The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 15

Chapter 15 

On the fifth day since Shiyi started the acupuncture treatment for Granpa Yang, on the fifth day, as usual, Shiyi started to penetrate the skin with the needle. Grandpa Yang, who had always been motionless, suddenly struggled a little to get free and cried out. 

Yang Shifeng almost thought that something had gone wrong, so he rushed to Grandpa’s side and asked, “Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?” 

Grandpa Yang looked at his leg incredulously and didn’t have time to answer Yang Shifeng’s words. He felt a slight pain in his leg. When he found that it was not an illusion, his hands began shaking from excitement. 

His leg, which hadn’t been able to feel anything for more than a decade, was feeling something…

Grandpa Yang’s eyes moistened and he said in a trembling voice. “Shifeng, your grandpa can feel his legs again. Grandpa can feel the pain. ” 

“Oh—”Yang Shifeng also froze. His eyes moved to Grandpa Yang’s leg. “Grandpa, can you feel the pain?” 

Grandpa Yang nodded, “I feel it. I really can feel it.” 

Yang Shifeng turned his gaze to Shiyi and murmured, “Shiyi, my grandfather can feel his legs again.” 

Shiyi was tempted to roll her eyes. She didn’t say any promises, but could Grandpa Yang still be unable to recover sensation in his legs after she treated Grandpa Yang for five days? If that’s the case, then she doesn’t deserve to be grabbed by so many people in the last few days. Even the governments of all countries have mobilized their people to take her. 

At this time, Uncle Yang had just come into their house. When he was at the door, he heard that his father had recovered the sensation in his legs. Uncle Yang was surprised and immediately ran inside the room as he asked excitedly. “Did you regain your sensation, Father?”

Grandpa Yang now also cared not to put on a face for Uncle Yang. He immediately said to him, “Ershi, Dad’s legs are conscious. My father’s legs have been paralyzed for many years, and I felt the pain when the needle penetrated through my skin! 

Uncle Yang was more excited than Grandpa Yang. His eyes also started to turn red. “Father, you are going to get well.” It’s great! Great! ” 

Seeing that the three men in the family are close to hugging and crying, Shiyi timely voiced out, “Okay, I’m going to continue sticking needles. You guys move aside.” 

After saying that, she looked at Grandpa Yang and said, “The next step may hurt, Grandpa Yang, please bear it.” 

Shiyi girl, you just stick it, I’m fine.” Grandpa Yang nodded his head with tears in his eyes.

Shiyi nodded and picked up the silver needles and proceeded to treat him. 

Yang Shifeng was happy to know that Grandpa Yang’s leg had improved, so he planned to make some delicious food to treat Shiyi. When his uncle Yang overheard it, he thought it was to celebrate Grandpa Yang’s recovery. He nodded happily. “Yes, we should celebrate. This is a joyous event for our family. We haven’t been this happy for many years.

Since his second uncle has said so, they can’t certainly eat good food at home by themselves and leave out his second uncle. If Uncle Yang eats here, then his family will surely come to their house to eat. 

In deciding whether he should let the second family eat their meals in their house, Yang Shifeng didn’t make his decision immediately, but instead, he asked for Shiyi’s opinion first. “Uncle Yang was also very concerned about Grandpa’s legs. He even came here every day for a long time.” Uncle Yang also wanted to celebrate Grandpa Yang’s recovery, and Uncle Yang’s family will surely come here to eat. By that time, it will be very noisy. But after they eat their meal, I will immediately let them go home. Is that okay with you? If not, we will not call them. “

Shiyi did not understand these human affairs and did not bother to care. She waved her hand and said, “Do whatever you want, as long as the people in their family don’t annoy me. You don’t have to ask me for anything else. “

Yang Shifeng sighed and went to make his own arrangements. 

Of course, you can’t cook a few vegetables casually during the celebration. Therefore, Yang Shifeng picked up his bow and arrow and went up the mountain. When he came down again, he carried several preys in his hand, enough to cook several large plates of hard dishes.

Yang Shifeng made a braised chicken, steamed fish, a braised rabbit, and five other vegetarian dishes, each with a full portion, definitely enough for so many people to eat a good meal.

What is worth mentioning is that when Uncle Yang came, he even carried a pot of wine in his hand and said, “Shifeng, this is the wine that your Second Uncle made. Uncle is very happy today. Let’s have a good drink as uncles and nephews. “

Yang Shifeng blinked. He was a little puzzled. His eyes looked at Song Juanhua, who was standing beside his uncle. There were no traces of displeasure in Song Juanhua’s face. She was smiling. This made Yang Shifeng confused. His second aunt never gave but always took. She would never give up an onion, let alone a bottle of wine. Today, how did his second uncle convince his wife to bring a pot of wine?

Yang Shifeng doesn’t know, but he always feels that things are not so simple.

Today, everyone in Uncle Yang’s family came. Uncle Yang introduced his eldest son to Shiyi, saying, “Shiyi, this is my eldest son, Song Zhi. This child always stays at home all day and doesn’t go out much. ” Then he said to his eldest son, “This is the benefactor of our family. She cured your grandpa’s leg. You’ll call her sister Shiyi from now on. “

Song Zhi is a 16-year-old young man. Because his reading talent is good, he has been studying at home. He doesn’t do anything except read every day and doesn’t go out. His skin was not like a village man’s at all; he was very white. He looks beautiful.

However, Song Zhi thinks of himself as a scholar. Song Zhi looks down on the people in the village. He always has a sense of superiority. Of course, Yang Shifeng is also among the people he despises. If it’s not necessary, he basically doesn’t want to come to Yang Shifeng’s house. This time, his father insisted, and his mother also said that he must come with them. Left with no choice, he could only come with them.

