The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 41.2

Chapter 41 Part 2

Many people in the village had just come back from working in the field, and when they saw such a big donkey, they naturally wanted to stop and have a good look. After seeing that it was Grandpa Yang who was the one driving the donkey cart, they all asked, “Old man Yang, is this your donkey cart? I heard that Shifeng bought a donkey this afternoon. Is this the donkey Shifeng bought? “

Grandpa Yang slowed down and said happily, “Yes, this is the one. Doesn’t it look good? “

Everyone said it was good. Some people were so excited that they wished they had such a donkey and cart.

Grandpa Yang was so excited that he remembered what Shiyi had just said, so he said to the people in the village, “In the future, my family will go to town from time to time to buy goods, and the cart will be empty in the morning. If any of you want a ride, you can go to my house in advance to tell me. It’s only 3 wen per person. “

Hearing that Grandpa Yang wanted to charge for money, some people’s joy dropped a little. They thought they could ride on it for free. But on second thought, 3 wens were very cheap. The car in the next village costs 5 wens. But Old Man Yang charged 2 wens less, almost half the regular price. If there are many things in the future, it’s really not good to walk. It’s cost-effective to ride a cart for only 3 wen.

At present, many people were moved and said that if they needed a ride in the future, they must take Yang Shifeng’s donkey cart.

Grandpa Yang happily drove the cart and the donkey continued to walk. He almost walked around the village like he was touring the village for 3 weeks. His appearance now looked like he was addicted to driving the donkey cart. Grandpa Yang took Shiyi home and unloaded the cart from the donkey, so as not to burden the donkey when not in use.

“Oh, isn’t this a car? It’s so beautiful. ” A voice came from the door, causing Shiyi and Grandpa Yang to look out the door.

Two fat and thin middle-aged women were coming in from the door with a smile, looking at the cart in the yard, and their eyes were shining.

One of the women pointed to the carriage and asked, “Does this cart have a shed? It is exactly like the carriage in town. Is your family going to make a donkey cart? “

Grandpa Yang said with a smile, “Yes, I bought a donkey and made a cart for Shifeng. It’s convenient for him to buy goods in the town in the future. “

“Old man, your Shifeng is promising. He bought a donkey, and now he wants to open a grocery store, which will cost a lot of money.” The eyes of the talking woman were full of envy and jealousy.

Grandpa Yang waved his hand. “No, it’s just a child playing around. By the way, what did you come here for? “

The thinner woman said, “I heard that Shifeng is going to open a grocery store. I heard that your family has something to sell now. It so happens that my family doesn’t have salt. I came here to buy some. “

The fatter one also said, “My family heard that Shifeng has tea here and asked me to buy some. My aunt is coming back with my girl tomorrow, and I need to buy some tea for guests. “

Grandpa Yang felt happy when he heard her say that. It’s a good sign that the business has come to the door before it has opened! Then he shouted into the kitchen, “Shifeng, your two aunts want to buy something. Come out and pack some for them. “

When Yang Shifeng heard Grandpa Yang’s cry, he quickly wiped his hands and came out of the kitchen. When he saw the two aunts in the village, he knew what was going on. He led the people into the hall, took out the salt and tea he bought back and took out the oil paper used to hold things. He asked, “Aunt Cao, how much salt do you want?”

Aunt Cao first looked at the quality of the salt and found that it was white and thin. She was satisfied. Then she said, “Give me a kilo first and I’ll buy more after we run out of salt.”

At that time, Grandpa Yang had come with the weighing scale he got from his house. Instead of letting Yang Shifeng do it, he directly spread the oil paper on the scale plate, scooped a large spoon of salt with a large spoon, put it on the oil paper, then picked up the rope on the weighing rod and plucked the scale with the other hand until it was balanced.

“Shifeng, you still need to fill in a little more. It’s still 22.”

