The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Shiyi’s treatment has been helping Grandpa Yang’s leg get better and better. After more than half a month, his leg has been able to bend slightly, and Shiyi now just needs to give him acupuncture every three days.

At this time, it has entered the period where the rice has started to mature. People in the village have dispatched one after another. Every family has begun to go to the field to cut rice. Yang Shifeng was no exception. He still planted several acres of rice and has to harvest it back.

Shiyi was originally interested in rice that had not been husked. Now that everyone is harvesting it, naturally, she plans to follow Yang Shifeng. However, Yang Shifeng can’t let her work in the field.

Yang Shifeng found Shiyi a straw hat to take with her to avoid being exposed to the scorching sun. He also wore one. Shifeng hung a towel around his neck to wipe his sweat. He filled a large jar of water with a washed ceramic jar at home, and then took a sickle and a cloth bag. All the things Shifeng needed were prepared.

Before going out, Yang Shifeng especially changed with his old clothes full of patches and became dirty white. The clothes looked as if they were going to be broken at any moment. He looked almost like a beggar. Shiyi looked at him. She became more confused.

Yang Shifeng smiled and explained to her, “Cutting unhusked rice is hard work. You’ll be full of sweat and dirt. After you’re done with harvesting, your appearance will be unrecognizable. So, you can’t wear good clothes to work. Everyone changes into their worst clothes. In this way, you won’t feel bad if you break it or get it dirty. “

Shiyi looked at the other people in the village who went to cut rice and found that it was true. Everyone was dressed in rags. Her clothes were so clean that there wasn’t a patch. It was very eye-catching to walk in this crowd.

At that time, a man with a burden looked at Shiyi and said to Yang Shifeng with a meaningful smile: “Shifeng, this is your fault. The little lady needs to be taken care of, not used for work. “

All the people around us laughed at the speech and said that this person was right. Yang Shifeng should know how to pity and cherish jade.

Yang Shifeng blushed as he was coaxed by the crowd. Knowing that they had misunderstood their relationship, he quickly explained: “No, no, I didn’t let her down… No, no, we don’t have that kind of relationship… “

Unfortunately, the crowd only thought he was embarrassed. They didn’t listen to his explanation at all. They laughed more and more happily, making Yang Shifeng’s ears red. Shifeng and Shiyi had to walk silently and leave their sight.

Shiyi, they’re just kidding. Don’t mind it. ” Yang Shifeng explained to Shiyi. He was afraid that she would be angry because of the jokes made by those people just now.

Shiyi actually didn’t care about what those people just said, let alone be angry, so she waved her hand casually and comforted him, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

Yang Shifeng smiled and sighed. He forgot how Shiyi didn’t care what others said. Even if he cared, she wouldn’t care. However, sometimes Shifeng wished Shiyi would care a little more.

At this time, the sun in the morning was already very strong. If you walk for a while, you will sweat. Shiyi’s white skin has turned a little red, even with a hat, and there is a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. Yang Shifeng was distressed. He handed Shiyi the towel he brought with him and said, “Wipe your sweat.”

Shiyi took it over and rubbed it on her face casually. Then she hung it around her neck like Yang Shifeng, regardless of the image of her great beauty. But even if she was wearing an ugly straw hat and a towel around her neck, Shiyi’s temperament could not be hidden. She was still beautiful beyond description, just like a walking dazzling person. The men who walked by all cast their eyes on Shiyi. Even if they didn’t have that in mind, they also wanted to enjoy the view more. Those men who haven’t married yet have more thoughts. They stared at Shiyi and wanted to rob her home immediately. Therefore, they hate and envy Yang Shifeng.

When Yang Shifeng saw this, his eyes sank. He reached out to Shiyi’s hair on both sides, and then pressed her hat down to cover as much of her face as possible.

Shiyi almost couldn’t see the way. She looked at Yang Shifeng, who was pressing her hat. Yang Shifeng cleared his throat and stared at the straw hat: “The sun is too hot. You won’t get sunburned easily if you press it down. “

Shiyi’s face was really hot, so she didn’t bother to adjust her hat and let him be.

Yang Shifeng quietly raised the corners of his mouth.

Song Cuilan, who was standing at the door of her house, completely saw the scene just now. Her eyes turned red for a moment. She stood stunned and couldn’t move. Song Cuilan watched the two people pass in front of her house without even giving her a second glance.

Seeing that Yang Shifeng was about to pass by, Song Cuilan’s heart became anxious and he subconsciously called him, “Brother Shifeng.”

Yang Shifeng stopped in his tracks. He saw Song Cuilan standing at the door. Just now, his mind was occupied by Shiyi. “Cuilan, what’s up?”

Song Cuilan’s eyes were red. Instead of answering his words, she turned her eyes to Shiyi, who was standing next to him. When she saw Shiyi’s unusually beautiful face, the string in her heart suddenly stretched and broke. The fist under her sleeve clenched quickly and trembled. The pain made her slightly lower her resentment. She looked at Yang Shifeng with a wronged appearance and asked, “Brother Shifeng, who is she?”

Yang Shifeng frowned slightly because of this extremely wronged look. Inexplicably, he didn’t like the way she looked at Shiyi. He said, “She’s Miss Shiyi. We still have to go to the field. We will go. “

Then he continued to walk with Shiyi.

Song Cuilan’s breath stagnated. She couldn’t believe that Yang Shifeng was so lightly dismissing her. Her heart was unwilling. She shouted, “Don’t go!”

