The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 77.2

Chapter 77: 宋知许:爸,我给你找了个儿媳妇

Song Zhi Xu: Dad, I’ve search a daughter-in-law for you

There were still some papers left to be handled, so he would take them straight home and bring them back to the office again tomorrow.

Song Zhi Xu carried Lin Ran to his boss’s chair and let him sit down, then he simply tidied up the things on the table and let Lin Ran carry the documents that needed to be taken away, after that he picked up Lin Ran again.

“Song Zhi Xu are we going out again?”

Lin Ran’s body stiffened when he saw Song Zhi Xu walking towards the door again. He was still a little timid.

“Hn, we’re not at the office anymore, we’re going home.” Song Zhi Xu nodded his head.

Lin Ran’s eyes lit up instantly as he kicked his legs happily when he heard that they were going to go home. He then repeated his words once again,

“Let’s go home.”

Song Zhi Xu smiled and lowered his eyes to look at him.

“Baby, you have to behave well, I’m hugging you yet you’re still not being honest. Aren’t you afraid that I won’t hold you steady and drop you?”

Lin Ran shook his head without even thinking about it.

“Ran Ran is not afraid, Song Zhi Xu won’t.”

He knew that Song Zhi Xu would hold him steady and would not make him fall, so he was not afraid.

Song Zhi Xu wanted to kiss him, but Lin Ran still had a pile of papers in his arms that were in the way, so he couldn’t kiss him, so he had to hold back.

It was not until he took the lift and went to the parking lot and got into the car, only then Song Zhi Xu had the opportunity to kiss Lin Ran.

As he was about to start the car, Lin Ran suddenly remembered something and hurriedly pulled Song Zhi Xu back.

“Song Zhi Xu,I forget…forget about Xiao Guai and Xiao Guai’s wife.”

Lin Ran was a little anxious, he was only concerned about going home with Song Zhi Xu, however the two little turtles were still inside the lounge.

Song Zhi Xu was reminded by Lin Ran, only then he remembered. Without taking Lin Ran upstairs again, he called his assistant directly, who then brought the fish bowl out in no time.

But with the incident in the morning

Song Zhi Xu specially instructed the assistant to empty all the water from the fish bowl, leaving only the two turtles inside.

Lin Ran took the fish bowl and whispered, “Thank you” and looked at the little turtles that seemed to be crawling around in the fish bowl because of the lack of water, and held the fish bowl tightly.

Wait until Song Zhi Xu started the car and drove out from the parking lot, Lin Ran was still holding the fish bowl in his arms and talking to himself in a small voice, 

“Ran Ran, in the future, must not forget.”

He had brought the little turtle back with him. He almost forgot to bring it back.

Song Zhi Xu gave him a sideways glance and followed his words.

“It’s my fault, I was so focused on holding you that I forgot, it’s lucky that Ran Ran remembered it. “

Lin Ran looked at Song Zhi Xu and shook his head, he was the one who had brought the little turtle here.

The two of them went home and Song Zhi Xu stayed with Lin Ran for the rest of the afternoon before Lin Ran completely recovered. In the evening, after Lin Ran had fallen asleep, Song Zhi Xu got up and went to his study room to deal with the work he had brought back during the day.

The next day, Song Zhi Xu did not dare to take Lin Ran to the office again, after all, after what had happened before. He was still a bit afraid to take Lin Ran out for fear that he would be frightened.

Lin Ran was frightened, and although he couldn’t let go of Song Zhi Xu, he didn’t go with him to the office again. Song Zhi Xu said that he would come back to eat lunch together with him so Lin Ran agreed.

When Song Zhi Xu arrived at the office alone, he remembered that he had not yet used the surveillance cameras installed at his home. He clicked on his phone and searched for a while before finding in his bedroom, the bulging human figure on the bed.

He had had breakfast with Lin Ran in the morning, then after Lin Ran had escorted him out the door, he had actually crawled back into bed and gone to sleep.

Song Zhi Xu worked with his phone on, occasionally glancing at Lin Ran inside the surveillance camera. 

He saw that Lin Ran had slept again, and when he woke up, it was almost ten o’clock. Lin Ran sat up from the bed with a messy head of hair and looked around the bedroom several times, probably looking for him.

After a while, he remembered that he had gone to work and sat with his head down for a long time, then got up from the bed and began to seriously clean up his bedroom.

He changed the sheets and covers on the bed, and put the two people’s wardrobes in order. The bathroom in the room was also cleaned and then the clothes that the two people had changed out of were taken to the wash.

This was the first time that Song Zhi Xu saw Lin Ran cleaning the house alone in silence. Watching him work incessantly, he felt a bit distressed and several times he had the urge to call Lin Ran and ask him not to do any work. Just stay at home and wait for him to return. But when he touched his mobile phone, he withdrew his hand, Song Zhi Xu retracted his hand again, knowing that he would not be able to stop Lin Ran.

In those ten years, doing housework was almost a big part of Lin Ran’s life, and it had become a habit that Lin Ran could not let go of.

Song Zhi Xu could only watch in silence, and as soon as it was time to leave work, he took his clothes home.

When he arrived home, Lin Ran had already finished washing and drying his clothes and was waiting for him. When he heard the sound of his car, Lin Ran immediately ran to the floor-to-ceiling window and leaned over it, staring out as he waited impatiently. 

It was only when Song Zhi Xu entered, Lin Ran ran and jumped into Song Zhi Xu’s arms and received a kiss from him.

Song Zhi Xu made lunch, after the two of them ate it together, Lin Ran felt sleepy at noon so Song Zhi Xu coaxed him to sleep. 

When Lin Ran fell asleep, Song Zhi Xu couldn’t wait any longer and went outside with his mobile phone to dial the phone.

A slightly sleepy voice soon came from the other side.

“Dad.” Song Zhi Xu called out and before the other party could say anything, he then said, “I’ve found a wife, and I’m going to bring and introduce him to you and mum in a few days.”


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