Yang Shifeng estimated with a spoon and dug two liang out and put them on the oil paper. It was just enough. In fact, it exceeded the weight, but Yang Shifeng didn’t remove the excess. He directly wrapped it up and handed it to Aunt Cao, saying, “Aunt, this is one kilogram of salt.”

Aunt Cao’s eyes have been staring at their movements. Just now, she clearly saw that the salt weighed more than a kilogram. Although it’s not that much, it made her feel comfortable. She feels that Yang Shifeng is sincere in doing business and secretly thought that she would buy here next time.

Another woman named Aunt Cao gave me the money, and another woman named Aunt Feng, who was standing on the side, waiting for her turn, said, “Give me 2 liangs of tea. My family is expecting guests tomorrow.” [1]2 liangs = 50 grams

Yang Shifeng nimbly weighed two liangs of tea, still adding a little more of the tea, to make Aunt Feng satisfied.

The two walked away with their things after they took what they wanted to buy.

Grandpa Yang’s eyes narrowed as he smiled. He packed the salt and tea by himself and said, “Now, I’m relieved that our business will not be bad.”

Seeing his grandfather happy, a trace of a smile in Yang Shifeng’s eyes could be seen, and he went into the kitchen to cook again.

Shiyi sat down and watched Grandpa Yang pack the package. She thought it was too troublesome to untie and fasten the package, so she said, “Grandpa, we will have all kinds of other things in our house in the future. It’s inconvenient to always use this kind of package. It’s so troublesome to pack it every time we are done with it. Why don’t you make some wooden boxes with covers? We can put these things in it, and cover them with a lid when we don’t use them. When you use them, you can take them as long as you lift the covers, which is convenient and looks beautiful. “

Grandpa Yang thought and said, “That’s good. It’s really not convenient to use this package. Anyway, I have nothing to do. I’ll let Shifeng go to the mountain to cut some trees. When the shelves and counters are ready, I’ll make the box. “

Yang Shifeng came out of the kitchen after hearing the conversation between them. With a dish in his hand, he said, “Grandpa, I’ll find Zhùzi to go with me to cut trees in the mountain tomorrow. Then I’ll make it with you. You make a shelf and I’ll make the counter. I guess it’ll be almost finished in three days. Then we’ll spend another day making some boxes. “

Grandpa Yang agreed to this arrangement. It can even be said that he was very restless. He hurriedly ate dinner, took the wood into the house, lit the lights, and did work for more than an hour. Even if they wanted to stop him, they couldn’t persuade him to stop.

Yang Shifeng had no choice but to accompany Grandpa Yang. He said to Shiyi, “I boiled some water. Wash up and sleep first. “

Just after dinner, Shiyi shook her head, “I don’t want to sleep now. I’ll go back later.”

Yang Shifeng saw that it was still early, so he didn’t say anything and let her sit here and watch.

Shiyi saw that Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang worked so hard and took this matter very seriously. She thought she should do something and work hard together with them. So she thought carefully and said to Yang Shifeng, “You can make me some wooden signs, about this tall and wide.”

Shiyi gave him a size comparison.

Yang Shifeng didn’t ask her what she wanted to do, and he quickly saw several pieces of wood. He used his saw and made it for her.

Shiyi placed the wooden plates on the table, took the pen and ink out of the room, sharpened a little ink, and then wrote on the wooden plates with her brush: rice, 10 wens a catty; salt, 3 wens a catty; tea, 10 wens per liang…..

Shiyi wants to put a price tag on everything. When selling things, there must be a clear price tag, and how much money should be paid, so that others can be convinced. Although most people in the village are illiterate, they still know a little about the basic numbers, and if they read them for a long time, they will recognize them. In this way, they will look very formal, like shops in the town.

Grandpa Yang looked at Shiyi, who had her head looking down and was seriously writing something, and then looked at his grandson. His eyes were smiling. Grandpa Yang worked harder and felt that he was full of strength.

He hoped he can see his great-grandson in front of his eyes.


1 2 liangs = 50 grams


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