The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Looking at the candied haws that had been handed to his mouth, Yang Shifeng’s face reddened again and he stuttered, “No… No, I don’t ……. No, you eat it.”

Shiyi rolled her eyes a little. If I want you to eat it, you can eat it. Don’t nag! “

After Yang Shifeng was scolded by Shiyi, he didn’t dare say no. Shifeng blushed as he opened his mouth and bit the candied haws into his mouth. For a moment, he just felt sweet. It was too sweet for his heart, and Shifeng’s mouth couldn’t help but grin, “delicious!”

But he was only willing to eat one. There were five candied haws on a stick. If he ate one more, Shiyi would eat one less, which was not good. So, he pushed the candied haws back and said, with a little coaxing tone, “I’ve eaten it.” If you won’t eat anymore, you can eat the rest. “

Shiyi said no more, took back her hand, and ate in silence.

After looking at how Shiyi enjoyed eating her food, aside from buying some household items, the remaining money in his pocket was used to buy food for Shiyi. 

Yang Shifeng used all the money left to buy Shiyi food, except for some household necessities. He bought Shiyi a variety of food that children usually like to eat, such as candies, pastries, and biscuits. In the end, there were only 20 wens left in his pocket. Yang Shifeng thought about it and took Shiyi into a rouge shop.

He knew that girls should be delicate and not as rough as him. Shiyi’s skin was so good that it should be well protected, so he bought a box of face cream for Shiyi in the shop. When he heard the women in the village talking, they said that the face would be particularly moist and the skin would get better if they used this product, but it was just too expensive. The villagers couldn’t afford to buy a few. Anyone who has a box of snow cream will be envied by the whole village.

Yang Shifeng thinks Shiyi has to have it. The money can’t be saved.

After buying snow cream, all the money earned from hunting ran out, but Yang Shifeng didn’t care about money for the first time. Compared with money, it seems more worthwhile to see Shiyi eating happily.

Shiyi was just about to say that she wanted to eat fried chestnuts, but she swallowed her words in the end. She saw that the money in Yang Shifeng’s moneybag was empty. How can she buy if she doesn’t have money? It seemed that she had to find a way to earn some money so that she could eat more delicious food. For example, she could invite Yang Shifeng into the restaurant for a meal.

Shiyi took her eyes away from the sugar-fried chestnuts and thought silently in her heart.

At this time, a sudden noise came, which attracted passers-by’s eyes. Many people ran forward from the street, shouting something.

Yang Shifeng stretched out her hand to protect Shiyi for fear that she would be hit by the running crowd. His eyes looked at the flow of people, “Something seems to have happened ahead.”

Shiyi stared at them. There was a group of people nearby. She didn’t know what was going on inside the circle. However, Shiyi didn’t care. She never had any curiosity about other people’s affairs. “Let’s take a detour and go back.”

Yang Shifeng nodded and led Shiyi along the roadside, trying to leave quickly.

“I’m afraid it is hopeless for this child. What a pity… “

“This family was bound to see their child die before them. The child was just this big. The parents should be sad to death. “

“What a sin! The child shed so much blood. I’m sure it can’t be saved. “

“Even Doctor Bai said that they must be prepared for the worst, so he must mean that they should be ready for the child’s death.”

There were all kinds of talking voices in the crowd. What they said should have been what just happened. Shiyi and Yang Shifeng generally understood that it should be a child who had lost too much blood and couldn’t be saved.

Yang Shifeng tightened his lips and sighed in his heart. No one could help to sigh when they saw that such a young child was dying.

At this time, several pathetic cries suddenly sounded in front. Looking at the front, it turned out that a man and a woman ran over with tears on their faces and shouted, “Dabao, Dabao, what’s the matter with you?”

It turned out that the parents of the child who had an accident came after receiving the letter. The onlookers quickly gave way to the couple and let them go in to see the child. This concession made Shiyi and Yang Shifeng, who could have squeezed through, unable to get through. They were crowded by the crowd and had to stay in the crowd to watch.

Inside, the child’s mother was so sad that she hugged the bloody child and couldn’t help crying, “Dabao, Dabao, what happened? What can I do to live if something happens to you? Woooo~”

Many people’s eyes started to turn red from seeing the woman’s cry. They started to console the woman.

After the child’s father was sad, he looked angrily at the young man in white, his fingers trembling, “it’s you, it’s you, you pay for my son’s life!”

The young man looked guilty and bowed in apology. Sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll try my best to compensate you. “

Hearing the speech, the child’s father shouted angrily, “What’s the use of compensation? I want my child to be fine. I don’t want compensation! “

Hearing this, the young man looked pale and didn’t know what to do. It was all because he was in a hurry to go home to attend his grandmother’s birthday party. The carriage drove too fast. The coach didn’t notice that a child suddenly rushed out onto the roadside. Before he could stop, he hit the child straight. The child’s head hit a stone on the ground and started to bleed. The man insisted on seeing the best doctors in town, but he couldn’t stop the blood. The doctor said it was hopeless. They could only prepare for the aftermath.

