In her heart, she couldn’t help but exclaim: So tall… no, so tall!

The gazes of Chen Ling and Yan Ran met for a good half a minute, and neither of them was willing to back down. If sparks could be ignited from their gazes, their eyes would have blown up the entire street. It wasn’t just flirting glances; it was a standoff!

The people around couldn’t help but take a few steps back, fearing that Yan Ran might suddenly make a move, and the fight would involve them. If the spells of a high-level Great Mage were to affect them, they would be either dead or half-dead.

“Hey… young man, you better apologize!” A kind-hearted person reminded from the side.

Unfortunately, this well-intentioned reminder didn’t have any effect. Why should Chen Ling apologize?

Naturally, Yan Ran also heard the person’s words and shook her head gently. “No need.”

Then she withdrew her sharp gaze and softened her expression slightly. “What’s your strength? Which academy are you from? Is it our academy?”

After hearing this, Chen Ling narrowed his eyes, suddenly smiled, and extended his other hand. “Can I punch… no, can I shake your hand?”

“Huh?” Both Yan Ran and Sui Li’er frowned at the same time.

Yan Ran: What does he mean?

In her unhappy thoughts, Sui Li’er muttered to herself: Why do you always want to shake hands when you see someone intimidating! And you’re even holding my hand! You, you… are trying to have the best of both worlds!

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