The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 8 – Mr. Meteor

On this special day, Sui Li’er climbed up a tall building. Her memory was not very clear, she remembered that this building used to be on level ground. The exact spot where she and Chen Ling met.

So she had a sudden idea and wanted to climb up and have a look.

Under the beautiful moonlight, blowing in the cold wind, eating her tenth lollipop. Looking at the vast and boundless sky, with sparkling stars everywhere. Trying to recall Chen Ling’s face in her memory, which she couldn’t remember clearly. Muttering to herself: “This is the last one…”

While eating her lollipop, Sui Li’er couldn’t help but feel emotional: “Finally, it’s been ten years… Time really passes by so slowly, Chen Ling.”

After speaking, she carefully squatted down, holding onto the railing, sitting on the edge of the tall building. Her feet were gently swaying in the strong wind. She absent-mindedly looked at the colorful city below.

This bustling world had nothing to do with her.

“When are you planning to come?” Sui Li’er wondered in her heart.

“You promised me that you would come this year… and come to find me immediately…”

“What do you look like now?”

“Do you still remember me?”

In fact, for the past ten years, there was always a voice in her heart telling her: He’s lying, he’s already forgotten about you. That was ten years ago.

She was well aware that ten years could easily make one forget many things. The reason why she couldn’t forget Chen Ling, was because to her, Chen Ling was her only one.

But whether Chen Ling would remember her, was really hard to say. She could only rely on that last bit of hope deep in her heart and wait until now. Whenever she couldn’t bear it anymore, she thought of Chen Ling.

When he comes, everything will be okay! Just hold on a little longer…

It’s like this every day, thinking about Chen Ling in her heart, Sui Li’er feels much better. Her face is no longer gloomy, He will definitely come!

Chen Ling!

He definitely will!

Suddenly, she shouts to the night sky: “Chen Ling! Come quickly! I’m here waiting for you!”

The wind instantly carries her voice away, and it disappears without a trace. But no one could have heard it anyway.

She didn’t notice that the distant sky suddenly twisted, and a person emerged from it. That person was the one she had been waiting for. Just as she finished shouting, he arrived.

Ten years ago, the two of them met in a vast sea of people.

That was fate. What happens next depends on whether they have a future. The two of them did not set a specific place to meet again back then. Trying to find someone in a sea of people is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even so, she never gave up hope.

She believed that Chen Ling would definitely recognize her at a glance. All she had to do was keep searching, keep shouting, and when he heard her, he would come to her like he did back then, and answer her.

So this year, she planned to wander around this city, near the street where they once met.

“It’s so cold…”

Sui Li’er is cold and hungry, the wind from the tall buildings is particularly strong. She shivers and feels a bit overwhelmed.

“Let’s go back… Maybe Chen Ling has already come? Maybe he’s downstairs?” Sui Li’er’s heart was filled with anticipation, and a smile appeared on her face.


Suddenly, the sound of a door opening came from behind. Sui Li’er was startled for a moment, and the next second, her face showed wild joy.

Is it Chen Ling? She turned around suddenly and exclaimed, “Chen Ling! Is it you?”


“Well… it’s not…”

It was three children who came.

“Wow…it’s so cold…hey, I’m freezing!” One of the little girls was shivering and talking, and her ponytail was blown up by the wind.

“Is there really a meteor tonight?” Another little boy asked in confusion.

“Yes! The astronomy club said it’s tonight!”

“We have to find a high place to watch.”

Another little girl shivered and said, “But… when will it come? If we go back too late, we’ll be scolded by our moms!”

“And it’s really cold here…I feel like I’m going to be blown away!”

A meteor? Sui Li’er turned her head quickly to look at the night sky.

A meteor!

It is said that wishing upon a shooting star will make your wish come true! Just as she was thinking, a light suddenly flashed across the sky.

“Wow! Look!”

Sui Li’er was also stunned. She quickly let go of the railing, closed her eyes, and made a wish with her hands clasped together.

“Um… Mr. Meteor! I hope I can meet Chen Ling again!” After speaking, she quickly opened her eyes, but the shooting star was gone.

Gone? Did the meteor hear her wish?

Hopefully it did…

While Sui Li’er was pondering, the group of children had already run over to the railing and stood beside her. One of the boys held onto the railing and swung his leg over to climb over it.

The girl quickly shouted, “Hey, Xiao Mo, you can’t climb the railing! It’s dangerous!”

“It’s fine! Don’t worry!” replied the boy.

Sui Li’er watched anxiously and yelled, “Hey, it’s really dangerous! Come back now!” But then she realized that he couldn’t hear her at all.

“Tsk…” Sui Li’er furrowed her brows and stood up, wanting to protect him. She could touch people, but they wouldn’t be aware of her presence. Any evidence of her existence would be presented in a way that suggested her non-existence.

The boy then suddenly flipped over the railing, causing Sui Li’er to gasp in shock. Fortunately, he landed safely on the edge of the building.

Sui Li’er breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but admire the bravery of children these days. Even she only dared to sit on the inside of the railing, but that boy was standing on the edge on the outside, with less than thirty centimeters of space between him and the building’s drop.

Sui Li’er quickened her pace towards him, but at that moment, the boy behind them exclaimed in surprise, “Hey! Wow, another shooting star! Quick, make a wish!”

“What?” The boy who had climbed over the railing turned around, and saw the shooting star streaking across the night sky. “Wow, make a wish!” Sui Li’er was stunned by his actions, but her heart clenched again the next moment.

The boy who had been standing on the outside holding on to the railings, suddenly clasped his hands in prayer, closed his eyes and made a wish!

Wasn’t he just asking for death? Sui Li’er was scared and hurried over to him. Just then, a gust of wind blew fiercely, and the boy opened his eyes in terror.

His small body was pushed by the wind and he was about to fall. “Be careful!” Sui Li’er finally arrived in time, shouting loudly and hitting the railing with a loud “bang!” “Ah… it hurts…” Fortunately, she grabbed the boy’s hand and pulled him back. But unfortunately, the boy couldn’t see the young lady who had just saved him.

In his memory, the thrilling scene just now was him reacting quickly and miraculously grabbing onto the railing.

This is the inexplicable curse. But Sui Li’er didn’t care about that, she felt happy that she could save him!

At this moment, Sui Li’er was still in shock, gasping for breath as she leaned on the railing.

“That scared me… really…” Sui Li’er’s tone was somewhat reproachful as she looked at the little boy. Although he couldn’t hear her, the already unstable railing was damaged and broken after the impact.


She suddenly felt her body losing support and falling uncontrollably forward. The railing was broken!

She turned her head in horror and looked at the equally frightened little boy. The little boy was looking at her, or more accurately, he was looking at the suddenly collapsed railing.

“Help…” Sui Li’er let out a sound before falling, but her words were cut off.

Oh… I forgot again… you can’t see me or hear me.

In the end, the broken railing hung on the rooftop from one end, but Sui Li’er fell down.

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