The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 36.1

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Chapter 36 Part 1

The acupuncture Shiyi gave to Old Madame Lian was not only able to reduce her discomfort, but more importantly, it helped her lose weight. The prescription she gave was for losing weight. After continuous acupuncture for half a month, the discomfort in Old Madame Lian’s basically disappeared, and even her weight decreased at a rate visible to everyone’s naked eye.

Shiyi estimated that even the old lady had lost more than ten kilograms in the past half a month.

Originally, Master and Madame Lian were a little dissatisfied with Shiyi’s medical skills, but after looking at the thinning Old Madame Lian, they had no choice but to admire Shiyi. The prescription that their previous doctor gave to Old Madame Lian could only slightly reduce her discomfort, but it didn’t have the same effect as Shiyi’s treatment. More importantly, the previous doctors forced Old Madame Lian to starve herself and move more, which may have caused her death in the future.

Shiyi is different from other doctors, she only asked her to avoid eating a lot of fish and meat. Old Madame Lian didn’t need to starve, nor did she make Old Madame drag her own body to walk. Old Madame quickly lost weight when Shiyi applied acupuncture. This ability of hers could not be matched by even the best doctor in the city.

Even Master Lian’s attitude towards Shiyi had obviously become polite and attentive, and he specially ordered the housekeeper to send Shiyi a lot of precious herbs. Madame’s dislike for Shiyi faded.

Looking at this outcome, Lian Yue was secretly happy. He ordered the housekeeper to go to the kitchen to get the cakes specially made for Shiyi. On the way back to Shiyi’s house, he handed her the food box. “These are the cakes just recently developed by the cook in my house. The taste is very good. Try it.”

Lian Yue found that giving money could not arouse Shiyi’s interest. Seeing that Shiyi was still very concerned about eating, he worked hard in this regard. Fortunately, Shiyi didn’t refuse.

Shiyi took the food box, opened the lid, twisted a piece of cake, and ate it.

Lian Yue watched her eat for a while before speaking, “Shiyi, thank you so much. Grandmother is no longer in any discomfort and has lost a lot of weight, I thought we had to stop her from eating if she wanted to lose weight.”

Shiyi swallowed the cake in her hand and patted the crumbs on her hand. She didn’t want to eat anymore. Suddenly, she missed the roasted meat a little.

Roasted meat cooked by some fool.

Shiyi pursed her lips and looked out into the street.

It seemed that Shiyi had suddenly become unhappy. Lian Yue paused and swallowed his words until the carriage sent Shiyi to the gate of her courtyard. He didn’t speak for fear that she wouldn’t like him talking. It was only when he saw Shiyi enter the courtyard that his eyes sank and his fists firmly clenched.

He’s been with her for so many days, yet she still hasn’t changed her attitude towards him. It is still the same! Lian Yue suddenly felt very frustrated. He didn’t look very good until he returned to his house.

The housekeeper greeted him and said to him, “Young master, Madame is looking for you and asked you to go to her place as soon as you return from your trip.”

“I see.” As soon as Lian Yue’s footsteps turned, he walked to the Qiurong Courtyard, where Madame Lian was located.

“Back?” Madame Lian looked at Lian Yue.

Lian Yue sat down in a chair and asked his mother directly. “Mom, what are you looking for me for?”

Madame Lian put down the tea lamp in her hand and looked at Lian Yue with a sharp look in her eyes. “You don’t know why I called you here? You’ve been very busy these days. It’s too troublesome to pick her up and deliver her every day. “

Lian Yue was silent.

Madame Lian suddenly slapped the table heavily. “What do you want to do, Lian Yue? Who can’t see what you’re thinking? What will people think if this matter is spread to Miss Fu’s ears? Do you know how important your marriage to Miss Fu is?!”

