The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Shiyi glanced at the man and nodded casually. She pulled Yang Shifeng’s sleeve and continued to walk. She didn’t want to be polite to others here.

Seeing that Shiyi turned and left, Lian Yue hurried and took two steps to come to Shiyi again, saying, “Young Lady, hold on! It’s my fault; the child almost died because of me. If you hadn’t saved that child’s life, I would have felt guilty for my entire life. Young Lady, I have owed you a great favor, and for that, I am really grateful. Would you please give me your address? I’d better prepare a gift to thank you in person. “

Prepare a gift? Grateful? Shiyi became happy and stopped in her tracks. Originally, she wanted to do a good deed and experience what it’s like to be a good person. Now it seems that God doesn’t want her to be so selfless. Since someone had to thank her, waving her hand was not Shiyi style. This seems to be her only chance to be a good person without receiving a reward this time.

Shiyi smiled at the person in front of him. Suddenly, it was like a clear wind and a bright moon, which hit the man’s heart and spleen. Lian Yue was stunned and could not come back to his senses for a long time.

“Since you want to thank me, you don’t have to come to my house. Give it to me now. ” Shiyi stretched out her hand to Lian Yue.

“Ah?” For Shiyi’s way of asking for money, Lian Yue did not come back to his senses for a moment.

“Ah, what? Didn’t you say you wanted to thank me? “

“Oh, yes. I came to thank you for your kindness.” Lian Yue kept up with Shiyi’s thinking and hurriedly asked, “I don’t know what you want as a thank you?”

Shiyi blinked. “Of course, it’s silver. Just give it directly. ” Money is the most real thing. With money, you can buy everything, eat whatever you want, and you don’t have to spend the money Yang Shifeng hard-earned from hunting.

“Oh, yes, yes.” Lian Yue didn’t expect such a beautiful girl to ask for money. After a few moments of surprise, he immediately took out a few pieces of silver from his pocket and handed it to Shiyi with both hands, “Young lady, I don’t have much money when I come back from going out.” This is all the money I have. I hope you don’t dislike it. If you don’t think it’s enough, you can tell me your address and I’ll prepare more silver for you. “

Shiyi impolitely took the silver from Lian Yue’s hand and looked at it. It was thirty taels in total, which was almost enough. As for asking for more, she was not interested, so she waved her hand after taking the money. “No, these will be your thank-you gifts. We owe each other nothing in the future. “

“Hey, young lady, I” Lian Yue wanted to say something more, but this time, regardless of other things, Shiyi ignored him and directly dragged away Yang Shifeng, who had a complicated expression on his face. 

Lian Yue, who was behind them, looked at Shiyi’s back and couldn’t stop staring at them for a long time. He didn’t withdraw his eyes from them until he couldn’t see Shifeng and Shiyi completely.

It’s a pity that he didn’t have time to ask the girl’s name; he doesn’t even know where she lives, and Lian Yue doesn’t know if he can see her again next time.

Just when Lian Yue was lost in disappointment, the boy behind him came up and said to him, “Young master, we have to hurry back, otherwise you will be too late for your grandmother’s birthday party.”

Lian Yue thought of his grandmother’s birthday party, so he couldn’t think of Shiyi anymore. He hurried back to the carriage to rush home, but he let the boy stay to take care of the aftermath.

On the other hand, Shiyi tossed and caught the silver in her hand and played with it for a long time. When she had enough, she threw the silver directly to Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng hurriedly caught it, and his eyes were puzzled. “Shiyi, why are you giving me the silver?”

Shiyi said faintly, “Take it. You can use it to buy food and drink in the future. You don’t have to go hunting in the mountains.”

“Huh?” Yang Shifeng was surprised and quickly waved his hand, “No, no, you earned it yourself. So, of course, you have to keep it for yourself, and I’ll earn the money you use at home. “

Shiyi wants to roll her eyes at this fool again. When you gave him money, he refused. This man is really a…

Shiyi waved impatiently, “Stop talking. If I give it to you, you should take it. ” Shiyi has found out that, talking to him was not enough. He doesn’t want this or that. He nags a lot. She has to be tough with him for him to be obedient.

Once Shiyi talked with him with a tone of not taking no, Yang Shifeng really became obedient and really didn’t dare to say anymore. He had to accept the silver and silently think that all the money would be spent on Shiyi. He can’t spend a penny of Shiyi’s money on himself.

The journey back to the village was still hard, but this time Shiyi said she didn’t want Yang Shifeng to carry her, which would turn her into waste. Therefore, she walked down the whole way with her teeth clenched. When she got home, she felt numb because of the pain.

Yang Shifeng was so distressed. If Shiyi didn’t insist on walking, he wouldn’t let her walk for 2 shichen (4 hrs). As soon as they got home, Yang Shifeng immediately went to the kitchen to boil hot water. He filled the basin with hot water and brought it into Shiyi’s room.

