The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 37.2

Chapter 37 Part 2

Towards noon, the matchmaker sun happily took a girl and a middle-aged woman into the door of Yang’s house. As soon as she entered the door, she pulled the girl out from behind and winked at Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng acted like he didn’t see it. He went to the kitchen and brought three bowls of water to put on the table. After sitting down, he was silent.

Matchmaker Sun introduced the two to the Yang family: “This is Miss Yan, whose family is from the next village, and this is her aunt.”

Grandpa Yang greeted them warmly. Yang Shifeng nodded at them without saying anything.

Matchmaker Sun became a little embarrassed by Yang Shifeng’s attitude. She turned her head and looked at the house. Then she smiled and said, “Oh, your house is really exquisite. The wall is painted white, and the ground is paved with stone bricks. It looks clean and bright, just as beautiful as the restaurant in town. “

The girl’s aunt, sitting on the side, looked at such a beautiful house. Aside from how she was satisfied in her heart, she was also satisfied with Yang Shifeng’s appearance. The little girl also quietly surveyed the house, and her love was self-evident.

Grandpa Yang smiled and said, “It’s this kid, Shifeng, who wants to decorate it like this. It’s as beautiful as other people’s big restaurants. I don’t know why farmers pay attention to these. “

Matchmaker Sun complimented, “You can’t say that. Look at how beautiful the house is and how comfortable it is to live in. Which family’s girl won’t be comfortable marrying into this family? “

The girl sitting next to the matchmaker bowed her head shyly.

Grandpa Yang smiled from the corners of his eyes and eyebrows and asked the girl, “How old is the girl this year?”

The girl’s face was flushed with shame, and her voice was small. “I’m sixteen years old this year.”

“Sixteen years old, much younger than our Shifeng.”

Matchmaker sun hurriedly said, “It’s not that big of a difference. I think it’s just right. It is good when a man is older. “

Grandpa Yang laughed. “Yes, our Shifeng will love her more. We will take good care of her both at home and outside.”

The girl glanced shyly at Yang Shifeng. Her whole face turned pink.

Yang Shifeng listened without expression, as if they were not talking about him, which made Grandpa Yang and matchmaker Sun a little embarrassed. The smile on the girl’s aunt’s face was also a little stiff, and the girl bit her lips with anxiety.

Seeing this, the matchmaker turned her eyes and said, “You see, our young ones don’t like to listen to old people. It’s better to let the children talk alone. So they won’t get bored.”

Grandpa Yang looked at Yang Shifeng and pushed him under the table. “I also think so, Shifeng. Take the girl out of the yard and talk to her. You, young people, must have something to talk about. “

The girl’s aunt agreed and winked at her niece.

Yang Shifeng frowned slightly. After seeing the warning in Grandpa’s eyes, he had to stand up and go to the yard.

The girl bit her lip when she saw that he didn’t wait for her, but she still followed him anyway.

In the yard, Yang Shifeng looked at the chicken coop in the corner and said nothing. For a long time, the girl looked at Shifeng, but she was still ignored by him. Her mood was a little bleak. However, looking at the man’s tall body and handsome face, her face was a little red and a trace of shyness flashed in her eyes. She encouraged herself and approached him a little, “Brother Yang, i… I can cook, weave, and make clothes. I can take good care of everything at home. Sometimes I can make a purse and earn some money. “I, I…”The girl blushed.

“Miss, I’m not going to get married for the time being. Thank you for coming today. Don’t worry. People outside won’t know what you’re doing here. It won’t affect your reputation.”

Yang Shifeng’s words turned the girl’s face white and her eyes red. She couldn’t help reaching out and holding Yang Shifeng’s sleeve and looking at him with tears, “You… You don’t like me?”

Yang Shifeng closed his lips and was about to open his mouth. Suddenly, a figure flashed past outside the gate. Yang Shifeng’s pupils shrank and chased her out without thinking. The figure ran too fast. Yang Shifeng had to chase it desperately. Whenever he couldn’t see it, the figure flashed in time so that he wouldn’t miss it. When he reached the river, the figure suddenly disappeared.

Yang Shifeng looked around. His chest fluctuated violently with his breathing, and sweat trickled down his face, making his eyes ache.

“Shiyi……” Yang Shifeng murmured. The air around him was very quiet. He looked up and saw nothing, which made him wonder if what he had just seen was nothing but an illusion.

Yang Shifeng closed his eyes and stood silently in place for a long time. In the next second, after he turned around and walked back, he heard someone say, “Fool.”

This voice is clearly Shiyi’s voice. Yang Shifeng stopped, slowly turned around, and walked step by step to the place where the sound came from: in the grass by the river.

