The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 40.2

Chapter 40 part 2

When they arrived in the town, Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to the place that sells livestock.

This was the place in the market where people were freely trading livestock. Yang Shifeng took Shiyi to see several donkeys. After they looked around, the two finally took a fancy to a young donkey. The price was a little more expensive than the other donkeys. It costs 8 taels of silver, but Shiyi decided to buy this one. After deciding which donkey to take, they signed a contract with the seller. Yang Shifeng and Shiyi asked the person in charge of the market to testify and pay the transaction money when they were done with the contract. Finally, the donkey is owned by them.

Yang Shifeng touched the donkey’s head, took the new member of the family, and led Shiyi to buy the things the family needed. Shiyi thought and said, “Since it’s possible for us to open our grocery store in a few days from now, we’ll have to go back to town to buy the goods again by that time, and we have too many things that we need to buy. Why don’t we buy some goods back this time? With that, we won’t be carrying too many goods next time and make it too hard for the donkey to pull the goods. “

Yang Shifeng had no opinion, so he said, “Let’s buy some food that can be stored for a long time; such as salt, sugar, tea, and tobacco.”

Shiyi followed Yang Shifeng to the store that sells oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. The boss recited the price for the two of them. Yang Shifeng knew the price well and knew that what the boss said was correct and did not give them a false price. However, they also planned to sell these items. If they sold them for a price higher than the price from the town, then the villagers wouldn’t buy them. That’s why they needed to purchase these items at a much lower price. To lower the price, they could only buy items in bulk for the owner to agree to their bargain.

Yang Shifeng said to the store owner. “Boss, if we buy more, can you make it cheaper?”

“This…” The boss looked at Yang Shifeng and Shiyi. He hesitated and asked, “How much do you want to buy?”

Yang Shifeng replied: “We will take 20 catties of brown sugar and then 20 catties of salt today.”

This amount was just a little too much for the store owner, but at the same time, it’s not too much. The boss thought and said, “Then I can only give you a penny cheaper per kilogram. The price can’t be lowered any further. “

Yang Shifeng pondered for a while and didn’t rush to refute, but said, “Boss, it’s not that I would only buy this amount of brown sugar and salt. It just so happens that I don’t have any donkey cart with me today. If your price is favorable, I’ll come and buy many other things in two days. The quantity of each kind will not be small, and I’ll come to buy it for a long time in the future. What do you think, boss? “

When the boss heard Shifeng’s offer, he started to ponder it. He was a little afraid that Shifeng might just be cheating him and wanted to pay less. But on the other hand, the matter was not that serious. If Shifeng didn’t come back in 2 days, he wouldn’t lose anything. But if what he said was true, he would have a big customer and be able to earn more money in the future.

After a while, the boss finally made up his mind. “Okay, so It would be three wens less per catty. The price can’t be any cheaper than this.”

Yang Shifeng also knew that this price was the store owner’s bottom line. Shifeng didn’t plan to bargain anymore. He gave the money directly to the store owner and then went to the place where tea and tobacco were sold with two big burdens. He bought it at a low price in the same way, and reached an agreement, having long-term cooperation with the store owner.

Shiyi found out that, although Yang Shifeng was usually timid, when it came to dealing with things, he was not at all timid. Instead, everything was under his control, and he was indeed a person that was well suited for business.  It seems that her idea was really good and unexpectedly suitable for him.

Two people led the young donkey. There were four very large packages on each side of the donkey, which naturally attracted people’s attention. When entering the village, many villagers gathered around him. They first asked about Shiyi’s return, and then asked curiously about the donkey and the things on the donkey’s back.

Shiyi is now accustomed to the villagers’ gossip and curiosity. She pinched Yang Shifeng’s palm with her finger and nodded at him. This is a good time to say this news. You can advertise your store’s business and let everyone know it first. When the shop is officially opened, naturally, someone will come to buy things from the store.

Yang Shifeng understood what Shiyi wanted, so he said to the villagers, “The donkey I bought will be used after I finish the cart, and be used for transportation. With this donkey cart, it will be more convenient when I go to town in the future. The burden on the donkey is full of daily necessities like tea, rice, oil, and salt. I’m going to open a grocery store here. In the future, you can come to my house to buy things instead of going to town.”

One stone aroused thousands of waves. The news exploded in people’s hearts like a bomb and made everyone excited.