“Shiyi, I boiled you some hot water. Soak your feet. If you don’t, your feet will hurt more tomorrow. ” Then he put the hot water on Shiyi’s feet. As a result, he saw that there were blisters on Shiyi’s feet after taking off her shoes, and some places were broken and congested.

Yang Shifeng was so shocked that he grabbed Shiyi’s foot and lifted it onto his leg, “Shiyi, why is your foot injury severe? Why didn’t you say it? ” It was so serious, but she still insisted on coming back by herself. He doesn’t know what to say to her.

Shiyi is actually very indifferent. This small injury is not a big deal in her opinion. She has suffered many injuries in the past. It was more serious than this, so she drew her foot and said, “It’s nothing, it just needs rest for two days.”

“Don’t move, let me see.” Yang Shifeng won’t let Shiyi take her foot back. He knows that if he doesn’t help Shiyi deal with it well, according to Shiyi’s indifferent attitude, she will certainly let it go and will never take care of the wound on her foot.

“Yang Shifeng, I’ll do it myself.” She is not used to being washed by others. She can handle this minor injury.

Yang Shifeng still held tight, “Be good. It’s inconvenient for you to do it by yourself. I’ll deal with it for you. “

Shiyi looked at his expression; it seemed that he was the one who was in pain. But in the end, she didn’t argue anymore and let Yang Shifeng deal with it. If she didn’t let him take care of him today, the conversation would have led to a dead-end. She didn’t want to listen to him nag again about such a small matter. Since he wants to deal with it, let him deal with it.

Seeing that Shiyi had compromised, Yang Shifeng put Shiyi’s feet into the warm water to relieve fatigue, and then kneaded and rubbed them in the position where fatigue can be relieved. It was really comfortable.

It’s just…

Shiyi poked the man’s shoulder with her finger and said, “Hey, Yang Shifeng, don’t you think my feet are dirty?” She has been walking for a whole day. Her feet are not clean. Does this person not even mind that she’s dirty?

When Yang Shifeng heard her words, he paused to wash her feet. His buried face turned red quietly. He only felt that the little feet in his hand were hot and reached his heart.

“No… no problem…” The voice was so low that Shiyi could hardly hear it.

But Shiyi still heard it. Looking at the red ears of the person squatting in front of him, she wondered why was Shifeng so kind to her? If he liked her for her beauty, he wouldn’t be willing to wash her feet. It’s impossible, but he was really very kind to her and didn’t make any requests. Yang Shifeng was not like those men in her previous life, whose desire for her body was clearly expressed.

But can anyone really like someone without asking for any return? Shiyi refused to believe it and didn’t want to explore this incomprehensible problem. Feelings are not necessary for her. She doesn’t want to talk about feelings because it’s a very troublesome thing. She saw too many people who died and lived because of feelings in her previous life. To be honest, Shiyi doesn’t look at such people. She thinks they are idle and have nothing to do.

In Shiyi’s opinion, men are ruthless and their feelings are too boring. Instead of wasting her time, it’s better to do other things.

Shiyi admits that Yang Shifeng is a bit of a good man. Such a person is suitable for marrying an ordinary, kind woman, but not her. She is not a good person, and she was only a passer-by in Shifeng’s life.

It seems that she shouldn’t stay here anymore. Shiyi secretly made up her mind. When she cures the leg of Grandpa Yang and returns his favor, she will leave here immediately. At that point, Yang Shifeng will naturally forget about her.

Yang Shifeng didn’t know that Shiyi’s heart was full of twists and turns. He carefully washed Shiyi’s feet, took out the rest of the ointment left at home, and carefully applied it to the wound on her foot. He bought the ointment at Tong Ren Hall in the town. Because he often went hunting in the mountains, he was often injured, so he bought the ointment and applied it to the wound when he was injured, and whenever he applied the medicine, the wound would heal soon.

“Shiyi, try to walk less in the next few days so that the wound will heal quickly.” Yang Shifeng asked anxiously.

Shiyi moved her toes. I won’t go out. I’m going to treat your grandpa’s leg tomorrow. “

Yang Shifeng smiled and said, “I won’t go hunting in the mountains. I’ll help you. By the way, what can I help you with? “

Shiyi really needed help and said directly, “Before I apply the needle tomorrow, you should boil more hot water and apply a hot towel to your grandfather’s legs first, so that the effect of treatment will be better.” After I put on the needle, you can smash the two herbs, apply them to your grandfather’s legs, and wrap them with gauze. “

Yang Shifeng listened carefully, wrote down what he needed to do in his heart, and asked Shiyi some questions that needed attention. Shiyi answered him patiently. When the two finished, Shiyi’s foot injury was also cured.

At this point, it was already dark. Yang Shifeng poured out the foot-washing water and told Shiyi not to move. He went to the kitchen to make some noodles. The three of them and Grandpa Yang simply ate some noodles and went to bed.

On this day, Shiyi walked for almost ten hours. Even if she was in good health, she couldn’t stand it. She fell into bed and went to sleep. Naturally, she didn’t know that Yang Shifeng sneaked into her room after she fell asleep and rubbed the ointment on her feet again.

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