Shiyi sat on the bank of the river, covered by the grass, her feet soaking in the water. There was a pair of shoes beside her. When Shiyi saw Yang Shifeng push aside the grass and walk towards her, she winked at him.

Yang Shifeng kept the action of pulling the grass motionless and looked at Shiyi with no expression on his face.

Shiyi raised her eyebrows. Why does she feel that his reaction was different from what she expected? She thought of the beautiful girl who had just told him her love in the yard. Shiyi said, “Did I bother you just now? That girl is pretty. “

Yang Shifeng’s lips moved, but he didn’t say anything.

The smile at the corner of Shiyi’s mouth tightened. Her tongue pressed against her upper jaw, her white feet paddled in the water, and the atmosphere became quiet.

After a long time, Yang Shifeng spoke, his voice a little hoarse, “You… Why are you here?”

Shiyi picked up a splash of water with her feet and watched the water fall from the air and return to the river again. Only then did she take her feet, which were burning in pain from walking out from the river. She waited for it to try. 

Yang Shifeng discovered several blisters on her white and tender feet, as well as broken heels. He knew that she had walked here in the village. His eyes sank, slowly let go of the grass, squatted down in front of Shiyi, looked at her feet, and said, “Your feet are worn out. Let’s go back and put some medicine on it.”

Shiyi moved her toes and squinted at him, “Go back to where?”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and didn’t look at Shiyi. “Go to my house. I have medicine.”

Shiyi smiled, “If I go to your house, the beautiful girl in your house won’t be angry? Aren’t you afraid? “

The corner of Yang Shifeng’s eye jumped, finally raising his eyes to look at Shiyi, “I have nothing to do with that girl. She came here just recently, and she will in a while.  There’s nothing she can be angry at.”

The corners of Shiyi’s mouth were lifted, and there was a smile in her eyes again. In fact, she just heard their conversation outside the gate. If Yang Shifeng really had anything to do with the girl, she would have left long ago and wouldn’t deliberately show up for him to see.

Shiyi didn’t say anything more. She raised her foot and put it in front of him. “My foot hurts. Put on my shoes. “

Yang Shifeng looked at the white and tender feet in front of him. After a while, he reached out and held them. He carefully wiped the water stains on Shiyi’s feet with his sleeves, then picked up one sock and put it on her. Finally, he put on her two shoes.

After that, Yang Shifeng took the lead in standing up and said, “Let’s go.”

Shiyi didn’t move. He looked up at him and stretched out her hand, “Pull me.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t move for a long time, but Shiyi kept holding out her hand. He had to hand out his hand, slowly hold the thin and white hand, and pull her up with strength, but the next moment he immediately let go and walked two steps away from Shiyi.

When the two returned to Yang’s house again, the girl and matchmaker Sun had left. Only Grandpa Yang, with an angry face, stood at the gate waiting for Yang Shifeng to come back.

Just now, the girl cried and said that Yang Shifeng had run away and didn’t want to stay any longer. She had to go home, which made the matchmaker very angry. The girl’s aunt was even angrier. Finally, she left angrily with the girl. Grandpa Yang was very embarrassed and guilty. His anger at Yang Shifeng can’t be stopped.

“What the hell do you want to do—” Grandpa Yang didn’t finish yelling at Yang Shifeng. At a glance, he saw Shiyi following Yang Shifeng. He was a little dumbfounded, “Doctor Shiyi…”

Shiyi smiled at Grandpa Yang and said, “Grandpa Yang.”

Grandpa Yang’s anger dissipated, leaving only astonishment. He couldn’t scold Yang Shifeng anymore.

After a while, Grandpa Yang sighed heavily, didn’t ask anything, and asked Shiyi to come in.

Shiyi looked around the house and was slightly surprised by the great changes here. The courtyard wall is no longer a fence but replaced with green bricks, and the roof is no longer the original thatch they used. Now it is rows of polished tiles. When you enter the house, the wall is white without any dirt, and the ground is no longer the original dirt, but it has all been replaced with floor tiles, clean and bright. The furnishings in the house were no longer the original old furniture, but all brand-new furniture.

Shiyi couldn’t help but remember the time when Yang Shifeng asked her what kind of house she liked, and her eyes looked at Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng immediately avoided Shiyi’s eyes, and went straight into the house to get a bottle of ointment and handed it to her, “This is medicine. You can put on some medicine.”

Shiyi didn’t answer but instead looked at him.

Grandpa Yang looked back and forth between the two, sighed in his heart, stood up, and walked out of the house, “I’ll go to the field and come back later.”

It’s all right. The child and his grandson have their own blessings. This old man doesn’t care anymore.

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