The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Shiyi slept deeply that night, and when she opened her eyes the next day, the sun had risen high and her stomach was growling.

Shiyi got out of bed, put on her shoes and went out. Yang Shifeng was sitting at the table. He was making dumplings with a round dumpling skin in his hand. There were many wrapped dumplings next to him.

Seeing Shiyi coming out, Yang Shifeng smiled and asked, “Woke up? Are you hungry? “

Shiyi rubbed her stomach and nodded honestly.

Yang Shifeng rose, entered the kitchen, and took a bowl of hot pimple soup.”I heated it up for you. Wash up and come eat your breakfast. “

Shiyi was in a beautiful mood when she saw that Shifeng had cooked a different dish this time. After quickly washing up, she sat down and ate. Sure enough, this pimple soup was very delicious.

While enjoying the delicious food, Shiyi asked curiously, “Are you making dumplings?” Is this a dumpling?

Yang Shifeng’s hands did not slow down and he said, “Well, it will be ready later. We will eat dumplings at noon.”

At that, Shiyi gave him a big smile, which once again charmed Yang Shifeng’s eyes and made his heartbeat like crazy.

At noon, as Yang Shifeng said, they ate dumplings. When the dumplings were cooked, the attractive fragrance spread all over the room, and Shiyi could not help but gulp.

It really smells too good.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t see Shiyi’s greedy way. He first filled her with a bowl and asked her to eat first. He filled another bowl and went into the house to feed Grandpa Yang.

Shiyi sat at the table, picked up the first dumpling of her life with chopsticks, and observed it for a long time before putting it into her mouth. Suddenly, her taste buds seemed to bloom, and the sense of pleasure spread all over her body from her mouth. It turns out that dumplings taste like this. It’s delicious. Way too delicious.

Shiyi didn’t observe anymore. She hurriedly picked up another dumpling and put it into her mouth to chew it carefully. Shiyi thought that with her 32 taels of silver, she should be able to eat more delicious dumplings.

“Big brother, big brother,—” just as Shiyi was enjoying delicious dumplings, there was a sudden, consecutive knocking from the door. There were also sounds of footsteps outside the door. With the sound of childish shouting, two children ran in from the door.

Shiyi took a look and saw that the two children who ran in were the two little carrot heads from Yang Shifeng’s second uncle’s family.

When the two children saw Shiyi, who had frightened them the last time, they stepped back and their eyes shrank in fear. They didn’t dare look at her. The two children hesitated, they stood at the door of the house and didn’t dare come in. They were afraid that Shiyi would jump in front of them and beat them up. The children wanted to run back home, but after smelling the fragrance in the air and watching the dumplings Shiyi ate, the food finally suppressed their fear, and they couldn’t leave.

Fortunately, Shiyi just looked at them and lowered her head to continue eating her dumplings. Shiyi’s indifferent attitude made the two children breathe a sigh of relief. Only then did the two dare to move in and jumped step by step to the door of the east house. When the children saw Yang Shifeng feeding Grandpa Yang with dumplings, they immediately forgot their fear and recovered courage.

The little boy shouted at Yang Shifeng, “Big brother, are you eating dumplings in your house? We want to eat them too! “

The little girl looked at her brother and shouted, “We want to eat! Big brother, please give it to us!”

Grandpa Yang, who was eating dumplings, shook his head helplessly. He was no longer surprised by this situation. He waved his hand and said, “Go and give them some, or else, we won’t live in peace.” 

The children of the second family were educated by their mother. They stare at Shifeng every day. Whenever Shifeng gets something good, the children will come and ask for it immediately. Unfortunately, they are just children, and Shifeng can’t refuse their request. He really didn’t know what to say to them. Shifeng could only give in to them, again and again.

His eldest grandson could only suffer.

Yang Shifeng waved to the two children outside the door, “You two, wait a minute. The oldest brother will fill it for you after feeding Grandpa. “

The two little kids tooted their mouths unhappily, but they didn’t make any noise. They stood at the door and stared closely. Seeing that there was only one last dumpling in the bowl, they immediately said, “Well, when you’re finished, give us dumplings.”

After Yang Shifeng settled Grandpa Yang’s meal, he took an empty bowl and took the two children to the kitchen. He filled a bowl of dumplings for each of the two children and asked them to sit at the table. Some of the two children were not so afraid of Shiyi and began to eat.

Yang Shifeng also sat down and secretly looked at Shiyi’s face for fear that she would be unhappy.

Shiyi didn’t look at him. She lowered her eyes and ate her own food. She didn’t bother to take care of the two children. Anyway, these things are Yang Shifeng’s, and the craft was also Yang Shifeng’s. He can give them to whoever he likes. This is his freedom. As long as they don’t provoke her, she won’t meddle in their own business.

Shiyi ate three bowls in a row, and her stomach was full. Then she put down her chopsticks and caressed her stomach with satisfaction. She only felt that such a day was called a great day. It was great to be here.

Seeing that Shiyi was so satisfied, Yang Shifeng was also happy and said to Shiyi, “Stand up and walk around, otherwise it’s easy to accumulate food.”

Shiyi also knew this and obediently stood up and went for a walk in the yard. 

When the two children saw that Shiyi had left, they put down their dishes and chopsticks and burped confidently. They also ate and were full.