Song Zhi was not interested in the girl that his father said cured his grandfather. It was said that his cousin picked her up from the mountain. She must be a mountain doctor who knows a little bit about medicine. It’s no big deal. Therefore, he disdained Shiyi before he saw Shiyi. However, when he saw Shiyi himself, he slapped himself in the face.

“Shi… Shiyi, you… Hello… ” Song Zhi stuttered. He was completely losing the sense of superiority he used to talk to people.

Second uncle Yang was a little surprised that his son stuttered, but he didn’t care. He introduced his eldest daughter, Song Chunhua, to Shiyi.

Song Chunhua and Song Zhi were completely different. Her complexion is dark. Chunhua’s skin is rough, and her clothes were covered with patches. At first glance, you can see that she’s used to doing farm work at home, and you can see that she had no sense of existence at home. When she saw Shiyi, she could only lower her head and stand there silently.

Shiyi was not interested in the members of her second uncle’s family. She was annoyed by the two children running around and Song Juanhua’s loud voice. Shiyi simply went straight into her room, closed the door, and went to bed.

It’s clean when they’re out of sight.

Song Zhi looked at the closed door and sat down silently. It was rare for him to be impatient with the noise of his two siblings.

Yang Shifeng spent more than half an hour cooking a table full of dishes. The family sat around and looked at the rich food on the table and swallowed their saliva, especially the two small ones. Fortunately, they were stopped by Yang Shifeng. If Shiyi knew that the food had been grabbed by others, she would be angry.

Yang Shifeng called Shiyi out and went into the room to carry Grandpa Yang out and sit on a chair. The whole family was together.

Uncle Yang was worried, “Shifeng, can your grandfather sit and eat? Can he withstand it? “

Yang Shifeng smiled and said, “Yes, he can. Now, Grandpa can eat his meal here. The effect of Shiyi’s treatment is good. “

Hearing those words, Uncle Yang repeatedly thanked Shiyi, saying, “Miss Shiyi, thanks to you, you are a great benefactor of our family.”

Grandpa Yang snorted, “Since you know, Shiyi is a great benefactor of our family. Be polite to Shiyi in the future. ” Grandpa Yang said this and focused on Song Juanhua. These words were meant for Song Juanhua.

Song Juanhua’s face flashed a trace of embarrassment, but she quickly covered it up and quickly echoed, “That’s right. Miss Shiyi, our eldest daughter, is our benefactor. We are all grateful to her. How can we be rude? ” She acted as if she hadn’t come to cause trouble that day.

Shiyi seemed to not hear what they said. She ate her own food and didn’t feel that she was being discussed by others.

Seeing this, Song Juanhua cleared her throat. She turned her eyes to her, smiled, and said, “Well, Miss Shiyi’s medical skills are very good. It’s said that even Doctor Bai in the town can’t compare with her. “

What she said made Grandpa Yang and Yang Shifeng happy, so they both nodded in agreement.

Song Juanhua smiled more and became more kind and continued: “It’s amazing that Miss Shiyi can cure her father’s legs. It seems that other minor diseases and disasters are nothing at all. “

Second uncle Yang took a sip of wine and said, “That’s right.” Many doctors can’t cure Dad’s legs. Miss Shiyi treated her father after only a few days. I believe my father will be all right in a few days. Not to mention the difficult disease, other minor diseases must be no problem for her. “

“That’s right, that’s right.” Song Juanhua nodded. She glanced at Shiyi and flattered, “Miss Shiyi is really a living Hua Tuo.” (Hua Tuo, courtesy name Yuanhua, was a Chinese physician who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty. The historical texts Records of the Three Kingdoms and Book of the Later Han record Hua Tuo as the first person in China to use anesthesia during surgery.)). She is the salvation Bodhisattva of our people. If we have any more pain in the future, it will be saved. “Miss Shiyi is really a good person.

Song Juanhua quietly molded Shiyi into a good person who is willing to give alms. A good person must respond to every request. If ordinary people loved her face, it would go down the slope, but Shiyi is not an ordinary person. She never cares about other people’s business and doesn’t suffer losses. Therefore, Song Juanhua is doomed to fail.

When Song Juanhua naturally said that her brother in his mother’s family’s leg was injured and wanted to invite Shiyi to have a look, Shiyi raised her eyelids and said faintly, “I’m not free.”

Song Juanhua froze and said with a strong smile, “Well, if you finished Grandpa’s treatment, you can treat my brother after he is cured.” We’re not in a hurry.

Shiyi put another piece of rabbit meat into her mouth and chewed it slowly before responding, “I don’t want to cure him.”

“You!” Song Juanhua was angry. Unexpectedly, Shiyi didn’t give a face to her, but she couldn’t force others to nod. For a time, she had no choice but to look at Yang Shifeng. “Shifeng, can you help your second aunt talk to her? If you say it, then it must work. “

Yang Shifeng didn’t understand until this time why the second aunt was so abnormal today. She came with this purpose. It’s no wonder she spoke so well, but he couldn’t agree with her second aunt.

“Second aunt, Shiyi, makes her own decisions. I can’t make decisions for her. If she said, “She will do it, then she will do it.”

When Song Juanhua heard Shifeng’s words, she was so angry that she was about to explode. She had to say more, but Grandpa Yang threw his chopsticks on the table and angrily scolded: “Enough! Miss Shiyi said she didn’t want to treat him. If you don’t want to eat, go out and don’t nag here! “

In the end, Song Juanhua failed to achieve her goal and went home with a stomach full of gas.

Shiyi, however, is very satisfied, thinking that the Yang family’s old man is really good. When she leaves, it seems that she can leave him a prescription to prolong his life.

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