The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 36.2

Chapter 36 Part 2

Without Lian Yue following her around, Shiyi felt the air was fresher, and it was much more comfortable to treat Old Madame Lian. For Shiyi, that guy was simply too annoying.

After two months of continuous acupuncture, even the old lady’s fat body shrank by almost two or three turns, and the meat on her body quickly disappeared. The original clothes were dangling over her body and could not be worn at all.

The original old madame was visually estimated to be 160-170 catty. But now, she’s now at most 120 catties, although she didn’t look thin, she’s definitely not fat. [1]1 catty = 0.6KG

She became thinner, Old Madame Lian felt that her body was comfortable and she was also in good spirits. Everyone who looks at her becomes happy. Not to mention how happy Old Madame Lian was, but now, every time she’s with Shiyi, it’s like she’s facing the Bodhisattva. What she talked about every day was gratitude. She doesn’t have the attitude of being the Old Madame of this mansion at all. On the contrary, when she was talking with Shiyi, it was like she was talking to a friend. Therefore, Shiyi was also happier to say a few words to her.

She is also considered to have been cured. Old Madame Lian doesn’t have to continue to lose weight. Shiyi got tired of coming here every day for two consecutive months. At present, she said to Old Madame Lian: “Your weight is OK, and your disease is gone. In the future, you must drink the medicine I prescribed for you every day, and then avoid eating a lot of fish and meat. Walk more after dinner. As long as you keep your current appearance, your body will be fine. “

It can be regarded as Old Madame Lian being pulled back from the gate of death. Up to now, she still has a lingering fear. She didn’t expect that she would be in danger for just gaining weight. It’s not easy to lose weight. Of course, it’s impossible for her to be greedy with food again. Even if she becomes greedy, she won’t eat. Life is more important than eating.

Old Madame Lian nodded, “I remember. I will do as you say in the future. I will not be fat again. “

Shiyi nodded and said goodbye. “Then I won’t come from tomorrow onwards.”

Seeing that Shiyi is leaving, Old Madame Lian couldn’t bear it. Although Shiyi is indifferent, not talkative, and unkind, she is unexpectedly liked by the old lady. The Old Madame Lian also knows the thoughts of her grandson. She can understand it from a letter that he sent. If you ask her, it would be great if her grandson could marry a girl who has good medical skills and looks like an immortal.

But she also knew that it was just the wishful thinking of her grandson. Doctor Shiyi didn’t seem to like him.

Old Madame Lian loved her grandson, so she wanted to try and asked, “Miss Shiyi, do you have a lover?”

“Lover? No. ” Shiyi simply shook her head. How could she have a lover? She would never like anyone else in her life.

Old Madame Lian shook her head, smiled, and asked Shiyi to sit down on the couch. “Maybe you just don’t know whether you like someone or not. Everyone can meet their own partners. Sometimes you can try to accept what’s good for you. It’s always a pity to miss it.”

Shiyi calmly packed up her things and simply said, “Old Madame, I don’t like your grandson. Don’t say anything anymore. “

Old Madame Lian was choked by Shiyi. Unexpectedly, the child shook her head so directly. Old Madame said jokingly, “Well, it seems that you really don’t like my grandson. Alas, it’s a pity. “

Shiyi didn’t deny it.

Old Madame Lian. As an elder, she said sincerely: “You not liking my grandson means that you are not fated with each other. However, I believe you will meet a person you like in the future. At that time, you should cherish it. Don’t be confused and miss him. It’s not easy to meet the right person. ” After remembering what happened between her and Old Master Lian when she was young, Old Madame Lian couldn’t help herself from laughing.

Shiyi’s hands stopped, but what came to her mind involuntarily was Yang Shifeng’s face. He laughed at her, washed her feet, carried her on his back, and pushed the swing for her…..

Frames of pictures flashed through her mind quickly and clearly.

Why did she think of this?

Shiyi frowned unknowingly and reached out and rubbed her temples. She doesn’t understand why she often thinks of things related to Yang Shifeng recently. Shouldn’t I forget him more as time goes by? Why did it become easier and easier to remember him?

Shiyi scratched her hair and shook her head to get rid of the mess in her mind. She didn’t want to listen to the old woman’s story of love anymore. She took the medicine box and left.

The old lady saw that she didn’t want to hear it, so she didn’t say anything. She just asked the maid to pack a lot of gold and silver and give it to Shiyi. “Thank you, Doctor Shiyi. The old lady has nothing to thank you for. I can only give something from outside my body. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

Shiyi didn’t want to be wordy, so she took it directly and calculated that he had almost a thousand taels of silver in her hand. The bag was almost stuffed up by the amount of silver inside. It was inconvenient to take it with her. It seemed that she had to change it for some silver tickets.

Shiyi walked quickly and didn’t want to stay here. As a result, before she got out of the old madame’s yard, she was invited to the flower hall by the housekeeper of the house. Madame Lian sat in the flower hall and looked at her with a smile. “Doctor Shiyi, I heard you’re leaving? My mother was cured by you, and we haven’t thanked you properly. “

Shiyi said impatiently, “You’ve given me the silver. You’re welcome. “

“Where can I thank Dr. Shiyi for her great kindness with just a few taels of silver?” Madame Lian wiped the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief, smiled, and changed the topic. “My son has sent many letters to Doctor Shiyi these days. I haven’t received a few letters as a mother. Indeed, sons couldn’t help their mothers.”

Shiyi looked up at Madame Lian to see what she wanted to say.

Seeing that Shiyi didn’t answer, Madame Lian cleared her throat and didn’t want to be polite any more. She said directly, “I don’t want to beat around the bush with you. I’ll just say it straight. I think my son likes Miss. Do you know that? My son is also sincere to you, Miss. “

Shiyi said indifferently. “I know, but I don’t like your son. You don’t have to worry.”

Madame Lian was a little caught off guard by Shiyi’s honesty. She couldn’t say everything she had prepared in her mouth. Madame Lian had to pick up the teacup and drink a sip of tea. Then she reluctantly smiled and said, “Miss Shiyi doesn’t like my son?”

Shiyi nodded. “I don’t like him. You can ask your son not to pester me or write to me in the future. “

Even the smile on the corners of Madame Lian’s mouth could not be maintained, and her face slowly sank down. Originally, she hated Shiyi’s birth, but thinking of her superb medical skills, she could accept to her to be her son’s concubine. Who knew that she still disliked her son? Who gave her confidence! What a big face!

Madame Lian’s chest was full of anger. The dignity of a lady made her unable to say what she thought before; about accepting her as a concubine for her son. On the contrary, Shiyi’s name has entered her blacklist. She doesn’t want her to enter her family in the future.

“Doctor Shiyi, since you said so, I’m relieved. Lian Family is a big family, even if we accept concubines, she should be born in a big family. Not even someone like you can afford to climb up. Fortunately, you don’t mean that. If my son knows what you mean, he won’t pester you. You don’t have to worry anymore. ” With that, Madame Lian shouted out the door. “Someone, send the guest away!”

Shiyi didn’t care about what Madame Lian said. She took the medicine box and left. She soon disappeared from the door.

Madame Lian stroked her chest and patted the table heavily. After calming down for a moment, she called the housekeeper of Lian’s family and said, “Don’t let the young master know all the news about Miss Shiyi in the future. You also have to intercept the news from the two friends of the young master. Don’t let me find out that, the young master can still contact her.”

“This…” The housekeeper hesitated for a moment. “Yes, madame. I’ll go and follow your orders, Madame. “

T/N: Bleh. You can take your son

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