The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 10

Chapter 10

While Yang Shifeng was cooking, Shiyi saw a pile of prey piled up in the corner and ran over to see a roe deer, two hares, and two pheasants.

“Yang Shifeng, did you shoot this?”

“Yes, I will keep the pheasant for our family to eat. I will make you braised chicken. For the rest, I will take it to town tomorrow to trade it for money. I will buy some white flour and pork and come back to make you some dumplings to eat. “

Going to town? This attracted Shiyi’s attention. She had been moving around the village for the past few days, but she knew that the town must be more prosperous and lively than this one. If she wanted to learn more about this world, she had to see more, and it would be good to go to the town.

“Yang Shifeng, can you take me with you to town tomorrow? I want to go and see it too. “

Yang Shifeng smiled. He thought about it and nodded. Taking her to hunt some prey was far too dangerous. However, it won’t be dangerous if he takes her to the town, but…

“Shiyi, our village is in the mountains. We are far from the town; the road is not good. The only family here who has a donkey cart doesn’t go to town frequently. We have to go to the town on foot. It will take about two shichen (a double-hour). Would it be hard for you to walk down? “

Shiyi was stunned. It took two shichen, which is almost four hours. Does it take four hours for people here in the village to go to town?

Shiyi has now understood the backwardness of technology in this world. There’s no car for transportation. The best transportation would be riding in a carriage. But for small villages in the mountains, rather than using any form of transportation, people travel by foot. No matter how Shiyi was psychologically prepared, she was still dumbfounded after knowing that the villagers walked for 4 hours. She can’t help feeling that people here can really walk.

However, she still has to go. How can she not go just because it will take her a long time?

Seeing Shiyi insist on going, Yang Shifeng nodded, “That’s fine. Then we have to get up before the rooster crows tomorrow, so we can get to town just in time to catch the market.”

“Okay, just call me when it’s time to depart.”

Sure enough, the next day, when it was still dark, Shiyi was still asleep when Yang Shifeng woke her up. The two of them simply washed up, ate two steamed buns, and set out for the town by the faint light of the moon.

They were not the only two people on the way; there were also many villagers who were rushing together with them, all of whom were going to the town to catch the market.

Some villagers from the same village knew Yang Shifeng and came up to greet him. Naturally, there was no shortage of questions about Shiyi, but Yang Shifeng was all just joking around and then took Shiyi to go faster, not to go with the seven aunts and uncles he knew in the village as much as possible.

The village trail to town just like Yang Shifeng said. It was very difficult to walk through it. They had to go over three hills. Some places are also facing the cliff. Only one person can cross. With a little carelessness, you can fall off the cliff. It can be said that this is the most difficult road that Shiyi has walked on. No wonder it takes four hours to walk to the town.

“Do you usually go this way to the town?” Shiyi asked curiously.

Yang Shifeng always paid attention to Shiyi’s feet, fearing that she walked unsteadily and fell. When she heard Shiyi’s words, he answered immediately. “We usually walk this way, and few people go by cart, because it’s too expensive to take the cart. It takes five copper plates. If you bring more things, you have to pay additional fees. The average family is not willing to sit down, anyway. Anyway, everyone is used to walking from childhood to adulthood. Children aged seven or eight in our village walk by themselves. “

Shiyi thinks the people here can really walk. Anyway, she had never walked such a long way. After all, what the end-world needs are speed. There are cars everywhere. There is no need for people to walk. Moreover, the walking speed is so slow. If she relied on walking, the zombies would have caught up with her.

Shiyi’s physical strength is very good. She can walk for a short time, but she’s really not good at walking for a long time. After walking for two hours, Shiyi’s soles couldn’t stand walking for such a long time and she was in pain. However, Shiyi didn’t say a word and just walked like this. Anyway, she can just bear it.

Although Shiyi walked as usual, not at all like she had pain in her foot, Yang Shifeng, who was always watching her, noticed that her feet were not right, and knew that her feet were hurting, which she was enduring, and then her brow wrinkled in pain. Although Shifeng wanted to help, he did not have a donkey cart and did not know what to do. He was secretly anxious.

At this time, Shiyi, who was not paying attention, stumbled over a pit under her feet and almost fell down. Yang Shifeng was startled and quickly held her. Although Shiyi didn’t fall, Yang Shifeng couldn’t bear it anymore. He quickly tied the prey with a rope, hung it around his neck, emptied his hands, and squatted in front of Shiyi, “Shiyi, let me carry you.”

Shiyi moved her aching toes in her shoe. She frowned and shook her head, “No, you go way, I’m fine.”

Yang Shifeng refused, “Shiyi, you haven’t gone this way. You won’t be able to endure it on your first try. If you still want to endure it and walk with your injured foot, you won’t be able to walk after arriving in the town, and you won’t be able to come back. There’s still a long way to go. “

Shiyi pursed her lips. After thinking for a while, she had to admit that Yang Shifeng was right. If she walked with her injured feet, she would have trouble going back. At that moment, she would drag Yang Shifeng down.

After understanding the cons, Shiyi no longer refused. She bent down on Yang Shifeng’s back.

