The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife
The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife Chapter 9 – How To Make My Entrance

The weightlessness made her feel numb all over.


The wind whistled past her ears. Sui Li’er’s body rapidly plummeted, the colorful windows zoomed past her at high speed. She couldn’t see what people were doing in each window on each floor, everything was blurry.

Just like the face in her memory that had already become fuzzy.

After so many years since the curse took effect, all the scenes of loneliness and emptiness appeared before her eyes like a passing glance.

She had been to so many places and met so many people, but all the people in her mind were faceless entities. Even Chen Ling’s figure was just an outline.

So…I don’t remember anyone. Just like they don’t know me. I don’t remember you, and you don’t know me, so we’re even, right?

Watching the ground getting closer and closer, she remembered her wish just now. If someone could see her like this…

Would she look like a beautiful shooting star?

“Chen Ling, you’re not coming after all, are you?”

“Maybe it’s better this way, to end it like this?”

“If I die, will the curse be lifted?”

“Will people see my body?” Sui Li’er’s thoughts gradually drifted away…

“Is there a next life?”

“There probably is, right?”

“After all, this life of mine can’t really be called living.”

“It’s okay… even if there isn’t.” At this moment, she no longer cared if anyone could hear her.

These words were just her habit of talking to herself. After saying it, she let go of her obsession in her heart. There was no more pity.

Oh well, let it be.

After feeling relieved in her heart, she closed her eyes and smiled. Ready to embrace everything that was about to come. Like a wingless angel. It’s the fall of the body and the sublimation of the soul.

Even with her eyes closed, there was a magical feeling. It was the feeling of death approaching…

So she opened her eyes, wanting to take another look at this lonely world.

But at a glance, she saw Chen Ling looking at her in surprise. Their souls met for the first time inexplicable in a long while.

He… is looking at me!?

Sui Li’er was stunned for a moment and felt happy in her heart. She found him! He really seems to be looking at her!

But she soon realized that she was about to die. The hope that had sparked in that moment was instantly extinguished. She had never felt so aggrieved before.


Is there a god in this world? If so, why treat her like this? She had searched for so long but only found him in this moment.

Chen Ling could deeply feel that sense of despair. Hope is right in front of you, but you can’t touch it. And the memory of what happened next is now.

After seeing all of her memories Chen Ling’s body had gone numb. His gaze toward Sui Li’er had changed. His eyes were full of complex emotions. She had really waited for him for so long…

I gave her hope to live, but I actually forgot about her. Although it was all because of his father…Chen Ling gave her that hope, And because of his existence, Sui Li’er always believed That there must be someone in this world who could see her, But she never thought that Chen Ling wasn’t even from this world.

At this moment, he was very fortunate that he had successfully saved her. And he even began to feel fortunate that his father had sent him to the God Vocational School where the internship happened to be in this dimension. He happened to arrive in this dimension tonight and happened to meet her here.

All of this, missing even one situation, leads to the cold body of Sui Li’er.

Fortunately, he’s here. After seeing her experiences over the past ten years, he felt deeply guilty. In Sui Li’er’s world, there’s only him, Chen Líng.

He didn’t know what to say for a moment, or how to meet her again.



Chen Ling all of a sudden felt like he had a disease that made him speechless… What expression should I use? What should I say? Chen Ling suddenly couldn’t do it.

But looking at her crouching on the ground, he couldn’t help but soften inside. With a thought, some packets of snacks appeared in front of her.

She was squatting on the ground, dazed and stunned, and didn’t notice anything even when something appeared in front of her. After a while, her stomach growled, and she finally came back to her senses.

Then she saw the food on the ground. But her first reaction wasn’t to pick it up and eat it, but to stand up and circle around it, then run a small distance away, looking around in confusion.

“Is anyone there?”

“Can anyone see me!?”

“Who gave this to me?”

“Is anyone there? Can you come out…” Her numb eyes lit up with joy and anticipation.

Chen Ling was right in front of her, but he didn’t cancel his invisibility spell so she couldn’t see him. He gritted his teeth and couldn’t help but open his mouth:

“Sui…uh…” Damn it…why can’t I speak?

Chen Ling felt a bit overwhelmed.

“Sniff…” Sui Li’er cried out. Biting her lip, she slowly walked back. But then she suddenly remembered something and stopped in her tracks.

“Chen Ling! Is it you?” Chen Ling’s heart skipped a beat.

“Chen Ling!”

Sui Li’er shouted loudly, louder than any of her previous shouts. Chen Ling frowned, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“I miss you so much…” She choked up and wiped her tears, but as soon as she wiped them away, more tears flowed out.

Chen Ling doubted he heard her correctly, and he looked up at Sui Li’er’s tearful eyes.


He was about to say something, but Sui Li’er wiped away her tears again and sniffled. Then she turned and walked to the pile of food in front of her.

Chen Ling still couldn’t speak. But he couldn’t help but frown. Damn it! He had never felt nervous to talk to a girl before.

Wait a minute… Let me think about how to make my entrance…

Sui Li’er picked up a bag of bread, and tears flowed down her face again. She whispered:

“Thank you…to whoever it is…thank you…” And then she started eating.

She didn’t have bad table manners but if someone saw her eating like this on the side of the road they would probably laugh out loud. However Chen Ling couldn’t laugh, he knew she was really hungry.

At this point, Chen Ling also turned off his mind reading ability. He didn’t want to see anymore, he already understood Sui Li’er completely. Or rather, he couldn’t bear to watch.

She lived a very sad life.

Although she was starving, she only ate two bags of bread. She picked up a trash bag on the side of the road, and put all the remaining snacks in it. It seemed like she wanted to divide them into several meals.

She knew that this kind of good thing wasn’t available every day.

Then she looked around and said softly: “Thank you…to whoever it is, thank you…”

Then she set out on a journey without an end… Chen Ling still followed behind her.


Only to see her walk to a clear lake and staring blankly ahead.

“What, are you thinking of jumping into the lake?” Chen Ling didn’t understand again… Just as he was about to use mind reading, he saw her gently take off her somewhat dirty clothes.

Her pure white skin was shining under the moonlight, and her hair, flicked lightly, with pink strands that looked like a dream under the moonlight. Chen Ling was momentarily stunned, she was really beautiful.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t even see her own beauty. There was no reflection of her in the river.

Suddenly, she turned around and looked back.

“Pfft~” Chen Ling sprayed two streams of nosebleeds directly.

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