The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 37.1

Chapter 37 Part 1

The doors and windows are plastered with big red double happiness. Under the eaves are red lanterns. A row of people dressed in festive clothes is happily shouting for the bride and groom. The whole scene was lively and urgent. [1]The double happiness symbol, “囍” (pronounced shuāngxǐ, 双喜) in Chinese is comprised of 喜喜 – two copies of the Chinese character 喜 (pronounced xǐ), which means joy and … Continue reading 

In the yard, there were more than ten tables set for the banquets. The tables were fully occupied by the guests, with smiles on their faces while congratulating the new couple.

Yang Shifeng was dressed in red wedding clothes, smiling and holding the red silk in his hand. On the other hand, under the red silk, was a beautiful woman in wedding clothes. They stood facing up, where Grandpa Yang and a middle-aged couple were sitting. The elders of the two families laughed happily.

At this time, the singer shouted: “Worship heaven and earth!”

Yang Shifeng and the bride kowtowed outside the door.

“Second, worship your elders!”

Yang Shifeng gently picked up the bride, turned around with her, and bowed down to their elders.

The last cry, “Husband and wife worship each other!”

Yang Shifeng stood facing the bride with a happy smile in his eyes and looked at the bride opposite him with a doting look.

Shiyi looked at the scene with a full sense of disbelief. Seeing that the two people were about to worship each other, Shiyi immediately shouted: “Yang Shifeng, don’t worship!”

The guests around her looked at her in surprise. Yang Shifeng also saw her and frowned unconsciously, “Why did you come back? What are you going back for? “

Shiyi looked at him gloomily. “Are you going to marry her? Do you like her? “

Yang Shifeng looked at the bride and showed a gentle smile on his lips. “Of course, I like her very much. I want to spend my life with her. Please don’t disturb me. This is not a place you belong to. You should quickly leave here. “

Shiyi was stunned, “You …… You don’t like me anymore?”

Yang Shifeng smiled mockingly, “Why should I like you? When I was good to you, you said I was a foolishly good guy and left so simply. Why should I like such a person? My current wife is gentle and considerate towards me. Of course, I like her. “

Shiyi was completely speechless and could only watch as the two couples worshipped each other and entered the bridal chamber. Then Shiyi watched as Yang Shifeng kissed the other woman on the lips.

“Yang Shifeng!!” Shiyi shouted and sat up from the bed, panting violently. She looked around with lingering fear. It turned out that she was still in Xiaoya’s room. What she saw was just a dream.

But that uncomfortable feeling still lingers in her mind… It was especially suffocating.

How could she have such a dream? She was the one who didn’t want him, so of course, he would find a gentle and considerate wife to live with again. It should have been like this. Why did she get so excited? How come she feels so uncomfortable inside?

It’s been several months since she left. Yang Shifeng may have found a girl he would want to marry now. If so……

Shiyi hugged his legs and curled up to himself. She remained silent for a long time, and the air returned to dead silence.

When the sound of a rooster crowing outside the window came, the first rays of morning sunlight shot into the room. Shiyi, who remained motionless all night, suddenly raised her head and looked at the sunshine outside the window.

“Ha ha…” Shiyi couldn’t help laughing, “Yang Shifeng, you’re great.”


“Sister Shiyi, are you really leaving?” Xiaoyaa looked at Shiyi packing her bags with a face full of reluctance and disappointment.

Shiyi nodded. “This place doesn’t suit me, it’s not as good as I think it is.”

Xiaoya didn’t understand, “Isn’t it good here? Our Feiyun city is one of the largest cities. It’s very prosperous. When you go to other places, it will not be as good as our city! Really!”

Shiyi smiled. “The place I’m going to is indeed not as good as here.”

“So, where are you going, sister?”

“I’m going to a poor village in the mountains where there are a lot of nasty people.”

“Huh? Why are you going there if it’s so bad as you said? “

“Because… There’s a happy fool there.”

Shiyi walked out of the gate with her medicine box on her back. It looks exactly like the scene when she came here. She suddenly felt that it was very funny. At that time, she wanted to travel the world, be free and unrestrained. And she really did it… only to find that the food was not as good as she imagined. The people here were not as interesting as she thought. Even her life would not be as comfortable as she imagined. 

It’s surprising that she could only feel lonely and bored here, and it’s all because of that big fool.

Shiyi took the carriage to the town, and a smile formed at the corners of her mouth.


“Shifeng, I am telling you, when the girl comes later, show me a good performance. If you dare not give face to others, today you will only be able to wait to collect the corpse of your Grandpa! ” Grandpa Yang blocked the door, determined not to let Yang Shifeng come out.

Yang Shifeng frowned, “Grandpa, I told you that I didn’t want to meet any girls. I won’t get married. Why don’t you give up? “

“Bullshit! How old are you? And you still want to be single? Doesn’t everyone your age in the village has two or three children? And how about you? You’re still single now. How can I go down to see your parents like this? “

Yang Shifeng was silent for a moment. He picked up his bow and arrow, bypassed Grandpa Yang, and was ready to go out. However, Grandpa Yang, who was quick in his eyes and hands, grabbed him and said, “I am talking to you, I dare you to go out today. You can’t go out unless you step over my dead body!”

“Grandpa! What the hell do you want to do?” Yang Shifeng wiped his face and had a headache.

Grandpa Yang blocked the door and resolutely refused to let him out, “What do you want to do? Didn’t ask matchmaker Sun to suggest a girl for you? Well, when matchmaker sun comes, you hide away from me, and you don’t want any of them! Do you know how many good things I said to Sun Matchmaker with this thick old face! This time, with great difficulty, I finally found you a nice girl. It’s rare that people are willing to follow matchmaker sun to come to see you. If you dare to run for me, you just wait until you come back to collect the corpse of your Grandfather! “

Yang Shifeng couldn’t get out of the door, and he could see that his grandfather seriously wanted him to meet that girl today, so he went back to the house and sat on a chair without saying anything.

Grandpa Yang sighed and looked at the scars on his grandson’s face. It’s hard to say what he feels in his heart. Why wouldn’t he want his grandson to marry a girl he likes? But what his grandson liked was a kite in the sky, which was not destined to be his. It’s better to forget everything about her and start over. Find an ordinary girl to live a happy life with. Since he doesn’t want to, let his grandfather be the villain and force him to put it down.

“Shifeng, listen to my advice and meet other girls well. They are not bad. How innocent they are if you don’t give them face. “

Yang Shifeng said, “I know. Don’t worry. I won’t let them lose face. “

Hearing what Yang Shifeng said, Grandpa Yang smiled.

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1 The double happiness symbol, “囍” (pronounced shuāngxǐ, 双喜) in Chinese is comprised of 喜喜 – two copies of the Chinese character 喜 (pronounced xǐ), which means joy and happiness. It’s commonly used as a Chinese wedding symbol to represent double the joy and happiness for the newlyweds as they begin their marriage.


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