Yang Shifeng looked back and asked patiently, “Do you have anything else to say? I have to cut rice. I can’t afford any delays.”

“I, I…” Song Cuilan couldn’t speak for a long time. She didn’t know what she should say, but if she didn’t say what she felt, she would feel suffocated. Song Cuilan wanted to ask him. Is he going to let her down? But this word she could not say. She herself did not have the face to question him.

Seeing that Song Cuilan hadn’t said anything for a long time, Yang Shifeng didn’t want to waste any more time. He took Shiyi and walked away quickly, ignoring the cry behind him.

Shiyi raised the corners of her mouth and asked with a smile as she walked, “Just now, is that your lover? Why did she look at you with such a sad look? You are not playing with her feelings, right? “

Yang Shifeng’s face changed, and he hurriedly waved his hands, “No, no, no! She has nothing to do with me. Don’t misunderstand, we really have nothing to do with each other. “

Shiyi was just curious, so she asked, but she didn’t expect such a big response. I’m just saying it casually. Why are you so anxious? If there’s nothing between you two, then there’s nothing. Why do you look so scared? “

Yang Shifeng’s face still looked very unnatural, and although he knew that Shiyi wouldn’t care, he still couldn’t help explaining to Shiyi: “I really have nothing to do with her. I don’t know why she looked like that just now.” If there is really any relationship, it is only that the village chief originally intended to marry her to me, but I did not have that intention, and this matter was over. Everything else doesn’t matter anymore. I didn’t say a few words with her except when I was a child, but I never spoke a few words with her when we grew up. “

Shiyi was curious, “So, she’s the daughter of the village head. Why don’t you want to marry her? I think the girl just looked very good, dressed well, and is the daughter of the head of the village. Many people would want to marry her. Why don’t you do it instead? “

Yang Shifeng shook his head. If her condition is very good, but if I don’t like her, then I don’t like her. I don’t want to waste her time. Moreover, even if he likes her, he will not marry Song Cuilan. Shifeng could not accept the requirements of their family. He doesn’t want to tell Shiyi since it was very embarrassing.

“All right.” Shiyi shrugged and thought that the girl looked like she was interested in him, which should be regarded as “King Xiang has a dream, the goddess has no heart.” [1]King Xiang of Chu liked the goddess and pursued it desperately, but the goddess did not like him. The metaphor of unrequited love has the same meaning as Luo Hua’s intentional flow of water and … Continue reading

In this compartment, Song Cuilan, who was out of her mind, went back to her house. She was absent-minded all morning. Shiyi kept flashing in her mind, and Yang Shifeng’s pampering eyes focused on Shiyi. The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. Song Cuilan wanted to cry immediately.

Her appearance was seen by the Song family. The village head, who loved her little daughter, asked, “Lan’er, what’s the matter with you?”

Song Cui Lan was fine if she was not asked, but once she was asked, her eyes were red again, and she bit her lower lip and asked, “Father, do you know that there is a beautiful girl beside Brother Shifeng?”

As soon as the village head heard this, he knew why his little daughter was like this. He sighed and nodded truthfully, “Yes, the girl’s family was in trouble. Shifeng met her on the mountain and brought her back.” They had known about this for a long time, but they chose not to tell their youngest daughter, and they didn’t expect her to know about it.

Song Cuilan’s heart was so uncomfortable that she said incredulously, “They are alone, living together like this?”

The village head took a puff of dry tobacco and didn’t speak, but he acquiesced.

Song Cuilan burst into tears.

The village head’s wife saw his little daughter crying and hurriedly comforted: “Why are you crying? Yang Shifeng doesn’t know how to distinguish good from the bad. He doesn’t deserve you. We didn’t care that his family is poor, and we still allowed you to marry him. As a result, it was in vain. I am telling you, forget him quickly and find a man 100 times better than him.

Song Cuilan shook her head in tears. “No, I like him. I just want to marry him. Why doesn’t he want to agree to our plan? If he had agreed, wouldn’t I have been able to marry him? And now, now he likes someone else, wuwu…… “

The village head’s wife was angry, “That boy is a white-eyed wolf and a heartless man. He grew up thanks to your father! “

The village head frowned and couldn’t listen to it anymore. What do you mean by ‘white-eyed wolf’? Shifeng didn’t have anything to do with our Cuilan before. It’s our wishful thinking, and it’s reasonable that he, as a young man who doesn’t want to be to marry-in to our family, Why do you say so much about other people? (It’s like the roles were reversed. Instead of marrying a wife in his Yang family, he was marrying-in to Song family.)

The village head’s wife glared at the village head angrily, “Which side are you on? How can you turn your elbow out? The poor boy, Yang Shifeng, was fortunate enough to be married to our family’s Cuilan. He’s still acting grandiose. He doesn’t know how to differentiate between good and bad! “

“You! I’m too lazy to talk to you. You ignorant woman. ” The village head was so angry that he went out to smoke some dry tobacco.

The village head’s wife glared at her husband’s back and comforted her daughter, “Don’t listen to your father. That boy is a white-eyed wolf and a heartless man. Let’s not talk about it and find a better one. “

Song Cuilan stubbornly shook her head, “But mom, I want to marry him. Mom, since he doesn’t want to marry-in to our family, I’ll marry-in to his family, or else, he’ll marry someone else! “

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1 King Xiang of Chu liked the goddess and pursued it desperately, but the goddess did not like him. The metaphor of unrequited love has the same meaning as Luo Hua’s intentional flow of water and ruthlessness.


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