The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 14

Chapter 14

The next day, Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to their vegetable garden to dig up some potatoes after he decided to cook stewed chicken with potatoes for Shiyi.

Shiyi had never seen potatoes before, so she squatted aside and watched curiously. Yang Shifeng took the initiative to introduce the potatoes to her. When Shiyi heard that stewed chicken with potatoes was particularly delicious, she also reached out and dug potatoes together with Yang Shifeng, full of enthusiasm.

Yang Shifeng smiled. It seems that Shiyi’s motivation to work is to eat.

Seeing Yang Shifeng peeling the potato with a knife, Shiyi took the initiative to take over this task. She reached out for the knife. “I’ll take care of this. Go ahead and handle the chicken.”

Even though Yang Shifeng was afraid of Shiyi hurting her hand, when he saw that the knife in Shiyi’s hand was moving as if it was part of her body, and how the potato skin was peeled off after Shiyi just brushed the knife against the potato a few times, he couldn’t help but touch his nose. She was much faster than he was. He was no longer worried, so he ran to deal with the chicken.

Yang Shifeng made a potato chicken stew and fried Shiyi’s favorite scrambled eggs with tomatoes in a generous portion, which Shiyi ate with a smile on her face, but before she could eat a few bites, the two kids from yesterday came sniffing again.

Shiyi felt that the courtyard wall between Yang Shifeng and his second uncle’s house was the same. No matter what this side was doing, the other side could immediately know.

Yang Shifeng also knows that the two little ones must have smelled the chicken and come running to his house. Sifeng shook his head and went to get bowls of rice for the two children.

Yesterday, Shiyi didn’t scare away the two children, so the two children were not too afraid of Shiyi today. They immediately climbed on the table, took some rice, and clipped some meat impolitely. Their actions were much faster than Shiyi’s. In a short time, the chicken was half gone.

Yang Shifeng looked at it lightly and frowned, but he couldn’t help but let the two children eat it. He had to put a few more pieces of chicken into Shiyi’s bowl. Shifeng also added a lot of scrambled eggs with tomatoes to Shiyi, for fear that Shiyi would not be full in the end.

He picked up tomatoes and salted beans that no one ate.

Shiyi saw this but didn’t say anything. She ate her own food seriously. Instead, the two children watched Yang Shifeng bring so many dishes to Shiyi and glared at him discontentedly. They wanted to ask why he would do this, but seeing Shiyi, they were too afraid to use those words. They could only eat faster.

The food that could have been eaten for two meals was gone in one meal due to the wind and rain of the two children. Yang Shifeng ate a total of one chicken claw.

Not to mention that, after eating the meal, the two children remembered their mother’s words and said to Yang Shifeng, “Brother, did you hunt the chicken in the mountain? Then why didn’t you send one to my family? My sister and I want to eat meat, and so do my elder brother and sister. “

Yang Shifeng really didn’t send it to his second aunt’s house this time. Shifeng didn’t know how to explain it now that he was asked by two little kids. How can he say that he was angry with their mother, so he deliberately didn’t give it to their family?

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and said to the two little kids, “I didn’t catch much this time, so I didn’t give any to your family.”

The little boy immediately pouted his mouth and said, “How could it be? Didn’t you give it to us every time before? My mother said, “You must have hunted a lot, but you’re not willing to give it to our family.”

Yang Shifeng’s face turned ugly.

Shiyi listened to their conversation and couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth. She looked at Yang Shifeng and smiled sarcastically. Look, they were so used to your kindness, to the point that when you don’t give in to them once, you become a sinner. They will never be satisfied.

The little boy was not afraid of Yang Shifeng’s displeased look. He went up to him and grabbed his trouser legs. “Big brother, give it to us. We want to eat meat, and Dad wants to eat meat. ” His mother said that his eldest brother certainly had meat in their house, but he hid it. As long as they begged, he (the kid) would have meat to eat.

The little girl also dragged Yang Shifeng’s trousers and begged with her milky voice.

Yang Shifeng frowned and patiently explained to the two kids: “There’s no meat in your big brother’s house anymore.” Just one chicken was left to cook for today. Next time, big brother will hunt more and I will send one to you, okay? But if you make trouble, I will really not bring any meat for your family to eat. “

The two children were frightened by the last sentence. Although they were disappointed that they couldn’t get the meat, they didn’t dare ask anymore. The two went home hand in hand.

Yang Shifeng stroked his forehead and got a headache from the two children. His second aunt just caught the fact that he loved her children and couldn’t bear to refuse them. So, she sent the two children to ask for things every time, but he couldn’t bear them. He could only give it to the children.

The living conditions of his second uncle’s family were really bad. It’s rare for them to eat meat once a year. The children are still young. How can they grow up without eating meat? It was all thanks to his second uncle, who was secretly giving him something to eat, that he grew up tall. And now, he can repay his second uncle’s kindness.

Shiyi can’t understand Yang Shifeng’s, soft heart. She is noncommittal about Yang Shifeng’s behavior. Anyway, it’s not her relatives. How he treats his relatives has nothing to do with her. She doesn’t need to take care of it. She can leave as long as she cures Grandpa Yang’s legs.

In the afternoon, Shiyi gave Grandpa Yang an acupuncture session. This time, Yang Shifeng was much more knowledgeable. He even prepared a towel. When Shiyi was sweating, he wiped Shiyi. He really looked like a nurse in the operating room.

