The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 17

Chapter 17

When the village head’s wife heard this, she patted Song Cuilan on the arm angrily. “What nonsense! If you marry out, who can your father and I count on in the future? Can we count on your big brother? “

The village head and his wife had five daughters before they gave birth to a son like Song Dawei. A few years later, they had a little daughter, like Song Cuilan. The family doted on Song Dawei. It was too late when the couple found that their son had been spoiled rotten. The old couple also knew that they could not rely on Song Dawei in the future, as the first five daughters of their family had been married off, leaving only Song Cuilan.

Therefore, the couple decided to let Song Cuilan recruit a son-in-law and give Song Cuilan half of their family property. Later on, Song Cuilan and her husband would give their old couple an old-age pension and continue to take care of Song Dawei. Song Cuilan’s parents favored her at home and didn’t want her to marry-out, so they agreed to the thought of recruiting a son-in-law.

Song Cuilan has loved Yang Shifeng since childhood. After the village head and his wife found out, they thought that the conditions in Yang Shifeng’s family were so difficult that they would agree to be their son-in-law. The days in the future with them must be much better than before, and Yang Shifeng will be willing to marry into their family. The only worry among them was the Yang family’s old man. They want to recruit a son-in-law, but they also don’t want to take care of a paralyzed old man. Their daughter couldn’t suffer this sin, so the village head came to find him.

When the village head came to Yang Shifeng to discuss this matter, he proposed that Yang Shifeng give the old man to Uncle Yang, and they would give 20 yuan to him every month.

The village head thought Yang Shifeng would agree, but unexpectedly, he refused, saying that he would not join their family and would not send Grandpa Yang to his second uncle’s house. At the end of the discussion, the marriage proposal between them was over.

However, Song Cuilan never gave up, but at the same time, she didn’t want to go to Yang Shifeng’s house to live a hard life. She wanted Yang Shifeng to cool off first. After another year or two, no one would be willing to marry him. At that time, when her family went to mention marrying-in to their family, he would certainly agree. Even if he didn’t agree, Grandpa Yang would tell him to agree. That’s why she didn’t go to Yang Shifeng again. Who knows that, in a few days, he was with a girl, and it seemed that he was very interested in that girl.

How can this not make Song Cuilan sad and anxious?

The village head’s wife knows her daughter best and said, “Well, even if you want to get married to him, think about the hard life of Yang Shifeng’s family. Do you think you can live that kind of life? “

Song Cuilan cried. She couldn’t help thinking of the poor looks of Yang Shifeng’s family and grandpa Yang, who was paralyzed in bed. She found that she couldn’t live a life like that, and she couldn’t help but feel sad again.

Why didn’t brother Shi Feng agree to her family’s conditions? Isn’t her home better than his?

Yang Shifeng, who didn’t know anything, had already brought Shiyi to the field. He spread a broken dress under a tree and asked Shiyi to sit and watch in the shade of the tree. After settling Shiyi, he went down to the field with a sickle and began to harvest rice.

Shiyi held her cheek with her hand and watched Yang Shifeng bend over and wave his sickles one by one. He cut down a handful of unhusked rice and put them aside. Each big bundle of rice was tied up with a straw and then cut again.

Yang Shifeng’s actions were quick and neat. In a short time, he had cut a large area, but his clothes were all wet with sweat because of his work. Sweat dripped down from his face, but he just wiped it with a towel at random and continued to cut without stopping.

This was the first time Shiyi saw ancient people working on harvesting the rice. She couldn’t help feeling that it was really a physical job. This kind of job looked very tiring. When the area was so wide, when did they have to harvest rice? It was hot enough for her who was sitting under the shade of the tree; what more for the people who were cutting rice under the sun?

In their history books, this era is considered backward in science and technology. And this was really the truth.

Shiyi picked a very big leaf from a big tree and fanned herself. She emptied her mind while fanning herself. Shiyi didn’t feel bored. She used to be busy all the time. She thought about how to kill zombies and get crystal nuclei every day. If not, she would study the zombie virus and make a breakthrough. Shiyi spent the rest of her time hiding from the pursuit of the government. She was always tense all the time. She had never had the experience of sitting quietly in a daze. Only here can she know how lucky she is to be able to sit quietly and do nothing.

Shiyi liked this kind of life.

Next to the field of Yang Shifeng’s family is the field of the Zhang family in the village. In terms of seniority, Yang Shifeng has to call the head of the family fifth uncle, Zhang. However, there are many members of this family. A total of seven members of the family are working in the field. Compared with Yang Shifeng, who is sweating like rain, he is particularly desolate.

Fifth Uncle Zhang straightened up to have a rest. Seeing Yang Shifeng’s neat movements, he said with appreciation in his eyes, “Shi Feng, you are cutting rice as fast as two of your uncles.”

Yang Shifeng answered with a simple smile as he reaped quickly: “Fifth uncle, I’m young.”

Fifth Uncle Zhang smiled brightly, “Yes, we old guys can’t compare with young people. But Shifeng, don’t work too hard. You should have more rest. It’s not worth being tired. “

Yang Shifeng nodded. “I know, fifth uncle.”