It’s all his fault. If he hadn’t urged the coachman to hurry up, he wouldn’t have lost a good child.

But the child has been in a coma and his face is blue. At first, he couldn’t accept it. But even if he can’t accept it, he has to accept it. He could only carry the child home early and clean up the child so that he could go on the road decently. The onlookers thought so, and they couldn’t bear to see a child in such a state. They all advised the child’s parents to accept the reality, collect compensation, and make good arrangements for their child.

The child’s parents can’t accept this reality. The mother was crying, with tears on her face and a hoarse voice, begging the people around her, “My child can still be saved.” If you can save him, please do so. Is there anyone who can save my child? Please him, save him. “

The child’s mother’s cry was so heartbreaking that the people around her couldn’t bear to see it and wiped their tears.

Yang Shifeng sighed slightly, “It’s a pity that the child is so young.”

Shiyi didn’t speak. She looked through the gap in the crowd at the child lying in his mother’s arms, covered with blood. The child lost too much blood, and yet they didn’t stop the bleeding. She was shocked. If they didn’t stop the bleeding, it really wouldn’t work. It would be too late to save the child.

Shiyi has never been a kind-hearted person. She never takes the initiative to intervene in matters that have nothing to do with herself. This is her consistent principle. If she is in her last days, she will not save the child, she will just walk away, but now…

Shiyi glanced at Yang Shifeng. He didn’t know her at all, but he still took her in. Is this him, the legendary good man? This is a world completely different from her own. This world is very humane. Now that she has come to this world, she might as well do as the Romans do and experience what it’s like to be a good person.

Shiyi decided to save the child in a rare act of mercy.


So Shiyi reached out to push away the crowd in front, “Give way, give way!”

The people were pushed by Shiyi. They looked back angrily and were ready to swear. As a result, as soon as they looked back and saw Shiyi’s appearance, they closed their mouths automatically and spontaneously, and Shiyi walked in smoothly.

Yang Shifeng was surprised. He didn’t know what Shiyi was going to do, but he also hurriedly followed her in so that if anything went wrong, he could protect Shiyi at any time and leave.

Shiyi took the child from his mother’s arms and put him in her own without saying a word. The child’s mother was surprised and shouted, “What are you doing?”

“Saving your child,” Shiyi said while pressing several parts of the child’s head.

The mother of the child could only be stunned by her words. The father of the child, who was ready to come up and do something, did not move. The husband and wife looked at each other. They couldn’t believe it, but asked hopefully, “Can you really save him?”

Shiyi didn’t speak. She reached out and took out the silver needle from her waist and quickly put the needle on several acupoints on the child’s head. No one noticed how Shiyi acted. Anyway, when they reacted, the child’s head was covered with several silver needles, but the magical thing happened at that moment. The child’s wound, which was bleeding, stopped bleeding.

It really stopped bleeding!

People around opened their mouths and stared at the scene incredulously. Even the doctor who was going to leave opened his eyes and didn’t believe what he saw.

When the child’s parents saw that the wound had really stopped bleeding, their hands shook with excitement, and they said unconsciously, “It’s stopped, it’s really stopped, he’s saved.”

Shiyi looked at the blood stopped, eyes towards the doctor, faintly asked: “Do you have Tian Yu grass on you?”

The doctor smiled and hurriedly nodded, “Yes, yes.” He opened the medicine box and took out the herbs and handed them to Shiyi.

Shiyi took the herbs and chewed them in her mouth without changing her expression. She then put a handful of the herbs on the child’s wound and asked the doctor for gauze to wrap the wound.

After finishing the procedure, Shiyi returned the child to the parents and stood up while pointing to the amazed doctor standing next to her and said, “Okay, the child’s life is not in danger. Next, just ask this doctor to prescribe some medicine to drink, and then give the child a blood tonic. He will be fine in a month.”

The child’s face, which had just been gray, recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, and although he was still pale, he was not dead white, and the child had regained his vitality.

The child’s parents were so excited that they knelt down and kowtowed to Shiyi on the spot, “Benefactor, you are our family’s great benefactor. Thank you, thank you!”

Shiyi wiped the bloodstains on her hands, waved her hand without saying anything, and said to Yang Shifeng, “Well, let’s go back.”

Yang Shifeng has turned from the initial surprise to being proud of Shiyi. He just thinks his Shiyi is really good. OK, let’s go home and cook delicious food for you.

Shiyi only then showed a little smile. She followed Yang Shifeng. Shiyi turned around and left the scene.

“Wait–” a male voice suddenly came from behind.

Shiyi turned her head and saw the man in white who had just hit the child hurriedly run to Shiyi. His eyes glowed as he looked at Shiyi and gave Shiyi a bow, “Miss, thank you for saving that child’s life. I can’t thank you enough for your great kindness.”


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