The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 40.1

Chapter 40 Part 1

Shiyi and Yang Shifeng began walking toward the path leading to town in the late morning when only the moonlight illuminated the path.

Shiyi couldn’t help thinking about the first time they took this road. On that day, after walking for a long time, she wasn’t able to endure walking on the mountain. Her feet were in so much pain that they became numb. However, this man noticed her pain and carried her to the town. At that time, she was completely reluctant, but now…. 

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng, who was walking next to her. This man didn’t even look away from the road, contrary to how he always stared at herself last time, as if he was afraid that she would fall. But now, it’s like he’s had a change of heart. If she didn’t know that he still cherished her in his heart, she might have been fooled by his actions.

Is that how angry you are?

Shiyi pouted and reached out her hand to poke the man’s arm. “Yang Shifeng, my feet hurt and I can’t walk anymore.”

Yang Shifeng looked in her direction. Although he knew she was lying, he still slowly walked to her and squatted down.

The corner of Shiyi’s lips rose. She climbed onto his back casually and wrapped her hands around Shifeng’s neck tightly. Her face was very close to Yang Shifeng’s; she could even smell her breath. She was surrounded by his smell; it was like grass mixed with the slight smell of his sweat. It didn’t smell bad at all; in fact, his smell made Shiyi comfortable instead.

Feeling his stiffness, Shiyi smiled secretly. She intentionally blew on his ears and watched his ears turn red afterward. Finally, she found a trace of his original reaction.

“Ha ha…” Shiyi couldn’t help but feel happy with the atmosphere and laughed in his ears. Her actions made Yang Shifeng’s feet walk faster and faster.

Shiyi was about to tease him again when suddenly an excited voice came from behind.

“Doctor Shiyi!”

Yang Shifeng stopped, turned around, and saw a woman in her forties.

Shiyi thought that person looked familiar. Yang Shifeng called her “Aunt Wang”. Shiyi remembered that the woman was from the same village. She heard what dumplings were for the first time from her.

Shiyi nodded at the woman and didn’t get off Yang Shifeng’s back.

Aunt Wang didn’t care about this either. At that moment, her eyes were full of surprises. She walked quickly to catch up, looked at Shiyi, and said, “Doctor Shiyi, did you come back?”

Shiyi nodded, “Hmm.”

Seeing Shiyi nodding, Aunt Wang was even happier and said, “That’s great. You weren’t aware of this, but when you left, the people in the village weren’t able to find a doctor. When they were sick, they could only run to the town. It was too expensive, yet the effect of their medication was not as good as your treatments. This is good. Since you have returned, can we still look for you when we are sick? “

Shiyi thought for a moment and nodded. “Yes, come to me when you’re sick.”

Aunt Wang clapped her hand and said, “Oh, if the villagers know this news, they will be very happy. Oh, by the way, Doctor Shiyi, will you leave again? “

Shiyi clearly felt that the person beneath her stiffened when he heard Aunt Wang’s words.

Shiyi wrapped her arms tighter around Yang Shifeng and shook her head at Aunt Wang, “I’m not leaving anymore.”

Aunt Wang was so happy that she just walked up behind them and talked as she walked. Shiyi’s wish to be alone with Yang Shifeng would have been lost. If it was in the past, she would have been unhappy and angry. She would have thought that this woman was annoying, but now, Shiyi was able to tolerate her, because she wants to live in this place, and she is gradually accepting the law of survival in this place.

Aunt Wang looked at Yang Shifeng’s back, smiled vaguely, and said to Shiyi, “Shifeng is a good child. He is capable and filial. Shifeng is good at everything, may it be at home or outside. He’ll be a loving husband to his wife. The girl who will be married will be lucky. Unfortunately, Aunt Wang doesn’t have a daughter, otherwise, I would have rushed to Shifeng’s house and asked him to be my son-in-law. “

Shiyi also glanced at the man’s face. She smiled and nodded, “That’s true?”

Aunt Wang nodded again and again, “Yes, yes. But our Shifeng has someone in his heart, other girls couldn’t even move him.” Aunt Wang said and looked meaningfully at Shiyi.

Shiyi raised the corners of her lips and didn’t answer Aunt Wang’s words. Instead, she leaned close to Yang Shifeng’s ear and asked, “Really?”

Yang Shifeng breathed heavily, but he didn’t speak.

After Shiyi saw his reaction, she hummed in her heart, and said to Aunt Wang, “That’s not necessarily true. Yang Shifeng has seen many girls. I don’t know how many girls the matchmaker found for him. “

“Well…” Aunt Wang was embarrassed when she heard what Shiyi said. She glanced at Yang Shifeng’s face and didn’t dare speak any further, because everyone in the village knew that it was Grandpa Yang who was looking for girls for his grandson, Yang Shifeng. They couldn’t count how many times matchmaker Sun had been to the Yang family. She couldn’t lie through her teeth and say that such a thing didn’t happen.

Aunt Wang secretly blamed herself. She shouldn’t talk nonsense about this topic. Was it good that Doctor Shiyi obviously cares about Shifeng or not? What if the two of them get into a fight because of her words? And Doctor Shiyi just came back after great difficulty.

The more Aunt Wang thought about it, the more uneasy she became. She couldn’t stay any longer. She hurriedly said, “I remember that I still have something to talk about with old Yao in the back. You go first, go first, and don’t delay things. ” Then Aunt Wang slowed down.

Yang Shifeng nodded, walked quickly with Shiyi on his back, and soon put more distance between himself and the people behind him.

“I didn’t meet a lot of girls, just that once.” Yang Shifeng suddenly spoke.

Shiyi was shocked and understood what he was talking about. She couldn’t help smiling, “Oh, really?”

“Yes.” He said this word very seriously. 

Shiyi actually believed him. She was just deliberately teasing him. She didn’t mean to embarrass him at all, so she skipped this topic and talked about other topics. ” Then I’ll still treat people at home. Now that the hall is used to open a shop. Where can I treat my patients? “

Yang Shifeng said lightly: “There is still an empty room at home. It was used to hold firewood and sundries. I sorted it out for you. “

“You’ve already done that?”


Shiyi suddenly didn’t know what to say. The man even thought of this and arranged the medical room she might never use, just like her room and her bathroom.

Shiyi bit his lower lip and whispered in his ear, “Thank you.” I’m not thanking you for making the medicine room, just thank you. Thank you for taking me to your heart. Making me feel cared for and loved, as well as making me feel firsthand what I have never felt in her two lifetimes.

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  1. Min Cassy has spoken 2 years ago

    I kind of dislike her. Imagine if the roles were reversed and he said to her what she said to him, then late he came back and pretended like nothing happened and flirted with her while not clearing up the issue.

    One word, scum.

  2. oLiveUzer has spoken 2 years ago

    I dont think he is angry, its just that she insulted his personality last time, so he is trying to change so that she likes him. Just like how he changed his house.


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