The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 41.1

Chapter 41 Part 1

“I—I can speak!” Song Juanhua’s tears immediately flowed down after she said those words. The pain of being unable to speak for how many days have been engraved in her heart. She was full of regret and was in pain. Song Jianhua was extremely regretful for provoking Shiyi. She wished she could turn back time and not do it. After Shiyi removed her ability to speak, Song Juanhua didn’t care about her face anymore. As long as she could talk again, she would willingly kneel and kowtow in front of Shiyi. In the future, she will never dare to go to them again, and she never intends to meet Shiyi again. She will definitely hide and go away if she sees even Shiyi’s shadow.

Uncle Yang was also very excited. He never expected that it would be hard for the couple if they couldn’t communicate properly. Ever since Song Juanhua became mute, their family has been in turmoil. The two youngest children were also a mess. Uncle Yang could only worry about their future, but alas, they can finally return to their normal life.

Uncle Yang wiped his face and thanked Shiyi again. “Thank you, Doctor Shiyi. Don’t worry, we’ll never bother you again in the future. ” After Uncle Yang said his thanks, he helped Song Juanhua stand up and went straight away from Yang Shifeng’s house.

Grandpa Yang, who was in the donkey shed, turned his head and sighed heavily. He was very disappointed with his second son. “If he could manage his wife well earlier, would there be so many bad things happening to them now?”

Yang Shifeng did not respond and went on with his carpentry without expression.

Shiyi didn’t say anything. She got down from the swing and went into the sundry room next to the kitchen. This room has been changed into her medical room.

The walls were painted white, and the floors were shiny. The bed was placed near the wall and the sheets and quilts on it were very clean; with a smell of sun. Once you smell it, you’ll know that it was taken out to dry often. Next to the bed is a shelf with a water basin and towel, which can be used for handwashing and disinfection.

On the other side of the wall, there is a large wooden shelf with three levels in total. There are some dried herbs in it. Shiyi picked it up and saw that these were the herbs that she told Yang Shifeng to remember. Some are for treating head fever and brain fever, and some are for treating stomach discomfort. It seems like he remembered everything she said.

Shiyi turned her head again. Next to the shelf was a big desk. In addition to the basic pen, ink, paper, and inkstone, there was a pillow for taking a pulse on. Shiyi didn’t know where the man got it from.

This medical room, which has everything, is not worse than the medical clinic she saw in the city. In addition, the room is full of medicinal fragrances, which can make Shiyi feel comfortable treating someone’s illness here.

Shiyi sat behind the desk and looked at all this quietly. Her heart was full.

In her previous life, she was always alone and could only cut through thorns and thorns. She had never been treated like this. Shiyi always felt that being alone was more efficient, and having feelings towards something or someone was a waste of time. But now, she finally understood that being loved by someone who she cherished in her heart was very warm. Shiyi thought that she should thank God for letting her come here in this world and meet Yang Shifeng, this big fool.

“Girl, come out and have a look at the cart. It’s done!” Just then, Grandpa Yang’s loud voice came from outside.

Shiyi immediately got up and went outside the medical room. At a glance, she saw a cart made in the yard, which could be used to sit on and pull goods behind the donkey.

Grandpa Yang was very happy. He picked up the handle of the cart and pushed it forward. “Girl, look, it won’t be a problem for this cart to pull more than ten people.”

Although the wheels were made of wood, they were particularly of good quality; the sound of the wheels rolling was very quiet and smooth. The cart looks good at first glance, but Shiyi thinks that this bare cart isn’t good enough. Aside from how easy it is for people to fall down when they sit on it, the goods that they bought in town will definitely fall off the cart.