“Big brother, why does everything you make taste good? Why is it that when my mother makes it, it doesn’t taste good? ” Something was muttered by the child.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t cry or laugh. He patted them on the head and asked them to walk around.

The two children didn’t move. Seeing that Yang Shifeng began to clean up the dishes and chopsticks, the boy hurriedly asked, “Big brother, are there still dumplings in the pot?”

Yang Shifeng wondered, “Yes, what’s the matter? Haven’t you two had enough? “

The little boy said, “I’m full, but please bring me another big bowl and I will take it home. My mother wants”

Before the little boy finished speaking, the little girl patted him on the back and stopped him from talking. The boy realized that he had said something wrong. He quickly changed his words, “My father wants to eat.” He’s so tired from working every day. I want to bring him something to eat. “

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and sighed. Although he knew that this was taught by his second aunt, he couldn’t bear to refuse in the face of his second uncle, as long as his second uncle could take one of the dumplings.

Yang Shifeng took the last dumplings out of the pot and gave them to the two children. The two children went back home, happily holding the bowl.

Shiyi saw the bowl in the hands of the two children and looked at it with understanding and withdrew her gaze, but Yang Shifeng was not very comfortable. He scratched his head and took the initiative to explain to Shiyi: “They took it back for my second uncle to eat. My second uncle is good to me. When I was a child, he secretly saved his own rations for me to eat. “

Shiyi waved her hand carelessly, “Why are you explaining this to me? It’s your thing, and I don’t care who you want to give it to. It’s your freedom. “

Shiyi really didn’t care… This generous attitude of Shiyi made Yang Shifeng dejected. His face darkened in an instant. The only reason why she didn’t care was that she didn’t treat herself as a member of this family but as an outsider.

She never wanted to stay here, did she?

Yang Shifeng felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to be seen by Shiyi. Shiyi immediately made an excuse to clean up the kitchen and went back to the house, so Shiyi didn’t see Yang Shifeng’s lost look.

In the afternoon, Shiyi started to treat Grandpa Yang’s leg. After Yang Shifeng had given Grandpa Yang a hot compress, Shiyi placed her silver needles one by one on the bed. She pulled out the thinnest one first and, pointing her index finger at Grandpa Yang’s leg when she reached an acupuncture point, her eyes were focused on that place and she quickly released the needle.

Yang Shifeng watched nervously and didn’t dare make a sound for fear of disturbing Shiyi. Now, he didn’t doubt Shiyi’s medical skills at all. Yesterday’s incident with the child was still fresh in his mind. Even Doctor Bai, a doctor in the largest hospital in the town, was helpless. On the other hand, Shiyi was saved so easily. It can be seen that Shiyi’s medical skills were extraordinary, and there is still little hope for his grandfather’s leg to be cured.

However, even if he can’t be cured, he won’t blame Shiyi. After all, Grandpa’s legs have been paralyzed for so many years. After seeing so many doctors and having the same diagnosis, How can it be easy to cure Grandpa? He just wanted Shiyi to have a try. He didn’t expect his grandpa to get better. Shifeng was convinced that his grandpa didn’t have much hope.

After an hour, Shiyi breathed out and wiped the sweat on her forehead with her sleeve. She took back the silver needles one by one, disinfected them with wine, wiped them with a clean cloth, and put them back on her waist. Only then did Yang Shifeng apply the crushed herbs to Grandpa Yang’s legs, and then wrap them with white gauze. 

Today’s treatment is over.

Grandpa Yang saw the sweat on Shiyi’s forehead and his back clothes were wet with sweat. He looked at Shiyi with gratitude and said, “Little girl, thank you for your hard work.”

Shiyi waved her hand and said to Grandpa Yang and Yang Shifeng, “I have to treat him like this every day for the first five days, and then once every three days.” Don’t drink the medicine taken orally for the time being. I’ll prescribe the medicine when your legs get better.

“OK, thank you, little girl.” Grandpa Yang nodded, looked at Yang Shifeng, and said, “Shifeng, boil some water for this little girl Shiyi later and let little girl Shiyi wipe her sweat.” Don’t let her catch a cold in wet clothes. “

“Yes, Grandpa. I’ll go right away. ” In fact, Yang Shifeng had long found that Shiyi’s back was wet with sweat. Grandpa Yang didn’t have to say that. Shifeng had already boiled hot water in the pot and prepared clean clothes for Shiyi.

Grandpa Yang sighed as he looked at the backs of the two children walking out together. 

The little girl brought back by his eldest grandson was not only beautiful but also knew medical skills. At first glance, she doesn’t look like an ordinary person. He thought about whether she could stay and become a couple with his eldest grandson and take care of each other in the future. Now he dared not say this again. The girl can find a better partner. Shiyi might not look down on their family background. But if she really doesn’t like his grandson, that’s understandable. No one can force her.

He didn’t need to ask his grandson’s opinion of her; he already knew. His eldest grandson likes this little girl. The way his grandson looked at the little girl was different. Alas, this silly boy has been determined since he was a child. If he decides what to do and who to be with, he will go all the way to the dark. He will never change his mind, just as he resolutely took over him at the beginning.

But with such a temperament, he would only be hurt in the future. If the girl leaves in the future, he doesn’t know how his eldest grandson would feel.

Grandpa Yang closed his eyes and was worried, silently.

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