Fifth Uncle Zhang likes Yang Shifeng very much. He is capable and takes care of his paralyzed grandfather alone, but he never lowers his head to anyone. He believes that the difficulties of such a good young man are only temporary and that one day, Shifeng will be better than everyone else. If he had such a son, he could wake up laughing in his dreams. Unfortunately, the three sons of his family are useless. One by one, they will be lazy and slippery. If he asked them to do something, they would pass around the responsibilities to others. The mother of his sons was too shrewd. Just thinking about it made him angry.

While shaking his head, Fifth Uncle Zhang walked up to the ridge, picked up the water jar placed beside the ridge, poured a bowl of water into the porcelain bowl he brought, raised his head, and drank a bowl of water. Only then did he feel much better.

When he put down the jar, fifth uncle Zhang saw Shiyi, who was sitting under the tree. He was surprised for a moment. He thought of the rumors in the village and looked at Yang Shifeng, who was working hard in the field. There was a smile on his face.

“Good boy, with good luck. His little wife was so beautiful. The boy is blessed!

Shiyi also saw Uncle Zhang, but what she noticed was that he drank water. She couldn’t help looking at the jar brought by Yang Shifeng. Shiyi remembered that Yang Shifeng hadn’t drunk a mouthful of water until now. The man had been sweating so much, and still didn’t know that he was thirsty? Shiyi thought that he was too busy, so he forgot about it. If he doesn’t drink water, he might faint, and then it will be a problem.

Shiyi picked up the jar of water and walked to the field. She walked to Yang Shifeng’s side and handed the jar to him. “Yang Shifeng, quickly drink some water.”

Yang Shifeng hurriedly put down his sickle and took the water. With one hand, he quickly covered Shiyi from the sun. Shiyi, go under the tree. You’ll be hit by the sun here. “

Shiyi nodded and looked at the jar in his hand. “Drink it quickly. I’ll take it back after you’re done drinking.”

Yang Shifeng’s heart suddenly became sweet, “Okay.”

He raised his head and gulped down half of the jar. After drinking, he sighed with satisfaction. Shifeng felt that he was dying of thirst, but when he was busy, he really didn’t feel thirsty.

“Shiyi, thank you.” Yang Shifeng handed the jar back.

Shiyi nodded, hugged the jar, and slowly went back to sit under the tree.

This scene was completely seen by the Zhang family next door, while others just laughed with ridicule. However, the Zhang family’s eldest daughter-in-law was completely stimulated by this scene, and her heart was sour and jealous. Why should she have to cut rice in the sun? His husband didn’t ask her. They were both women, but one was sitting comfortably under the tree and doing nothing. She only delivered the water, and Shifeng was worried that she would be hit by the sun. How can the treatment be so different? 

Her heart was too sour. What the Zhang family’s eldest daughter-in-law said was not very likable. “Let me tell you, brother Shifeng, you can’t do this. This woman shouldn’t be spoiled. When you’re doing something, how can she just sit by and watch others get busy? This woman will be too lazy and won’t have a good life. So when it’s time to let her do something, let her do it! “

Even a moron would understand what she said. The Zhang family’s eldest son stood up and scolded, “What are you talking about? You crazy bitch! ” It’s none of your business what people do. Why are you talking nonsense? If you have too much time on your hands, why don’t you cut more rice instead of talking nonsense here? “

The Zhang family’s eldest daughter-in-law was scolded until her face turned red. She wanted to refute him, but she was afraid of being beaten by her own man. She was beaten in the room, and if she was beaten in front of so many people, she would not live, so she had to hold back and not speak.

After the eldest son of the Zhang family scolded her, he smiled at Yang Shifeng with embarrassment: “sorry, brother Shifeng, this woman is just talking nonsense. Don’t bother with her; I’ll apologize to you. “

Yang Shifeng’s face was very ugly and his heart was angry, but the people apologized. If he still held on to it, he couldn’t make it. He didn’t say he didn’t care, but he did say, “If she were my wife, I wouldn’t let her work; I’d spoil her.”

When the people in the Zhang family heard his speech, they were embarrassed. They stared at the culprit one after another. It was all because of her nonsense.

At the same time, people in the Zhang family are also a little curious about Yang Shifeng’s attitude. You know, Yang Shifeng’s usual temperament is very simple and honest. He has a good temper. He laughs at everyone, and it was not easy to make him angry. Shifeng doesn’t care much about what others say as long as they apologize. But he is abnormally upset today. It’s just a few words. Why was he so upset?

The members of the Zhang family couldn’t help looking at Shiyi, who was sitting leisurely under the tree. At this point, they understand a little. Of course, with such a beautiful little wife, how can you bear to let someone bully her? She must be pampered. It’s no wonder Yang Shifeng became angry.

“No, no, someone fell into the water!”

Just as they continued to lower their heads to cut rice, there was an urgent cry. They were surprised and looked up one after another, but they saw Zhang’s little wife running away crying. Before they had time to catch their breath, they shouted to Zhang’s people: “Father, mother, brother, and sister-in-law, Xiao Sheng went to play in the water and fell into the water. He’s out of breath now! “

The Zhang family people were shocked that the sickle in their hands fell down. Xiao Sheng’s mother was the eldest daughter-in-law of the Zhang family. 

The Zhang family’s eldest daughter-in-law fainted directly. 

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