Seeing that Shiyi agreed, Yang Shifeng was relieved. He held Shiyi’s legs and carried her up. His walking speed was no less than the speed of his walking before. However, no one knew that his heartbeat was about to fly out.

Shiyi, who was lying on Yang Shifeng’s back, had an indescribable feeling in her heart. Ever since she was a kid up to adulthood, she has never been carried by anyone, but being carried was not bad. Moreover, this is also the first time that she was not helping others, but instead, she was being taken by another person. This feeling is really strange, but it is not so unacceptable.

However, Shiyi knew that she was dragging Yang Shifeng, “Yang Shifeng, I’m sorry, I’m dragging you down this time.”

Yang Shifeng hurriedly shook his head, “No, no, don’t be sorry. This is your first time walking such a long way. You can’t certainly walk down. I should be blamed. I shouldn’t have let you walk with me. We will ride a donkey cart next time, and not walk. “

This man also blamed himself. Is he stupid? Shiyi didn’t bother to call him out for that. “Thank you anyway.”

Yang Shifeng’s physical strength is really great. He was even much faster than others when walking on the mountain road with Shiyi on his back. He carried her for a while before taking a rest. Finally, when they came to town, they left behind a large number of people.

At this time, the market is just lively. The sounds of people shouting incessantly, there are many children playing and playing on the road, and from time to time, the market is filled with the sound of adults reprimanding. It is really lively.

Shiyi’s eyes were on the marketplace. She looked here and there and was almost overwhelmed. This was the first time she had seen something like this. There was no marketplace in the last days, but it was only a trading area where different people sold their things and exchanged them with others for what they needed, each taking what they needed, quietly, without disturbing each other, and not at all lively, nor was it a marketplace.

Now, this is the real market.

Yang Shifeng saw that Shiyi was interested and said to Shiyi, “Shiyi, let’s go to the restaurant now and sell the prey, then I’ll take you to the market, okay?”

Shiyi nodded and followed behind Yang Shifeng until they reached a very lively two-story restaurant. She followed behind Yang Shifeng and went in.

Yang Shifeng went in and greeted the owner, who knew him. Brother Shifeng has hunted again, huh? What is it this time? “

Yang Shifeng smiled and handed over the item in his hand to the owner, who was very happy to see it. “Good, good, I need wild rabbits today, and roe deer is also good. I’ll have the back kitchen make it.” After he said this, he let Xiao Er take it to the back kitchen to give to the cook.

“Brother Shifeng, I’ll give you a total of 300 wens for these things. Do you think it’s okay?”

Yang Shifeng’s hunting products have always been sold to this family because the price given by the boss was very fair. After he heard the price, he didn’t bargain with the owner, but directly accepted the money and said goodbye before leaving.

When he got the money, Yang Shifeng went directly to the meat stall, bought half a catty of pork, and then took Shiyi to the place selling rice and noodles. He weighed three chows of white flour and ten chows of rice.

After buying all the ingredients for making dumplings, Yang Shifeng took Shiyi for a stroll.

“Buy some candied haws here! Buy some cotton candy here! ” The roadside vendor shouted vigorously, mixed with a tantalizing aroma that directly caught Shiyi’s eye.

What’s a candied haw? What is cotton candy? Shiyi had never seen it before, but the fragrance was really attractive. It’s delicious at first sight, making her want to taste it.

Yang Shifeng watched Shiyi stare at other people’s delicious food. It was very amusing. He went up to the vendor and purchased candied haws and cotton candy. He turned and handed it to Shiyi, “Here, eat it.”

The corner of Shiyi’s lips curled up. She impolitely picked it up, raised the candied haws, and chewed one. The taste was sour and sweet, very delicious.

Shiyi showed the expression of a cat stealing fish when eating delicious food again, which is also Yang Shifeng’s favorite look.

Yang Shifeng smiled as he watched Shiyi eat, reminding her, “The core inside is not edible; you have to spit it out.”

Shiyi sniffed, spitting out a few hawthorn kernels in her mouth. Her exposed tongue was red and bright, and even the edge of her mouth was accidentally dyed with a little bit of red stain.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t help but reach out and use his thumb to wipe away the red stain from Shiyi’s mouth, and only after he had done so did he realize how rude he had been and his face turned red.

Shiyi only cared about eating and did not pay attention to Yang Shifeng’s actions. When she saw him blushing, Shiyi was puzzled. “What’s wrong with you?”

Yang Shifeng dodged her eyes and dared not look at her. He hesitated and said, “No… nothing.”

Shiyi shrugged and didn’t care. “Here, have one,” she said, holding the candied haws in her hand. Shiyi knows that this is the money spent by Yang Shifeng. He only bought one for her, but he didn’t buy any for himself. At first glance, you can see that he was not willing to buy it for himself. Through this time spent with Shifeng, she has found that this person lives a frugal life, never willing to give himself something good, but he is very silly. He is willing to give her anything to eat, and his actions were not at all false. 

So Shiyi thinks this man is silly.

It seems that if she wants to enjoy the food here, she has to be rich so that she doesn’t have to spend this guy’s hard-earned money.

T/N: I’m really sorry for not updating for these past few weeks. I will start to be active again on March. Thank you again for waiting patiently.

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