“What? We’re going to have a grocery store here too? Will it just be a matter of walking a few steps to buy things in the future? “

“So we don’t have to walk to town? Every time we walk to town, we can only suffer. I can’t get over the pain for two or three days. “

“I always have to save up for a lot of things that are missing in my house and wait for the time I plan to go to town. If we had a store here, then we could buy whatever was missing right away. “

There are also many people who are more concerned about the price, so they asked: “So, will the items in your store be more expensive than those in the town? If it’s expensive, I might as well go to town to buy it. “

Yang Shifeng shook his head. “The price will be the same as that in the town. The price will never be higher than the ones in town. So, you don’t have to worry about it.”

When they heard the Yang Shifneg, everyone became happy. Their amazement turned to surprise. The villagers were now also looking forward to Yang Shifeng’s store. Someone immediately asked Yang Shifeng, “When can we buy from your shop? Is it okay to buy from you now? My family is out of salt. “

Yang Shifeng replied: “The shelf of the shop has not been completed, and the things have not been fully purchased. Now there are only salt and brown sugar, as well as tobacco and tea. These things can be sold first. When the shelf is completed in two days, basically everything will be sold, and big sisters can come and buy it.”

Everyone asked a lot of questions again. After talking for half an hour, the two people were able to go home.

Grandpa Yang was sawing wood in the yard with a saw. There were many boards scattered on the ground. If you take a closer look, the sample of the cart’s board was almost ready.

Seeing Yang Shifeng and Shiyi come back with a donkey behind them, Grandpa Yang’s eyes brightened. He stopped his actions and greeted them. The first thing he did was look at the new donkey. For farmers, animals were very precious things. It’s a great thing to be able to afford big animals like cattle and donkeys. Some people treat animals better than people and take good care of them. They were most afraid if something bad happened to their animals.

It can’t be hidden how Grandpa Yang was so happy about the purchase of the donkey. He took the donkey to the newly built donkey shed, where the grass was prepared for the donkey.

Shiyi thought that their status may not be comparable to the donkey.

Yang Shifeng put his things in the room. When he came out, he picked up the saw Grandpa Yang had just put on the ground. and continued to work on what Grandpa Yang had been doing. When Shiyi saw him start working, she sat on the swing and slowly moved the swing as she watched him work.

This was a warm and leisurely moment. Unfortunately, before long, two people Shiyi didn’t like came into the yard. It was Uncle Yang and Song Juanhua.

The couple looked at Shiyi with red eyes. No one knew how excited they were. Before Shiyi had time to look at them carefully, Song Juanhua knelt directly in front of her, holding her trouser legs with both hands on top of her legs and pleading silently.

Uncle Yang begged, “Doctor Shiyi, I know my wife was wrong, and you already punished her for such a long time. Now it’s fine, right? Please be kind and cure her. Don’t let her be mute again. “

Shiyi remembered that, before she left the village, she made Song Juanhua unable to talk. So, Song Juanhua can’t speak now. If she hadn’t seen these two people today, she would have forgotten about this matter. Judging by Song Juanhua’s appearance, she must have been really badly tortured.

Before Shiyi could make a statement, Yang Shifeng’s face sank and he put down the saw in his hand. “Second Uncle, I said I didn’t want you to come to my house at will.”

Shiyi was surprised. When did Yang Shifeng become disrespectful to his second uncle? Didn’t he take good care of his second uncle before?

Second Uncle Yang looked at Yang Shifeng with a bitter face and begged, “Shifeng, please help second uncle for the last time. Please let your second aunt return to normal. We won’t disturb you in the future after this, OK? “

Yang Shifeng lowered his head and continued to work. “This is not something I can decide. Stop begging or making noise in my house. “

There was deep disappointment in Uncle Yang’s eyes and a little dissatisfaction with his nephew. Unfortunately, Yang Shifeng doesn’t care anymore.

In fact, Shiyi doesn’t hate Song Juanhua so much now, because she basically forgot her existence and she’s already punished her for several months. This punishment can be canceled. After all, she will live here in the future, and she doesn’t want someone to beg and kneel down to her every day. It’s also annoying.

Therefore, in order to prevent future trouble, Shiyi took out a silver needle and quickly pricked several acupuncture points on Song Juanhua’s neck, and Song Juanhua’s voice came back.

T/N: It’s time for her to stop inserting herself into Yang Shifeng’s family shamelessly.

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  1. Mai Lee has spoken 8 months ago

    Her comments when she left were harsh but he did kinda need a warning. We’ve seen how easily he can be taken advantage of. Yes his second uncle helped to raise him and “sacrificed” his food for ML but 1) it was his own blood related nephew so it’s almost expected for him to help and 2) does ML have to spend his whole life paying him back for that? I’d say he’s done enough already. We can see in this chapter that he’s realized those points.

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