Shiyi said. “Grandpa, make some sheds for the cart, just like a carriage. In this way, what’s inside of it can’t be seen by others, and it won’t be easy for something to fall out when the donkey starts pulling the carriage. “

As soon as Grandpa Yang heard this, he stopped pushing the cart. “You’re right. It’s a good idea to add a shed. With this, when we buy the goods in the town, we won’t be surrounded by the villagers and ask about this and that. I’ll add it now. “

Grandpa Yang started to make the carriage immediately. Seeing that he was so excited, Yang Shifeng turned around and walked into the kitchen to cook, while Shiyi stayed outside to deliver things to Grandpa Yang.

Grandpa Yang used the wood to fix the carriage vertically around the cart, forming a cubic carriage frame, and then dragged out a large dark green tarpaulin from his own room. “This is the best thing that can be used to make it look like a carriage. You don’t have to be afraid of the rain and sun if we use this. This tarpaulin is my treasure, I didn’t expect that I would use it here.”

Shiyi helped Grandpa Yang cover the cart with the tarpaulin. They tied the tarpaulin on the rope and then carefully tied it on the edge after encircling the other end of the rope around the wooden bar. They also stuffed the extra cloth into the cart, which formed a shape of a carriage.

“How’s it, girl?” Grandpa Yang asked with a smile.

Shiyi stepped back and observed it. She thought it was very good. It was almost identical to the carriages she had seen in town. She couldn’t help giving Grandpa Yang a thumbs up.

Grandpa Yang was even happier. He immediately pulled out the donkey tied in the donkey shed and placed the newly made cart behind the donkey. Grandpa Yang went around the donkey and touched the donkey’s head. “Buddy, from now on, our family will trouble you.”

The donkey snorted.

Grandpa Yang laughed and thought that he had agreed. He sat in front of the cart, pulled up the rope, and raised his chin at Shiyi. “Come on, girl. Let’s try our donkey cart. “

He now looks like a child who has won something good and is eager to show it off to his partner. Shiyi was happy and was happy to show off with Grandpa Yang, so she jumped into the cart and said in the back: “OK, Grandpa, let’s go.”

“OK—” Grandpa Yang shouted, drove his donkey cart to the gate, went straight out of the house, and ran along the road in the village.

Shiyi thought that, although the donkey cart was slow, it was still very stable. It’s not too bumpy to sit in, and no matter how slow the donkey is, it’s much faster than people walking. She was very satisfied with it.

Grandpa Yang made a “du-du” sound in his mouth while driving the donkey. The more he drove, the more he loved this feeling. He was so satisfied with his donkey cart that he couldn’t help saying, “I didn’t think of this. This is good. In the future, when we ride the donkey cart to go to the town, we will be more relaxed, and it will be much faster. It would also be more convenient for Shifeng to pick up goods in town.”

Shiyi thought of what Yang Shifeng once said, saying that there is only one donkey cart to take people to the town, but that cart doesn’t go to the town every day, and it costs a lot of money. The villagers basically go to the town on foot, so she thought of an idea, “Grandpa, since Shifeng will often go to the town to pick up goods, whenever he goes there, the cart is empty, so he can take some villagers to the town and collect some money for riding our cart.”

Grandpa Yang nodded and said, “It’s good to take some villagers… But as for the money, is it good to take it? Everyone is from the same village, a little help is not much…”

Shiyi disagreed: “If we didn’t charge money, everyone would want to ride the cart. It can only carry at most ten people. Then who will ride on it? It would only be disordered if that were to happen. “

Grandpa Yang suddenly realized that what Shiyi said was right. He patted his forehead and said, “Yes, you’re right. It’s possible that a fight will break out at that time. But if we charge them for taking a ride in our cart, how much will it be? It’s not good if we ask them to pay more. “

Shiyi remembered that taking a ride from town to here only cost 5 wens, so she thought that their price should be cheaper than theirs. Shiyi said: “We can charge them 2 wens less than the regular price. We can charge 3 wens per person for taking a ride on our donkey cart. If someone is willing to pay for it, then it’s good, and if no one is willing, then it’s also fine. Anyway, we are just taking them along. It’s not like driving people from here to town is our way of earning money. “

Grandpa Yang laughed, “You are a smart girl.”

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