The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 38.1

Chapter 38 Part 1

Seeing that Shiyi didn’t reach her hand out to take the ointment, Yang Shifeng had to take back the ointment in his hand and pointed to the room where Shiyi used to live, “Go in and apply the medicine.”

Shiyi stood up and entered the room, but as soon as she entered, she couldn’t help but feel surprised. Many things have changed inside the room. It was different from its original appearance. The sheets on the bed have been replaced with a nice blue color. They were surrounded by white circle lace. Aside from that, there was also a pink mosquito net around the bed. The original old furniture in the room has disappeared. It was replaced by a beautiful dresser and wardrobe. There’s also a table placed in the center; with a flower in a bottle placed on top of it. The whole room emitted a faint fragrance.

It was very beautiful and warm.

There was an astringent warm current flowing slowly in her heart. Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng and said, “Yang Shifeng, is this for me?”

Yang Shifeng was silent and pointed to the bed. “Sit down. Put some medicine on your feet. “

Shiyi rolled her eyes but sat on the bed obediently. She took off her shoes and put her feet in front of Yang Shifeng. She had no intention of doing it herself.

Yang Shifeng silently moved a stool and sat on the edge of the bed, put Shiyi’s feet on his lap, dipped his fingers in the ointment, and carefully applied it to her. Exactly the same way as the last time. [1]T/N: When Shiyi had blisters from walking and Yang Shifeng carried her to town. I forgot which chapter. Sorry!

Shiyi’s eyes fell on Yang Shifeng’s face and slowly slid down from his forehead. His eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin were carefully traced. Unexpectedly, she discovered that every part of his face was surprisingly beautiful. Even the scar on his cheek looked very attractive. She hadn’t found Yang Shifeng so beautiful before. Is it because beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Was it because she looks at him differently now? So, every part of him looks beautiful to her?

Shiyi reached out and touched the scar on Yang Shifeng’s left face. Yang Shifeng was surprised and backed away like a lightning bolt. He looked at Shiyi in surprise.

Shiyi withdrew her hand and asked, “Where did you get the injury on your face?”

Yang Shifeng only replied with an understatement: “I was hurt accidentally when I went hunting in the mountains.”

Shiyi looked at the changes around her. After a little thought, she understood that this guy made the house so beautiful, so he must have spent a lot of money. All the money earned from hunting was used to renovate this house. She could imagine how many times he hunted in just a few months. No wonder he had injuries to his face.

Shiyi became a little uncomfortable. When she looked at his scar, she felt sad. especially after seeing him become unusually silent. She felt more uncomfortable in her heart.

She felt that his attitude towards her was different. Obviously, he still cared about her, but at the same time, he was cold. Was he angry with her for leaving and with the hurtful things she had said to him?

Shiyi sighed. Even if he blamed her for making him angry, she deserved it. She also felt very angry with herself. In order to make him forget her, she deliberately said those words. Undeniably, those words were very hurtful.

Forget it, the sin was her own doing. She has to bear it by herself. She can just coax him slowly. Shiyi believes that she can always calm him down.

Shiyi became re-energized and poked Yang Shifeng on the shoulder. “Yang Shifeng, do you still want me, to live here?”

Yang Shifeng’s action from applying the medicine didn’t stop. After a long time, he finally nodded his head. Shiyi guessed that the reason why it took him so long to answer was that he was hesitant to let her stay here. Shiyi couldn’t help but sigh once more.

After giving Shiyi the medicine, Yang Shifeng stood up and walked out, “I’m going to cook.”

Before Shiyi called out to him, he disappeared. So, she had to put on her shoes and walk out into the yard. When she saw the swing that was still quietly placed there, she couldn’t help but lift the corners of her lips. She walked there quickly, sat down on the swing, lightened her feet, and slowly swung up. The breeze brushed through her face and she felt a strange sense of calm in her heart.

Shiyi smiled. She felt that this feeling was what she wanted. It was calm, down-to-earth, and happy, which she had never had in a few months.

At this time, Grandpa Yang came in from the door and saw Shiyi sitting on the swing. Grandpa walked slowly to Shiyi’s side. “Miss Shiyi.”

Shiyi stopped the swing and stood up, “Grandpa Yang.”

Grandpa Yang sighed with helplessness in his tone, but he didn’t blame Shiyi, “Miss Shiyi, did you really come back this time? Will you still go?”