After listening quietly, Lian Yue looked at Madame Lian and said, “I know, there will be no problem with this marriage. I will marry Miss Fu according to your wishes, but mom, I will only marry her, but you don’t have to care where my heart is. “

“What are you talking about? If word gets out that you are considerate and attentive to a commoner woman, will the people in Fu’s house be satisfied? ” 

Madame Lian knew that she had wronged her son, so she softened her tone and said, “This is the key to your father’s promotion. You also know the importance of this marriage. We can’t tolerate any mistakes. Your mother knows your grievance, but you just have to bear it. When you marry Miss Fu in our house, you will quietly pick someone in and let her be your personal concubine. Miss Fu won’t say anything at that time. For now, you can’t be so attentive to her. Do you understand? “

Lian Yue closed his lips tightly. His face was ugly, and his anger was rising. When he thought of Shiyi’s attitude towards him, his heart was agitated. If he wasn’t more attentive, how would she like him?

“Mom, I didn’t do anything. I am just taking care of the doctor who treated my grandmother as a host. What can I say? “

“You! You’re not making any sense! “

Lian Yue stood up and left. “Mom, I’m leaving. I have something to deal with. “

Madame Lian was so angry that she patted her chest. The maid hurriedly came to comfort her, “Madame, the young master knows how to be discrete. Don’t worry.”

Madame Lian was furious. “Does he know how to be discrete? He was completely fascinated by Doctor Shiyi! It’s not like I am not allowing him to marry a concubine, I just want him to be careful before marrying Miss Fu! Why can’t he listen to me?!” The crucial point is that we can’t send the female doctor out now because the old lady’s illness still needs her treatment.

The maid also knew her Madame’s concerns. After thinking about it, she quietly leaned close to Madame Lian’s ear and said, “Madame, since the doctor Shiyi can’t be dismissed, let’s find something to let the young master go out. In this way, she won’t be able to see the Young Master. When the young master comes back, the woman is done treating Old Madame’s illness, and she can finally be dismissed. “

Madame Lian’s eyes brightened. “This method is good. As long as he goes out to work for more than a month, he will no longer be afraid of being gossiped about, and it won’t also reach the Fu family. “

Madame Lian was so impatient that she immediately went to discuss it with her husband, who was also afraid that his son would delay his marriage for Doctor Shiyi. He said: “In two months, it will be my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. We can let Yue’er go there first to help us practice filial piety, and then make him come back after his grandfather’s birthday. It will take three or four months.

Madame Lian nodded with satisfaction, “That’s a good idea.”

So that night, Lian Yue was sent by Master Lian to the capital to help with his grandfather’s birthday banquet and send birthday gifts, Lian Yue knew why he was sent to the capital at this time. Lian Yue was reluctant to part with Shiyi. If he didn’t take advantage of Shiyi’s visit to his house, it would be even more difficult to win Shiyi’s heart when he returned. What if she disappears again?

But the word “filial piety” came down, and Lian Yue couldn’t say no.

There was no other way, Lian Yue had to ask his two friends to help watch Shiyi. They must write to him in time to tell him everything. If Shiyi wants to leave here, they must use every possible means to make her stay and wait for his return.

Bai Qingyun and Wang Lianshan patted their chests and promised that they would not let Shiyi leave here. Only then did Lian Yue let go of his mind and take the Lian family’s gift convoy to the capital.

Master and Madane Lian breathed a sigh of relief after seeing their son go. Master Lian touched his beard and said, “In fact, it’s okay that Yue’er liked this doctor Shiyi. This doctor has excellent medical skills. I think she is comparable to the imperial doctor in the palace. If she enters our family, there will be a miracle doctor in our house in the future. That’s a good thing. “

Even Madame Lian sighed, “I know it’s a good thing if there is a doctor with excellent medical skills in our family. I’m not trying to stop Yue’er from liking her, but at present, the marriage with Fu’s house is important and can’t be messed up. It’s not impossible to have a concubine after getting married. Yue’er likes her so much. I, as his mother, want to fulfill his wishes. “

Master Lian nodded. “Then when Mother’s illness has recovered, we will personally take in this Doctor Shiyi for Yue’er. This can be regarded as giving her face. She should agree.”

Madame Lian was dissatisfied, “Look what you said. You are still afraid that she will not agree? She is a fatherless and motherless orphan girl. She is not stupid enough to refuse this marriage, right?”

Master Lian smiled. “That’s true.”

T/N: Bold of them to think that Shiyi will agree. 

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