When Shiyi was halfway through, Uncle Yang suddenly came in and said, “Shifeng, what are you doing?” Second Uncle Yang looked at Shiyi in disbelief. Although Shiyi’s actions appeared to be skilled at handling needles, he didn’t believe that Shiyi was a doctor who could handle acupuncture.

When Yang Shifeng saw that his second uncle had come, he was about to explain, but stopped. He looked at his grandpa, who originally had his eyes closed, and scolded his second uncle. What are you shouting for? Can’t you see that Doctor Shiyi is sticking needles into me? “

Uncle Yang scratched his head. “No, Dad, why is this girl a doctor? Why don’t I know? “

Grandpa Yang was even angrier. “You unfilial son, if you have taken care of my business, how can you not know? What do you know? “

After hearing Grandpa Yang’s words, Uncle Yang was very embarrassed and bowed his head to admit his mistake. “Dad, your son’s unfilial, but this girl…” He was still worried about his father’s treatment.

Yang Shifeng couldn’t see that others doubted Shiyi and immediately cleaned Shiyi’s name. “Second uncle, Shiyi’s medical skills are very good. The last time we went to town, a child was hit by a carriage and shed a lot of blood. Doctor Bai in the town said that they could only prepare for his death. But, Shiyi saved the child.

Uncle Yang opened his eyes in surprise and said, “Really?” Better than Doctor Bai?

This was the first Grandpa Yang heard of this. Grandpa Yang was surprised when he heard that Shiyi was so powerful. It seems that his old legs really have hope. This time, Grandpa Yang didn’t want to see Uncle Yang pestering him here and disturb his treatment. He waved to him impatiently, “If you have nothing to do, just leave quickly.” Don’t get in the way here. I don’t expect you to take care of it. Just don’t disturb me. “

Uncle Yang’s dried-up face was very embarrassed. He knew he really couldn’t do anything for his father, so he could only leave, forgetting why he came here, “Dad, I’ll go.”

Grandpa Yang didn’t bother to look at him.

Uncle Yang came home empty-handed. Song Juanhua’s face dimmed as she looked at Uncle Yang. “Where are the goods?”

Uncle Yang sighed and said, “The girl brought back by Shifeng is a doctor and is treating my father’s legs.” The girl’s medical skills seem to be very good. ” Then Uncle Yang told Song Juanhua about how Shiyi saved a child from the town.

“She’s so good at medicine. Have you been cheated? ” Song Juanhua couldn’t believe it.

Uncle Yang said, “I was not cheated by them. Can Shifeng still let a liar treat his grandfather? You know, Shifeng is very devoted to his grandfather. Moreover, the way she poked the needles in was more decent than any doctor I’ve ever seen. She shouldn’t be a fraud. “

Song Juanhua believed it a little. She bit her lower lip and whispered, “Was she really good? No, I have to see it with my own eyes, or else I won’t believe it. ” After talking, she immediately went out.

Uncle Yang stopped her. “Why are you going there?”

“I’ll go and see if her medical skills are really that great, otherwise I won’t believe it.”

“Oh, what are you doing? Don’t disturb her; she’s curing her father’s legs now.”

“Go away, I’m just going to take a look. How can it be a disturbance?”

In the end, Song Juanhua ran next door and went straight to the east house where the old man lived. Sure enough, she saw that Shiyi was putting on the needle. Her movements were like moving clouds and flowing water. It was swift and clear. Anyone who saw it would know that she was not a fraud, but someone with real talent and knowledge. It was really unbelievable.

Song Juanhua really believed it now. Before Yang Shifeng asked her what she was doing here, she turned around and left again, which was puzzling.

In fact, Song Juanhua was thinking about Shiyi’s medical skills. As for what? It turned out to be because of her younger brother in her natal family. He once fought with others and broke his leg. They treated his legs for a long time. Although he could walk, that leg was disabled and he could only limp as he walked. He was often called lame by the ignorant children in the village. The family was very sad about this. She thought he would only be like this all his life. Not until Song Juanhua became aware of Shiyi’s medical skills,

Song Juanhua thought in her heart that if Shiyi could really cure the old man’s leg, she could certainly cure her brother’s leg. The injury on her brother’s leg was much lighter than the old man’s leg. What’s more, since he’s one of the family, can Shiyi still ask for money for leg treatment?

However, it can’t be said yet. She has to wait and see if the old man can be cured. If he can be cured, she will immediately go back to her mother’s house and say so. At that time, her mother and her brother’s wife will thank her to death.

Song Juanhua thought happily all the way. When she got home, she was still happy. Uncle Yang asked, “What’s the matter with you? What made you so happy? “

“Can’t I be happy?” Song Juanhua pushed uncle Yang and said, “I’ll tell you, go to the next door to see your father more in the future, and come back to tell me about his leg recovery.”

Uncle Yang thought he had heard wrong. What did you say? You asked me to see my father more. ” His wife always told him not to go to the house next door.

Song Juanhua raised the corners of her mouth, “Let’s go and see your father more and surprise him. It can be considered as us doing our filial piety to him.”

Uncle Yang didn’t believe what she said, but he didn’t know what his wife was thinking, so he nodded and agreed. Anyway, he would be happy to see his father more often.

After that, Uncle Yang really went to see Grandpa Yang every day. Yang Shifeng couldn’t understand his uncle and almost thought that there was something wrong with him.

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