When Grandpa Yang went out for a stroll. Up to now, he had been thinking about their situation in his mind. He was too worried. Grandpa Yang was worried that his grandson had become hopeful again, but he would suffer greater disappointment after expecting something from Shiyi again. He thought that he had to ask and confirm. Grandpa Yang knew that his grandson couldn’t bear the pain again.

Shiyi also knew that her previous departure had hurt Yang Shifeng, and Grandpa Yang was worried about him, and she understood his concern, but this time she would not hurt him again. So Shiyi looked seriously into Grandpa Yang’s eyes and said, “Grandpa Yang, I won’t leave again this time.”

Grandpa Yang nodded. “Well, this old man can be rest assured now.” After Grandpa Yang said these words, he glanced at the direction of the kitchen and said: “For what happened today, it’s this old man’s ideas. Shifeng wasn’t even willing to meet girls, I only forced him to meet them. He doesn’t have that kind of relationship to other girls, so please don’t be angry with him. “

If he had known that Shiyi would come back, he wouldn’t have forced Shifeng to meet girls. This was the only time Shifeng met the girl who matched him, and it was even seen by Shiyi. He couldn’t imagine how nervous his silly grandson was now. Anyway, he had to explain it. He shouldn’t let the girl who his silly grandson had been looking forward to, be angry for a long time.

Shiyi also looked at the kitchen and whispered, “I know, I’m not angry.” She knew he was not interested in the girl. His eyes wouldn’t lie.

“That’s good.” Grandpa Yang was relieved and led Shiyi into the house. He sat down and said, “Shiyi, you can see how much the family has changed now. This is all the money earned by Shifeng from hunting. The child is like a devil. He runs up the mountain every day before dawn and will hunt for anything valuable. He is not afraid of any danger. I don’t know how many injuries he has suffered in recent months. I told him off, but he wouldn’t listen. He really made me angry to death. “

“This old man persuaded him to stop countless times, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Now that you’re here, you can persuade him to stop hunting in the mountains. It’s too dangerous. We can live a long life by farming. In addition, I don’t need to spend money on medical treatment now. I really don’t need him to go hunting to earn money. “

Shiyi listened quietly and nodded. In fact, she didn’t want him to go hunting to earn money. She didn’t intend to stay here before. Naturally, she just regarded him as an outsider. Shiyi never talked about her decisions and practices, and never considered the danger of him, hunting in the mountains. But now her idea has changed. She has recognized him as her person. Naturally, his safety must be considered. Shiyi felt uncomfortable after looking at the scars on his face. Obviously, Shiyi didn’t want him to go up the mountain to do such a dangerous job.

She wants him to stay with her safely.

But she actually didn’t like the idea, of him, farming and living his life with this meager income. She had seen it with her own eyes; how he was dripping with sweat as he cut the unhusked rice in the field and how exhausted Shifeng was. That kind of job was really tough, and yet the money they could earn from it was too small. If it was just her, then she could surely make some money, but she knew Yang Shifeng from head to toe. He would definitely not take the money she earned. That man was really stubborn. Shiyi thinks that using a woman’s money would be worse than killing him. For these matters, Shiyi still knows him best.

Therefore, they still have to think of ways to make a living. It must be easy and profitable.

Shiyi’s mind moved rapidly. She browsed all kinds of information she had seen outside in recent months, and looked for business opportunities in it.

Before Shiyi could figure things out, Yang Shifeng came out of the kitchen with the food he had cooked. He put the food on the table and said to the two people, “It’s time to eat.”

Shiyi took the bowls and chopsticks, looked at the scrambled eggs with tomatoes and roasted chicken with potatoes on the table. She smelled the scent coming from the food. Shiyi suddenly felt very hungry and couldn’t help herself from drooling as she looked at the dishes in front of her. This reaction of hers surprised Shiyi. When she was in the city, she ate every delicious food she could find, but the more she ate, the more she felt that the food was tasteless, which didn’t tempt her. Originally, she thought it was delicious, but when she ate a lot of it, she became tired of its taste. Who knew that she would have this kind of reaction after seeing these simple home-made dishes?!

Is it because the person who cooked it was different?

Shiyi raised her head and smiled at Yang Shifeng.

Yang Shifeng blinked. He lowered his eyes and sat down to eat.

Shiyi didn’t care. She quickly put a piece of chicken in her mouth, which immediately filled her mouth with its aroma and endless aftertaste.

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1 T/N: When Shiyi had blisters from walking and Yang Shifeng carried her to town. I forgot which chapter. Sorry!


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